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  1. Try doing some due diligence before posting misinformation. I see the usual panic fud ridden nonsense never ends on this board. 👎
  2. You should probably go apply for Brad's job since you think Ripple doesn't know what they're doing. Everyone of your points are ridiculous to anyone that actually knows anything about XRP. And Jed? Bwahahaha. nice try.
  3. Hi Bob, nice to meet you. I don't spend as much time on this site has I used to. But you've definitely given me a reason to visit more often. No lambo, no yacht in my future. But there will be a nice peaceful cabin in the woods that you can come visit anytime you need to get away. I even promise to keep my chainsaws locked up.
  4. He's confused... he's confused.
  5. Hello Bob! Welcome to the forum. I just have one question. Did Ripple ever have any discussions or meetings about all the FUD and Libel that was being spread about XRP and Ripple? Or did they just ignore it all? Thanks!
  6. Both. I scaled in and I'll scale out starting at $10. Will hold a small percentage until death do us part.
  7. Pretty much how BitUniverse displays net inflow. This is just bitstamp.
  8. He has many millions. At least he did as of a few years ago. Not sure if he sold off any.
  9. Kinda reminds me of what they were saying about XRP.
  10. And what are your expectations when it finally goes live?
  11. Yep. It's moon or down with the ship. OOL
  12. I didn't join till December. But I don't blame the forum or Ripple for my investment decisions. Mostly because I bought back in September. And I'm not a dic.
  13. Someone's just mad because it's past his bedtime.
  14. Don't give some of these clowns any ideas. Lol And Ripple can pull the plug on xRapid and any other xrp ecosystem investments while flipping us the middle finger.
  15. You win the Richard Cranium award! Piece of cake for you though.
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