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  1. Well if this would have any influence why is XRP dropping 3% instead of going up ?
  2. A lot of the volume is fake volume just washtrading. Take a look on coinmarketcap or whatever site you like and take a look at the exchanges where the volume comes from. If you look on cmc you see ZB and ZBG with the highest XRP volume both are shady exchanges full of washtrading and transaction mining. Those 2 combined is already 100 million of fake volume and there are much more shady exchanges.
  3. Almost every day there is a new topic about this 589 price "prediction" and people are starting to get annoyed by it. Maybe it's an idea to merge them all together into 1 topic. Get things a bit more organised. I don't think it's necessary to have 50 different topics all about 589.
  4. Well 1000% means a lot to me and im more then happy when I can take such profit. Profit is profit after all.
  5. Congrats for holding and missing a 1000+% gain. I did rather sell a bit too early and take my 1000+% profit then waiting an entire year and hoping It will get me more then 1000%. But everyone his thing I guess.
  6. Difference is that XRP isn't trading for 0,006 now .
  7. Transaction mining exchange just washtrading to get that exchange coin.
  8. It's hilarious to see this 589 "prediction" when we have trouble getting above $0,30 ?
  9. 1 Green day after many red days and posts like this ( the decoupling has begun) appear on the forum :D.
  10. It has nothing do to with xRapid it's called washtrading ..
  11. You should have sold if a %1000 gain is not enough reason to sell im wondering what is..
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