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  1. Haha, I waited for the first pump before I told her:)
  2. I am waiting for july and august, when they open up for ordinary customers.. Let`s see..?
  3. It is rather obvious at what price people here bought their XRP stash. You can just find out when they became member of this chat to get a clue. So hold tight on all other kinds of information about your self. Use another name on Twitter, and so forth. Keep your XRP in cold store. Anyway - there are really bigger fish in this bowl than me. And, remember, the earlier you got into this game, the greater responsibility for giving back to society and level out differences and poverty !! Crypto is not only about you getting rich !! So, no need to cry, guys, many will benefit f
  4. There are reasons to believe that it was ordinary people investing and loosing in the last hype. And big whales winning, of course. Think we have to wait for big investors and banks this time. Hope I am wrong..
  5. ? "With the launch of the service, Santander will become the first bank to roll out a blockchain-based international payments service to retail customers in multiple countries simultaneously." https://ripple.com/insights/santander-launches-first-mobile-app-for-global-payments-using-ripples-xcurrent/ Santander using xCurrent, as for now. Transactions within one day. Planning to roll out to more than twenty countrys. xCurrent referred to as blockchain by Ripple
  6. Polo again... Me no trust in Polo There are som many others now!!
  7. "global bridge currency" Nothing less!! About a year ago it was said that competitors where years behind when it comes to both competence and development, arguing that open source does not represent a threat. From what I can see, this is still the case, or...? R3 suddenly come up with av new cryptocurrency in 2018, and catch ut with Ripple does not seem likely when you look at the slow and steady networking of Ripple over the past years.. National banks building their own cryptocurrency, ok, but they still need xRapid for cross boarder payments Then we have Stella
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