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  1. Because it would be totally rational for anyone, particularly in the financial industry, to jump in and adopt a completely new technology without testing it first.
  2. In 2017 people were saying there was no way it would ever hit $1.
  3. Yup, that's how I first learned of XRP as well.
  4. The conspiracist in me is wondering why they would go to the effort to take down the information if it was just a no-name site spending false rumors. Don't things like this usually get ignored unless there's news that companies don't want to get leaked?
  5. If you actually believed half the things you say you would cut your losses and sell, because in your worldview there's no way XRP will ever get back to your buy-in levels. However, since you're an irrational person who emotionally bought in as the parabola was going up, you choose to stick around and emotionally twist every bit of news to the negative, even though it's in your best interests for XRP to succeed since you refuse to sell.
  6. I would be concerned if the market were emotional enough to pump on the mere announcement of an AMA a week from now.
  7. Maybe now people will stop calling XRP the bankcoin.
  8. I would love a massive pump as much as anyone, but overall I think the more we weed out the people looking to make a quick buck and attract long-term investors the better it is for the future health and growth of the market. I'll admit 2017 gave me visions of lambos, but those of us who were here in 2016 and before were talking about how we were seeing progress starting to be made, but that realistically we probably wouldn't see any major adoption for 5-10 years. We're already starting to see the beginnings of that, and the more companies who do the initial legwork required for testing and setup and spread the good news of their results, the faster things will accelerate.
  9. Ugh, you mean I might have to work until my mid-30s?
  10. Miguel needs to get a new lapel pin for when he's talking about XRP
  11. Honest question - is there anything more than this than eliminating a conversion step on this exchange? Can't you already do HUSD-->USDT/BTC-->XRP?
  12. They aren't excluding exchanges from the market cap, they are excluding XRP that Ripple has escrowed, so in their calculation there are only 40 billion in circulating supply while some other sites use the full 100 billion.
  13. From an objective, rational, point of view you are correct, but unfortunately optics play a huge role in public perception so the milestone of hitting #2 on a big tracker has an effect just like hitting $0.25 or $1 or €1.
  14. Good discussion of fundamentals, but while it's fun to root for xrp, I highly doubt people are actively trading xrp or eth in an attempt to take the number 2 spot, so I think it might be a bit much to call it a battle.
  15. Off-topic, but I've noticed a few times the last couple weeks where it seems like XRP may have even been leading market movements.
  16. I wasn't quite that high, but I did miss my first cashout price, which would have paid off all my debts, because I got greedy. Not next time! I have a plan and I'm sticking to it!
  17. It's impossible to predict this market but it would be nice. It blows my mind when I think about the rumors and speculation that fueled last year's pumps, compare them to the enormous amount of tangible progress that has been made in the last year, and see that the price is only double what it was 12 months ago.
  18. Yeah, it's not like Germans are known for their engineering or anything.
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