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  1. WrathofKahneman

    The market potential of Coil is bigger than you think

    Interesting, so perhaps content creators would move towards sites they know they would get paid at. How Youtube will use it? For their pay service or for all uploaders. Huge, regardless. I wonder if Coil can differentiate between the content provider and the hosting website? Will it create a new market for "listing fees" on our popular Coil enabled website?
  2. WrathofKahneman

    The market potential of Coil is bigger than you think

    Sure, Patreon, GoFundme, etc., encourage people paying for content. Twitch works, though bits aren't really enough for streamers to subsist - they really need full subscription communities from what I've been told. But each of these works with fiat already. I understand why a fan would pay a few pennies to watch their favorite Twitch streamer. They already do. I don't understand why they would pay XRP. How does XRP make it a better online experience? Alternately, what middleman is Coil cutting out and at what cost to content creators? also, fwiw, a Twitch adoption would be fantastic as it is owned by Amazon
  3. WrathofKahneman

    The market potential of Coil is bigger than you think

    Sorry, can't get with it yet. At the outset it seems like coil is monetizing things that are already free to most end users. Why would I pay into that? If it removes ads, great. If it collects my info like the ads do, then nevermind - I know how to get around those already. Why would I pay more? Seems to me it would be better implemented on newspapers and magazines - flat fee for access to all of them. These things take time, and I'm glad for positive publicity for XRP, but until then, meh.
  4. WrathofKahneman

    Mt. Goxpocalypse

    I'm sorry, but shouldn't it be Mt. Goxalypse?
  5. Love it, @PhoenixSequence ; you put your money where your mouth is - you are a great sport! Cheers!
  6. WrathofKahneman

    Are Fees on Uphold.com Too High?

    If you link your bank account and purchase XRP straight from that "card" it is much cheaper. Looks like you are sending money to the $ card, and then sending $ from the $ card to the XRP. Purchase directly from XRP card and avoid the higher fee.
  7. WrathofKahneman

    Possible XRAPID launch time frame discovered?

    Who? GIfford?
  8. WrathofKahneman

    Possible XRAPID launch time frame discovered?

    This look says, "Seriously? I paid for the Uber last time, Karen."
  9. WrathofKahneman

    XRP - The Standard (Big read)

    Well, interesting, however, the repeated connection to a "Trump doctrine" distracts as propaganda (especially given his reported ignorance about international finance. Where does this doctrine exist?). What effect would SDR have in consolidating US debt within the IMF as the US is the largest contributor, by far, holds veto rights, and a controlling vote? As always, provocative.
  10. WrathofKahneman

    Japanese Bankers Association adopt SWIFT GPI

    just a couple of items: 1) The hyperledger does not use fiat. It navigates crypto settlements. 2) Ripple is a part of the Hyperledger Consortium 3) SWIFT, as mentioned, doesn't eliminate nostro/vostro where multiple currencies must be held. 4) The Japanese banks, already working with Ripple in the background, are building out the existing networks, which, in the long run should favor XRP use, (assuming liquidity is there) , because of the cost & speed of that asset on the ledger mentioned in the article.
  11. WrathofKahneman

    Japanese Bankers Association adopt SWIFT GPI

    Tough to grasp through translation, but it is worth remembering that November is the scheduled SWIFT update and they are boasting that 90% of settlements can happen in one day. I don't read anything positive in it, but it doesn't seem threatening, either. It looks to be saying SWIFT is becoming more efficient. Even with xRapid adoption, I can't imagine a bank not using SWIFT as well. It would cut off 90%+ of the banks you could otherwise deal with right now.
  12. Nah, HODLing isn't the only way, you are right, but it is a safe, reasonable strategy as a starting point. It's effective for people like me, who lack the time and technical expertise to trade more often. I wish I had the acumen to trade in and out more - I've done ok the times I have. Could have a larger pile if i had sold out earlier but when it hit the ATH, I think I was looking for a consistent up and down to feel comfortable timing, but it just went down. Looking back, that should have been the sign [doh!] but live & learn. I still have some now. If you are comfortable trading, by all means do so - some folk on here have already made a killing that way. I just don't want to trade against them.
  13. WrathofKahneman

    Ripple employee past work experience

    Yes, I think this is what it means. Comforting to know they have hired from potential partners/competitors, but not a list of partnerships.
  14. Another vote for Uphold. Fast and easy once you're set up. Uphold locks the price at the moment of purchase, too, even though it takes a week for the $$ to arrive on the backend. Overall, it is cheaper than the COinbase -> exchange BTC route. The biggest drawback is that it is not an exchange so you can't set limit orders. You can transfer crypto in & out. I'm a fan but the app is addictive.
  15. WrathofKahneman

    President Bill Clinton and Counting Crows Headline Swell 2018

    "Crypto - If only we had that in the 90's, too!"