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  1. Thanks @jbjnr, enlightening and always a pleasure.
  2. It's too far, I tell you. Next thing you know every XRP believer will start shilling other coins, like CSC, or TRX..
  3. My first guess is that it is a JPM Coin connection between participating members. Kyriba's FireApps is a way to manage/inspect/project FX exposure, the likes of which Ripple would render somewhat obsolete (?). But they did take on Ripple as a client in 2018 so we have a clear way to connect Ripple & JPM channels. And then they say stuff like this on their website: https://www.kyriba.com/blog/bob-stark/top-six-treasury-trends-afp-2018 They want to offer a lot of payment channels as treasury software. Hopefully some of them will move XRP, but we need more info. (edit - @LordVetinari said it better :lol:)
  4. To throw a little fuel on the fire, Apple is running the card through MasterCard.. I don't think XRP is in play here, but it is still good news - it puts a lot of heat on banks and even Visa for retail banking. Apple's already got a huge reach and is accepted everywhere, now convenient for a mass of people to use their card instead. Hopefully banks take it as a kick in the butt the GAFA's are moving in and move faster to adopt tech. In the meantime, I guess everyone is still dependent on acquiring banks for the ACH scheme?
  5. Now or never? Maybe. Vulnerable? Yes. I think most disruptive products are time sensitive. IBM just rolled out their new Stellar network with banks already on board. Is it technically superior or better connected? We shall see. They do, however, charge a network fee. Now Swift, IBM and Ripple are all competing: Swift has the banks already, IBM has the tech connections, Ripple has SBI/R3 I think some of the issue is understanding the vision for Ripple which, given the recent Bob Way conversations, does not seem to be, become the biggest FX payment company around. He speaks of the network as something almost invisible. I think the payment/FX aspect has entered an important timezone where it need to be adopted broadly, but establishing XRP as an intermediary currency behind all payments is a much longer term objective. It requires FI's themselves to digitize and build out connections. That is why it's good to see so many of the payment processors/platforms offer Ripple integration- the infrastructure takes them seriously. Everybody is also waiting on regulation <sigh>. I wouldn't be surprised if the price of XRP remains flat for another 3 years and then, tired of paying fees and with the digital capacity, everyone begins hooking up to the interledger to use XRP quickly & cheaply. I'm optimistic, but the numbers do tell a story:
  6. It occurs to me that this move, especially if mobile games are involved, potentially opens up the Ripple/ILP API for Apple Pay. And that would be a good stream to tap into. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/apple-introduces-interledger-api-apple-pay-payments/
  7. Hi Bob, agreed. I'm not a business man nor a revolutionary but I like ideas and care about the disenfranchised. And beer.
  8. <whispers under breath>please don't let EA be involved! please?!</whisper>
  9. Hi Bob, thanks for the dialogue! Two things stand out from your sharing: 1) A refined understanding of value - xRapid volume doesn't increase price since the buy/sell on either side basically cancels out. Instead the value comes from the increased number of circles a currency can be used in- the increased number of legs where the currency has the opportunity to be valued for say, goods & services. 2) The nature of market makers & their margins, particularly the desire for stability (which is at odds with most crypto speculation ) These two stand out as otherwise opaque to us non-industry types. I am grateful for your generous participation.
  10. i was struck by the mention of Kubernetes, which Seagate seems like it wants to get a handle on.
  11. @KarmaCoverage how would you describe the advantages to this? I am IT/network ignorant but gathered they have separated the business & routing processing more , presumably with potential to speed things up. Is this in the ballpark? Thanks.
  12. Not exactly - the SBI slide clearly says they are "contemplating" FX remittance with XRP used just for that instance, but must navigate legal issues first. I am very bullish but it is not confirmation of use, just interest.
  13. @Coinseeker here is the DTCC press release: http://www.dtcc.com/news/2018/november/06/dtcc-enters-test-phase-on-distributed-ledger-project-for-credit-derivatives-with-markitserv Just to be clear, R3 is the operative group here because they are setting up shop for all sorts of ledger uses, document tracking, notary, etc. They are predisposed to use XRP for settlement, esp. cross border.
  14. Outstanding, thank you! Do the numbers take into account Jed's settlement, too? I'm wondering if R3 and Jed's sales might account for a portion, at least of the mystery volume.
  15. Got it, so these are forked networks unrecognized by the main network (they do seem to drop a lot of TX's). I suppose this is speculative, but these forked networks are clearly not trusted by the real UNL, and I assume they, in turn, do not trust the real UNL either (or do they to even show up?). Can these forked networks choose to trust the real UNL at some point, and what happens if they do? And thanks @jn_r for tolerating my ignorance :)
  16. Thanks. What are these other forks, then? Some of those switchng validators still manage to process a lot of TX's - whose? Are they valid?
  17. When looking at the list of validators on this page: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators, there are three categories for validators: 1) main, 2) alt-net (Ripple's testnet) and 3) several listed as different chains. What do the chains mean and what is their relationship to the rest of the network? Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  18. Will that mean CSC is live on the BRM or just testing it until it goes live?
  19. Congrats @P3T3RIS! Very cool Are you in the box or cloud?
  20. You are correct in that Ripple has not been explicitly mentioned, at least in any literature I can find. But R3 has been with IBM and together, they have a lot of push towards the hyperledger. Axoni is interesting because they were based on an EC20 token, but in testing, it was too slow so another alternative was sought. Does this have any implications re:hyperledger? Don't know if it was mentioned, but Don Donahue, the former head of DTCC was a senior Ripple advisor and head of Global Payments Steering Group, so there is reason to see a Ripple influence in the DTCC. Not clear about your crypto comment as the DLT tech is indeed what they would use internally, and though externally they might interface through a Ripple protocol with XRP, but I don't think they will use any straight up crypto currencies at all for their settlement process.
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