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  1. Small note. On July 4, 2020, Egypt's banks switched to the IBAN standard for routing bank payments. This follows their registration with SWIFT in May. It helps connect Egypt's financial system to the rest of the globe, especially the EU. Hopefully it creates better conditions for Ripple use. https://www.salaamgateway.com/story/banks-in-egypt-switch-to-iban-standard-to-ease-cross-border-transactions
  2. David said that companies have been reluctant to use ODL for retail. Hopefully it was just a test, but agreed; the drop itself has not been explained.
  3. Briefly, in the latest Ripple Insight, Ripple talked about staying the course with ODL, but pivoting away from treasuries to small payments https://ripple.com/insights/staying-the-course-in-remittances-and-sme-payments/ Birla commented And then Schwartz chimed in Long story short, it is surmised that MGI was moving large sized treasury chunks around in testing and now that it's over, ODL dropped as smaller payments are targeted, which raises the question of why not both?
  4. Hi @Jot7684 Your question is a good one, and one without a clear answer to my mind though others surely know more. I would suggest this thread in which the CEO of FlashFX answers the questions he can. If I recall, the imbalances are discussed somewhere around page 5.
  5. This is really curious news. A Sumitomo tie-up is great - I wonder what the structure of the funds will look like, particularly if it involves SBI's RC Cloud somehow? Likewise, the FX Coin news is interesting - both banks are invested in it and it will use XRP for remittance, but how does it fit in with SBI Remit and/or MoneyTap? Fwiw, my hunch is that the "domestic" & "overseas" remittance means remittance into and out of Japan, not a domestic rail. TL,DR: good news but suggests there is something more to come. --Edit- remembered something: The fund is the Open Legacy fund that is used as a part of "regional bank revitalization" - it helps update banks and integrate them using APIs, SBI explicity with MoneyTap. https://www.verdict.co.uk/retail-banker-international/news/japans-sbi-invests-20m-in-fintech-firm-openlegacy-technologies/
  6. Some have noted that when they have looked at his Linkedin page in the past, "present" has not been specified. Does he update it monthly? I do not know if anyone has checked at that interval. We only know two things right now: Miguel Vias' LinkedIn profile page lists a recent end date for his position at Ripple instead of saying "to present". According to some who have looked in the past ,Miguel Vias' LinkedIn profile page has always listed a recent end date for his position at Ripple instead of saying "to present" as well. Until something more definitive comes out, we have no confirmation Vias has left Ripple.
  7. @LeonidasH found a great Ripple mention on MOBI's page, the large Mobility Open Blockchange Initiative. He writes: Further mobile involvement. Not front & center, but the page was recently added and the emphasis seems to persist in the background, at least. Check out his article. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/ripple-joins-vast-mobility-coalition/ The XRPchat thread is here: Also worth noting that Marjan Delatinne was slated to speak at mobile tradeshow until it was cancelled do to pandemic.
  8. Nothing has changed under the hood. Their marketing strategy improved, though. ODL is xVia interfacing xRapid, with messaging by xCurrent. Too many moving parts in their press, so they simplified and said, "Join Ripplenet and if you want, we can give you liquidity on demand, too." It's a better elevator pitch. The context of that tweet above suggests David Schwarz was opining that Ripple could not wait for the tweeter's friend's software to come out in 2021. As of 2018, Ripple was in a hurry to gain adoption, not wait for Zillow in 2021. I do think the next 2 years will be very important. The dynamic increase in existing daily ODL volumes and looming new corridors are adding exciting real world use. Also, fwiw, xPool only existed as a trademark, and perhaps, existentially as an idea. We still have no record of implementation, correct?
  9. Thanks for the update - what is the relationship now between the old desktop wallet and the BRM?
  10. I don't think it is breaking news unfortunately. From a January overview of Credit Suisse forecasting investments, it adds no new information, or citations - just one sentence. We know they were interested, then they lost interest because their operation is already very liquid, and then last year there was a head of Asian operations who said they hadn't finished with it and were re-considering it, but it was far from a committed statement. WU is massive compared to every other remittance co, but I don't think we will see them use Ripple for a while, and XRP until there are several ODL corridors important to them. Apologies for the self promotion but the CS overview noted a number of Ripple related companies: And here is an August article in which an exec says they recal they might be testing US/MEX corridor: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/western-union-piloting-settlement-tests-with-ripple-for-usa-mexico-corridor-wu-general-manager/
  11. Wow @DevNullProd , what a slate of tools, thank you!
  12. Thanks, @hamasugu - I certainly am not aware of what's popular in the region. My impression looking at the studios was that they had successful titles in years past, but most had since moved on to provide frameworks and infrastructure for other developers, especially with mobile platforms. The potential is exciting - mobile gaming platform providers that many studio games could be built on using XRP. Do you think this a fair analysis? Are the popular games still current? Regardless, I think the Xpring initiative to invest in Forte's video game blockchain efforts will really pay off.
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