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  1. Thanks, those are two nice overviews.
  2. Again, the MGI press release is helpful here. MGI uses 4 currencies sourced from ODL to use, but it is not built on the XRPL. Likewise, their consumer app is not built on the XRPL.
  3. Or if your understanding of MGI's payment topology is incomplete. The statement is clear enough and reiterates how they are using ODL in a manner that sidesteps the current drama. Everyone lands on the final statement about not using ODL for individual TX's when the paragraph above it states they use it purchase 4 currencies for their business. If there is news here, it is that even after the pivot in the summer when Birla mentioned they were focusing on smaller payments, MGI has continued to use it for large batches.
  4. I wonder if it another test period for a different company done more discretely, moving treasury amounts in USD/MEX? Another potential reason for that particular corner dipping is that Walmart has recently decided to use it's own app, Cashi, for low cost remittances US-Mexico (only). This puts them in direct competition at the same counter in the store that MGI &WU offer their services at. Is this the kind of drop that would be seen before such an announcement?
  5. You're right, was writing from a consumer standpoint; folks wanting to know where their Spark is.
  6. When the network is live and running in 2021. Today was just recording the addresses of where to drop it when it comes online.
  7. fyi, they've posted a written transcript if you need it. (forgive me for posting my own tweet, it was at hand.)
  8. Interesting sidenote to this investment is that Moneytap ,while running on Ripple, has also integrated R3's Corda for their S-coin platform to issue regional currencies. So Corda & Ripple are together within one app in a manner that leads to a question of whether or not Ripple might also be used for cross-currency transactions between Japanese regions given the inefficiency of the domestic system? For example - paying a relative's electric bill in another region. (Tokokawa coin was the first S-Coin trial with Chikuho bank)
  9. So it seems Ripple has a new partner in Egypt named Fawry, notable because Fawry is a large payment company in the region that is working closely with the National Bank of Egypt. There is no mention of XRP use yet, so it would only be RippleNet, but it looks like they were either announced or just assumed to be a partner at the recent Ripple Swell:MENA event.
  10. Update: The National Bank of Kuwait, in a 2019 Sustainability report uploaded Aug 2020, mentions that their Ripple powered remittance app is named "NBK Direct Remit" and after rolling out in Jordan, they intend to make it available in Egypt. It is just RippleNet, and not XRP I believe. source: https://www.nbk.com/dam/jcr:184b410a-1bf0-4f19-911d-925fee75d053/Sustainability Report Eng A4-23082020-9.pdf
  11. So Ripple must block any Australian traffic going to PayID.org, meaning the NPP essentially won the argument. Have I understood this correctly? If so, it is only for the website and not the protocol itself?
  12. Small note. On July 4, 2020, Egypt's banks switched to the IBAN standard for routing bank payments. This follows their registration with SWIFT in May. It helps connect Egypt's financial system to the rest of the globe, especially the EU. Hopefully it creates better conditions for Ripple use. https://www.salaamgateway.com/story/banks-in-egypt-switch-to-iban-standard-to-ease-cross-border-transactions
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