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  1. Looks like ICON getting into the Covid tracing with Myid launch.
  2. No need falling in love with everyone's favorite coin, XRP. Investments are meant to make money, not be dead money. After two years of buying the XRP dip, i finally took a loss on a portion of my XRP and diversified into vet and sha, and most recently zap and link. Bought VET at .005, ADA .05, SHA, not sure but its in the money. Lol. ZAP at .015, and LINK at $5. Couple weeks ago i took profit. Vet at .02. Sha at .003, link at $14 and zap at .22 That profit paid for all my furnishings and appliances at my new lake cabin. Also is paying for a new dock to be installed and the lot to be landscaped. Next profit taking will be a new bass boat. I was able to get back my original investment plus profit. Now all my VET, SHA, LINK and ZAP is cost free. No worries! Had i held onto to my XRP and continued to HOPE it goes up, i would be sitting at zero ROI after 3 yrs of investment. This is crypto, not the stock market. ROI is expected at some point. High risk high reward is why we buy crypto. Hopium is dead money. Did XRP go up a bit after i diversified? Yep. Same with Link and sha. But taking profit is important! I spent over 20 years investing and hoping for that life changing homerun and watched plenty of value disappear waiting for the homerun when i should have taken profit. Many running bats in are better then relying on one home run. I learned my lesson and changed my ways. And just to be clear, i still own a small bag of xrp. I'll always hodl that, just in case. Good luck!
  3. If you say so. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ https://medium.com/@smartcontentpublication/debunking-the-zeus-capital-disinformation-report-on-chainlink-7313d9e1801
  4. Took some link profit at $14 a few days ago. Over $18 now. Crazy! Won't be selling my remainder anytime soon. ICX starting to run also.
  5. Take your seed and move your funds to a new wallet somewhere else. Take the nano outside and shoot it. Shoot your computer while your at it.
  6. Everything XRP Production posts is satire. The problem is, he doesn't specify that it's satire and only causes confusion. I personally think its irresponsible.
  7. And T*rd isn't even a curse word!!! How about this post xrpxhat. **** ***! ********! *** **** ****! And **** ***** ****!!
  8. And the word T U R D is censored? No wonder i stopped posting here. What a joke. πŸ‘Ž
  9. Why should Ripple give up half its XRP just to artificially and temporarily increase the price? Will you give up your half? XRP would be another XLM **** if it wasn't for Ripples investment back into the ecosystem. Should be thanking them.
  10. Try doing some due diligence before posting misinformation. I see the usual panic fud ridden nonsense never ends on this board. πŸ‘Ž
  11. You should probably go apply for Brad's job since you think Ripple doesn't know what they're doing. Everyone of your points are ridiculous to anyone that actually knows anything about XRP. And Jed? Bwahahaha. nice try.
  12. Hi Bob, nice to meet you. I don't spend as much time on this site has I used to. But you've definitely given me a reason to visit more often. No lambo, no yacht in my future. But there will be a nice peaceful cabin in the woods that you can come visit anytime you need to get away. I even promise to keep my chainsaws locked up.
  13. He's confused... he's confused.
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