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    sven12345 got a reaction from NorCalguy in XRP is the second best safe haven in bear market   
    True but you have to keep in mind that XRP is already at the lows of April. While other coins like Ethereum and EOS aren't.
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    sven12345 reacted to 010101 in Xrp will never go above 40 to 50$   
    This forum and the army have their "hopium" dreams, but I find it interesting how people like the newest member "Bob" has a more tempered view or Joel Katz or even Kapoow Kitao. $5, $10, or "I'm bullish" then on here, "When XRP hits $500 or $1000" I lol.
    No banks No price increase where are the banks BG?
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    sven12345 reacted to Riseup in Coinbase XRP/USD pair is doing great!   
    I think it fair to notice a few things and kick in reality in a few days like now
    xrp volume $525,700,077 USD 
    ALL COINS coinbase pro volume $36,055,334 USD
    xrp volume on coinbase pro for xrp/usd trading pair (so called good 4th spot) $1,868,463
    less the 2 millions = absolutely not relevant at all
    thats a 48th spot here: (again for me, this is non relevant because it so small, i would absolutely not say for it its good)
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    sven12345 reacted to iLeeT in Is 50% of the trade volume really China?   
    No, it's wash trading.
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    sven12345 reacted to Helmsdeep in The Next Bull Run: A Projection   
    My opinion only and I don't want to rain on your parade But I doubt there will ever be a run like you're dreaming of .
    Those that bought from the top down will be looking to just get there money back which will kill any momentum . 
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    sven12345 reacted to NO-XRP in How low are we going here?   
    Not unlikely we will see sub 7 cents during 2019. Dragged down by a massive BTC dump.
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    sven12345 reacted to Moonraker in Is it my plan a good plan to plan my retirament in 5 years?   
    Perhaps you can re-post the question in a few years when it reaches $1.
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    sven12345 reacted to itcdominic in Korean and Japanese volumes   
    However,  if what we keep hearing from the Ripple team is true we should start seeing a steady increase in volume as xRapid becomes a tool for the financial industry.  
    Yea, yea,  it get the whole xCurrent and xVia.....but we have all been softly strung along with crumbs / hints that banks, FI's, and others will start using what ever tool you want to call it that uses XRP, actual XRP....however,  the volume that we are seeing seems like normal every day volume and none related to commercial use.
    When commercial use becomes evident and made public..... I will feel a lot better about my position.
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    sven12345 reacted to Baka in As predicted   
    true , don't listen to people saying buy now , you ll never see that price low ever again, it's all BS. maybe in one year XRP will be at 0.001$ 
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    sven12345 reacted to Rackers in is $0.35 the new $0.25?   
    Doubt it. That run was based on the whole market being on a bull run. Not happening this year. In fact it's the total opposite.
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    sven12345 reacted to Dinoizzy in Stay strong guys.   
    Sadly, for the first time - i am genuinely starting to question it. The current price is an influence on that but tbh the lack of ANY positive price movement that can be attributed to xrapid now being live is a big concern to me. Also the lack of any news or comment on how much volume is flowing through xrapid since it went live with the few places it has concerns me.
    Dont get me wrong. Ripple owe me the grand total of fcck all, so i dont 'deserve' news or updates - but the lack of it raises a worry with me.
    This was ALWAYS very high risk, and an incredible long shot which might not pay off. I continue to Hodl, and i'll see it down to $0 if i have to but for the first time my doubt is higher than my belief.
    And please before anyone starts listing things like codius and coil and the rest of it - yes i know - its all very interesting but XRP PRICE which lets face it is why MOST (not all of them i accept that) are here is not performing well.
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    sven12345 reacted to BeSeriousXRP in Is everybody aware of:   
    Seems like a lot of people still expect a bullrun before eoy. I don't see that happening because:
    - XRapid is already live. No more news before eoy
    - Still attached to BTC
    - Bakkt and ETF won't be active before eoy.
    - All Swift, Amazon, GooglePay, Temenos, Bearableguy and RippleRiddler rumours where...well Just rumours. 
    - SBI, and other large FI's ... No news to be expected.
    So WHAT miracle do you think will happen before eoy?
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    sven12345 reacted to Fidel_Castro in Why I do believe XRP will not reach 5 USD even in 5 years   
    Why if someone tells his own "non-lambo" opinion here, being reacted aggressively? it is just opinion, no FUD.
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    sven12345 reacted to Domp_Eet in Highest price we will reach   
    $50 at least because anything below is FUD trolls who are negative and salty.
    Am I doing good yet? Can I get my likes now?  This is how I become popular right?
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    sven12345 reacted to Fidel_Castro in Why I do believe XRP will not reach 5 USD even in 5 years   
    Guys, let be realistic: Still nearly 60 billion in escrow, so do you really believe that the price with such huge supply will rise up to $5 soon?
    Yes, XRP is a fantastic coin,  but I dont see the huge demand at near terms. Every time Ripple releases its 1 billion from escrow, it will negatively impact the price. 60% of XRP are not alive yet.
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    sven12345 reacted to Raiden in Most outlandish XRP price predictions   
    People need to chill on the OP here. I thought it was a nice summary. And like OP mentioned several times he never even said it was impossible to reach those numbers. 
    And like another poster here said we need people from both sides to get the discussion going and not turn into an echochamber. 
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    sven12345 reacted to AllinXRP in Most outlandish XRP price predictions   
    I actually thought it was interesting to see and didn’t think he meant it in any sort of negative way. Just putting some realism into things doesn’t hurt. 
    Harmless. Nothing to see here. 
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    sven12345 reacted to Domp_Eet in Most outlandish XRP price predictions   
    Ah a few the ''Veteran'' Gold members have sallied forth to mock my post..... I'm a FUDster, a new account, my thread is irrelevant and just multiplications. These people have more reputation points than me so they must be right!
    I guess I should pander more and solely post bullish predictions and witty jokes instead of taking trying to take a balanced view
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    sven12345 reacted to Blubber in Most outlandish XRP price predictions   
    This has been a constant feature of this 'forum' for quite some time now. Although getting better with Pablo as mod.
    The worst thing this site could have done was create a hierarchy.  There are many, who rising to 'Gold' status are dumb enough to
    think that that actually gives them some kind of special sanction.  Pathetic.
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    sven12345 reacted to ringer2 in Any truth to Ripple / Trump rumors?   
    Come on, man. 
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    sven12345 reacted to karlos in What if I told you XRP will reach over 50$ in a week?   
    Nothing of value, locked.
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    sven12345 reacted to Skunkape in November is the month   
    I love how so many people know what Swift should, or must, do to survive. 
    They have decades of experience and a deep, deep bench. I hope they use XRP, or Ripple replaces them in x% of the market...  But these guys arent dumb and we dont know jack about what’s going on. 
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    sven12345 reacted to Zedy44 in Nvm   
    Zero need for this kind of thread.  This is not what this community is about and quite honestly this is an all-time low for forum content.
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    sven12345 reacted to Pablo in If people think we are going to 589 eoy then buy   
    There are more than enough $589 threads. Thanks. 
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    sven12345 reacted to Pablo in 7 + dollars a day to get to $589 EOY   
    Please keep all $589 type threads to one of the existing threads. Take your pick but the following is one option:
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