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  1. Do you think the launch of SBI VC tomorrow (31 July) will affect the price or the whales will still contnue holding it down? EDIT: It doesn't look like it will affect it at all - since not everything is ready for a go. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts or/if your whalepal mentioned this launch?
  2. Really? So he was also dumping his stack back then? I did not know about that, hmm..
  3. Thank you. I hope you are right - or even wrong, so that the bearmarket continues! ?
  4. I was around in Dec/Jan, yes. I believe in XRP without a shed of doubt. I won't get cold feet even if it drops to 0.10cent. I would actually get happy for the opportunity! Since BTC went up from 6,2-3k to 7k, got me curious if this was it. I still believe that early October/around SWELL and further down the line - we will see higher prices this year.
  5. You made a new account. You are talking about supply and the market cap and yet you expect to be taken seriously? Why don't you run back to your BTC forums? BTC is perfect for your argument. Why? No real shown use-case and all hype = perfect for your argument, "hurr durr, market cap must be x trillion dollars to get a higher price"
  6. What the hell is going on in this thread?? It sure would! I'd like it to drop more than I would like it to increase.
  7. Hello, xrpchat! Watching the current run makes me wonder if this is serious or another bulltrap. BAKKT exchange hype for BTC or another manipulation of price? What might be the reason behind it? No serious news about BTC or XRP? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. PS: This is not me getting excited about the price increase, because I have been nervously waiting for something like it. I am not looking for reassurances of any sort. Just wanted to discuss with all of you. Thanks!
  8. I would gladly accept a reality where the price goes down to the levels you mentioned.
  9. The price would be higher. All I'm saying is that 40B won't matter when the big money rip the supply apart. Demand from FI's and banks, becasue of it's proven utility, will make XRP's supply bleak. If it happens like that - FI's and banks come on with the money - no one can claim the price won't go up like a rocket. That has not happened before which is why it is exciting to me.
  10. 1. I couldn't care less about Ethereum's supply. Even if it is 1 million. Looking at the supply of XRP is pointless. XRP has use-case and will have adoption going for it - the explosin in price will be insane. Whose to say it can't reach 500$? Have you even seen anything like it in the crypto-market? Mass adoption, that is? Nope. No one has. Which is why it's extremely exciting. 2. Whatever the price was and is now is not the point. Ethereum wasn't used for anything major. No bank tested. No - nothing. Yet, it managed it on FOMO and on hype to rise to 800. That is my point. Btw, XRP's 3,8
  11. Why are you guys invested in XRP when you can't even dream big WHEN the technology is far superior than anything we have seen? Ethereum rose from 7$ to 800$ from December 2016 to December 2017 - with NO USE CASE. ZERO. NONE.
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