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  1. WrathofKahneman

    Binance announce XRP - USDC trading Pair

    This article is more informative - there are some interesting things going on here: https://www.ccn.com/binance-adds-usdc-trading-pairs-stellar-and-ripple-represented/ 1) BTC/USDC and USDC/BNB are the only USDC offerings right now on Binance and all current offers of those pairs were canceled. 2) A new tab - a new interface (market?) will be created just for USDC pairs: BNB, BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, XLM, and USDT, but those pairs aren't on the general exchange. 3) XRP is paired with PAX, USDT, and TrueUSD now. So now Binance is the exchange we know, plus a Binance USDC market, an upcoming decentralized exchange DEX (with no fiat pairs), and a forthcoming OTC arm, Koi.trade. Moving off topic, but seems like a lot going on there.
  2. WrathofKahneman

    Saudi/UAE Digital Currency Goes Live in Q1

    Agreed, good to see you @OzAlphaWolf !
  3. WrathofKahneman

    Elon Musk: “I have no respect for the SEC”

    Short sellers alone lost 1.3 Billion on his comments. He is a whale not thinking about his effect on the market, but still manipulating it. It's the kind of stuff that drive us crazy in here when it is about XRP.
  4. Interesting. The buying and selling are occurring on different exchanges though. The efficiency of arbitrage and local currencies seems like it would come in play in aggregate.
  5. WrathofKahneman

    G20 Crypto asset statement

    "address" is a verb here. My first read was that they want to address regulatory fragmentation - too many differing regulatory agencies, but your read, @Julian_Williams is compelling.
  6. Yes I enjoy the discourse immensely; thanks, all!
  7. That's a great pull, thanks. Seems like there are 2 kinds of volume threshholds discussed: technical traders looking for #s that indicate new speculative investors piling in, and then a kind of exponential volume of institutions coming online that thwart any whale manipulation where volume alone can drive the price increase. Wish I knew what number the dividing line was at. Regardless, 2.5x volume increase is great news.
  8. WrathofKahneman

    OneZero and it's many ties to Ripple/xrp/crypto

    I am a little confused. OneZero doesn't hold assets to provide liquidity them self, correct? They are an interface to other custodial services. They provide the software and connections to these things. Is that right? They connect various exchanges and let them virtually manage transactions? If so, is it something that would potentially integrate xRapid/xCurrent? Sorry for the density.
  9. WrathofKahneman

    Wake up to ALL your XRP gone. You..

    Immediately don tinfoil cap and search for camera in the room.
  10. WrathofKahneman

    BCH hash war

    Finally. Santa can bring that new GeForce card after all..
  11. WrathofKahneman

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    Likewise confusing is that the CFTC , with whom the the SEC has an MOU for working together, has sued that virtual currencies are commodities in federal court: https://www.cftc.gov/PressRoom/PressReleases/7820-18 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cftc-bitcoin/u-s-judge-sides-with-cftc-on-virtual-currency-oversight-idUSKCN1M62Z0
  12. WrathofKahneman

    Are you holiday ready?

    Bitcoin, gramma? Well.
  13. WrathofKahneman

    Large sum money transfers

    Yeah, the beauty of multihop/hybrid sources is the effect it could have on liquidity if it increases the value of the network until the value of XRP can sustain the orders Exciting times!
  14. In 5 years I am confident the price will have gone up enough I will be able to buy a smart watch that runs a Codius server from my wrist.