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  1. BG123 knows things ... Respect for him,her,group ..
  2. https://investinghaven.com/crypto-blockchain/ripple-xrp-recognizable-chart-pattern/
  3. SWIFT is on the background Just look and see IT if not shake your head.
  4. https://zycrypto.com/ripple-products-may-be-the-only-means-to-bank-recovery-from-recession-and-crash/
  5. 21x2

    Down down down

    XRP ready winter bull run 👀
  6. 21x2

    Down down down

    XRP winter bull run 👀🤸
  7. https://cryptobriefing.com/xrp-community-mati-greenspan/
  8. SamIam ,CKJ ,working Money Channel ,DAI ,ectt. They are Friendly video posters .
  9. My personal view When does a bank listen to there cliënt?? If a XRP community make there point what's wrong with that ? Thank You Banks that we open our mouth after the 2008 crisis Maybe Mr Greenspan Loves still swift 🤔
  10. https://investinghaven.com/crypto-blockchain/what-if-ripple-xrp-federal-reserves-technology-2019/
  11. Back to BG123 ...😊..respect for him/her Nobody SODL ...Just HODL😎
  12. 1-Verstappen 2-Hamilton 3- XRP
  13. Ripple the company is doing well. But with all the hughe News the XRP price 😒 more and more patience for XRP.... I AM still Inn but a lot off people lost faith. How fare are we with the marathon Mr BG? I missed the posts here of David S.😏
  14. Nobody knows the future . I am also reading plenty off Times we don't see these low prices again ! It's a new market ,Ripple the company is doing great of IT has been listed on NASDAQ we have seen Nice profits. So if XRP Will be used on a large scale the price will Rise. I miss Davis S his posts here. Time will tell...1 year bear market is long everything is a cyclus . We Will see ,... personally I like to watch the video's off the Digital Asset Investor ,the blogs of HODOR . BG said it's a marathon and that I Believe. Have a great 2019 all off You . Hopefully You all Will be healthy
  15. Credits tot Bearableguy 123. Keep on posting 😊
  16. I like Bearableguy ,those Riddles. In a bear market it's Nice to read this. Patience Will be the key word
  17. Fiat gone...all using Crypto ☺️
  18. This article is in Dutch. https://www.apparata.nl/nieuws/bitcoin-houdt-een-eindejaarsfeest-29365 It says that the price increase is because off: Bakkt that not only Starbucks but also institutional money will use Bakkt. Vechain is going to work with a company in the Middle East. And Ripple is working with new products so it will not be a security by the SEC. Interesting however I didn't find any source in my quick search to verrify this.
  19. After 1,5 years talking my wife is buying ..too...
  20. Jump on the XRP train ,we Will never see such low prices again.😁