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  1. Coinbase deserves this. Look at him just having to sit there and listen while his MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT valuable airtime just gets sucked up. Bravo
  2. Just a BTC temporary/small pump (tether print?). XRP and whole market seems to be tightly following BTC. Probably will test .87 again soon.
  3. Coindesk.com says Tether spokesperson confirms the dissolution. The exchanges are entirely dependent on USDT pairs, without them or confidence in Tether = the exchange could go Pooof...
  4. Would be ironic, but short-term many exchanges have no access to USD pairs and I'm not sure they can add them very easily now.
  5. Trading is the real issue here. So what will traders Immediately replace tether with to get in and out of trades?
  6. "Breaking: Tether has "dissolved" relationship with auditor Friedman LLP, according to spokesperson for the company behind $USDT token. Story to come." Via CoinDesk Twitter ??? edit: update Oh boy.....
  7. Great read. Really loved this insight from the article: "Novel Uses for XRP “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” –Arthur Schopenhauer Adoption creates exposure which leads to new forms of adoption. Ripple was designed to improve upon the technology and flaws of bank-to-bank transfers. In a short span of time, we have seen XRP adopted for cross-border transactions, one-hundred million dollar hedge funds and money transfers companies. So here’s the big question: what’s next? If cryptocurrency becomes a lasting feature in the digital world, then it is likely going to be used in ways we have not yet thought of. Consider the internet. A person in 1998, struggling to send emails, could not have imagined the widespread use it holds today. Crypto will be the same way. In fact, it has to be that way. If we stagnate as just a currency, despite the great feature of decentralization and blockchain, cryptocurrency will fade into obscurity or be a niche tool that most of the world ignores."
  8. Yep, it's his birthday, so he's telling everyone what he'd like to focus on for his goals for the next year. Kind of like a new years resolution.
  9. Yes, but by then all the real work behind the scenes will have been done throughout the year. Just the leaders meeting on the 30th. BTW, first G20 Argentina meeting was titled "1st Meeting of Finance and Central Bank Deputies" in Bariloche, Argentina From 30 November 2017 to 2 December 2017. Here's the agenda calendar if anyone is interested - https://www.g20.org/en/calendar
  10. Q4 might have some interesting details around this. One can hope, right? ?
  11. No one knows if tweets were deleted, they were locked from view when Nico protected his account, after sending all the tweets out.
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