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  1. We never see these low prices again. 2023 Max Verstappen on track for second Formule 1 World Champion 😊
  2. https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2019/04/ripple-primed-for-a-major-pullback-as-price-remains-vulnerable They mentioned that there's no interest in Ripple ??
  3. 21x2

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay welcome here by Bob 😊 Looking forward to read your posts. If You left Ripple is it allowed to post information ?
  4. Just sold my XRP at 12.000 each should have keep Them until 24.0000 Then I wake up 😎
  5. We never see this Bottom again 😁
  6. Sent some XRP from there escrow to my account 😁 Then push the higher price switch button 😎 Tell who BG123 is These are Jokes of course much respect for the Ripple Employees
  7. BG123 knows things ... Respect for him,her,group ..
  8. https://investinghaven.com/crypto-blockchain/ripple-xrp-recognizable-chart-pattern/
  9. https://zycrypto.com/ripple-products-may-be-the-only-means-to-bank-recovery-from-recession-and-crash/
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