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  1. Time to take a vacation from this site..........becoming more and more depressing by the day with all this bs fear, doom and gloom. CYA @ $100. All the nagative nelly's can go fu*k themselves. I'm out. Be back in a month to see if the school children have grown up yet or not.
  2. XRP can drop to... calm down

    You might as well expand the chart to one year and say .01 is a higher high. Where do you draw the line? Either way .25 isn't gonna happen again. Wishful thinking for some, nightmares for others. Not much chance this ever goes back below $1.00 But then again i'm just using Todd's sentiment indicator. LOL
  3. Short term price impossible to predict. Long term it's pretty much a given that we go up. Walk away if you can't handle the day to day fluctuations. It's not healthy and gives you a Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality.
  4. (DELETED)

    Don't forget adding multipliers to the numbers. $120 X ? =
  5. (DELETED)

    Per JoelKatz: t all depends how big you want to dream. What if Ripple captures bitcoin's current market share? $2 What if Ripple captures the value of all high-friction International payments that are now occurring? $20 (You could add a multiplier to this for additional demand from people holding XRP to make or facilitate the payments in the future.) What if Ripple captures the value of an increasing volume of International payments driven by the reduction in friction? Maybe $120. (Same point as above, you could justify a multiplier to this.) What if the economy triples in size, the volume of International payments increases, Ripple captures all of that, and people also use Ripple for all kinds of other things because it either displaces bitcoin or equals in size a bitcoin that's many times its current size? And we also expand the economy to other planets that also use XRP? And ... As for how likely these scenarios are though, who can say. Ripple equaling bitcoin's current market cap sometime in the near future doesn't seem any more outrageous to me now than the idea of a bitcoin selling for over $1,000 seemed to me in 2012.
  6. "XRP support line, may i help you?" LOL
  7. (DELETED)

    There's not enough XRP to go around if the price is low. And yes, $20 is low. It needs to be much higher. 5x higher then $20, minimum. Must use common sense here.
  8. I just want to change my user name to 'confused'. That way i can end every post with, 'i'm confused'. Mostly because i'm seeing a lot of Bi-Polar activity on here. Very confusing.
  9. (DELETED)

    Almost sounds like your saying that the XRP we each hold in our wallets are worthless? That they don't count towards the price? I"m confused.
  10. (DELETED)

    Isn't that being discussed here? https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/16973-just-maths/ Or are you just wanting to vent. If so, that's okay.
  11. Doesn't matter........the number one FUD fighting team is educating the less educated.
  12. And you didn't notice that person is pro ethereum? He's the typical Fuddster that is fearful that the coin they are in love with is inferior to XRP. No need posting about every fud twitter post. You'll be here 24hrs a day doing that. FUD is a virus and XRP is the cure. We're just waiting for Ripple to make the final injection.