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  1. That's a great observation. I also think that the lack of IOU arbitrage is inflating Bitrue's numbers. They have been trading around 1/5th the price on Poloniex the whole time; about the same on the Indian exchange Giottus. ($.40-$.50 lately).
  2. One important factor to remember though is that that the Iota network was significantly changed with their Chrysalis upgrade so the results might be significantly different now. Lot of ground to make up though.
  3. That's a helpful description. I've been curious how AUR & FXRP will coexist for the XRPL and this helps articulate it.
  4. They did bring in some veteran trial attorneys. I think these docs help stack the deck and the SEC is a little nervous.
  5. Austin King, from the Strata Labs acquisition, worked on the ILP and co-authored PayString with @JoelKatz I know there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth when Ripple employees depart, but his story provides good insight about why - and it has nothing to do with Ripple's prospects. The short version is that he remains very bullish about Ripple but misses the small, creative milieu of running a startup; drawn to defi. It's different working in a big company. Blog definitely worth a read, if only to provide insight why people depart. https://austinking.substack.com/p/why-i-left-ripp
  6. At the 28min mark in this RealVision interview with Forte, we finally have confirmation that the project uses the ILP. It has been 757 days since the announcement, but who's counting? https://www.realvision.com/shows/the-interview-crypto/videos/blockchain-technology-and-building-equity-for-gamers You do have to sign up to watch, but it is free Here's the relevant snippet:
  7. Just to be clear - really the SEC cannot declare XRP is not a security as part of the settlement, they can only declare that they have no reason to purse enforcement against XRP sales. Is this correct? Also - fwiw in the transcripts of the hearings so far, one significant difference Ripple's attorney's point out between XRP and Kin/Kik is that that in those other cases the fundraising/sales began before the tokens were created. It seems like Ripple is going to really lean on the fact XRPL was up and running and then gifted to differentiate their case.
  8. Well as I understand it, it's a record advisory companies are required to submit to the SEC, not an SEC publication. All it really shows is Bailard was comfortable and thought it ethical to recommend XRP/BTC/ETH as a cryptocurrency, not viewing it as a security after their analysis because at that point there had been no regulation of the 3. In court, you really want an affirmative argument - the SEC said "_______". This document doesn't say that. If Ripple could produce that it would be game over. Instead, they have to use things like this to help demonstrate that the SEC did nothing to
  9. The document is one a company filed, not the SEC. It really doesn't say anything other than Bailard thought it was ok to use BTC, ETH and XRP but no other crypto. It is evidence many people, after consultation, concluded XRP was ok to offer, but it isn't an affirmative statement from the SEC.
  10. I'll spare any attempt at maths, but even if Jed sells total less than 1% of total daily volume, the timing and location of those sales play a role, right? The sales could be, for instance, over a couple of hours of low volume in the day, and they are all concentrated through Bitstamp. I wonder if those create a kind of multiplying affect in the XRP sales system as a whole.
  11. It's an Eminence Front? (sorry, couldn't help myself) Daniel is a great guy and I hope he really believes in the project and has some contracts and is not just doing it to save other people's aspirations after a bad beat.
  12. Your content would be fantastic, but it would require a great deal of promotion to see returns you are happy with. Patreon explains up front that you basically need a large crowd of people willing to pay for your content upon launch. This is why the most common path seems to be YouTube personalities trying to further monetize their channels once they have momentum. The other thing I've noticed is that the people who use Patreon really have to shill it; 1/2 the content they post online is a tease, and to make money they spend a lot of time promoting. It's a business in the end and you
  13. Hi @ianrobertdouglas, I'll take a stab at question from a slightly different, if obvious, angle. I think XRP's primary value in the short and medium terms are almost exclusively tied to the speculative market and have little to do with what it is actually good for. It excels as a medium of exchange and is being used that way, but not to a degree that affects price much or overrides general market sentiment. Without mining or staking, it can only generate value via usefulness that makes it desirable and so far this has not seemed to happen as much as its usefulness suggests to many of us. R
  14. You got me @NightJanitor ; and thanks @jbjnr - I just wanted to 2x check because sometimes reposting on twitter brings more headaches then helpful input. ( I would pay 5/mo to eliminate some of the comments I have to deal with!)
  15. This is great, thank you! Is it ok with you if I post the coil link in other places to drive some more eyeballs your way?
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