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  1. The only thing I believe in is Ripple and its technology including XRP as a bridge currency. If this does not happen shame for the world. Don't need TRump to declare anything except his resignation. If your post is meant to stir trouble pl,ease keep it for yourself. We don't need trouble makers here. Amen
  2. Wow two Hodor blogs for the priceof.......zero. Thanks man. Always enjoy reading your blogs.
  3. Thanks rippleJason for bringing this under the attention of us all and especially Ripple. Great work Nikb for fixing the problem. Awesome community is this
  4. I am impressed. Nicely done. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  5. Very clear report. Thanks for all your trouble. It can be an epic quarter for XRP.
  6. Really don't understand the change of heart Alex. For me it sounds plausible when I first thought about a partnership between Ripple and Swift. In February my wife and I had a propsperous discussion and I said the best partnership right now would be Swift and Ripple together instead of Amazon and Ripple. Everybody around me was laughing at me but who cares. BTW my wife did not she supports me. Then I saw your video and thought he more people thinking that way and now you completely turned. Wow I don;t understand the change of heart. Could you elaborate Alex.
  7. Brilliant Hodor. Thank you very much. The Future is so bright it will shatter all the FUD masters soon.
  8. You could be right. For me it was stress testing when it went down from 0.67 euro cent to 0.48 euro cent. Better I wait till the thing really explodes. xRapid to the moon
  9. Bitstamp is a great and reliable exchange. Hopefully also when I want to cash out but the references are good.
  10. Thanks a lot JCCollins. Brilliant insights. Glad you share them with us. XRP will certainly be very successfull and life changing not only for the rich people but also for the poor.
  11. My hero The Digital Asset investor already did a video about this. Worthwhile to watch.
  12. Wow amazing read. Thanks for sharing this with us. We will have to be patient and watch the financial changes come.
  13. You are on the right track. I too am very protected against all outside influence. During the last 7 months I told friends and family that XRP is there to invest into it and that it is a sound investment. They also know that I and my wife are invested too. Dumb move because when my brother tells people I never met that we are invested and XRP does what we all hope and believe, it makes me and my family a target. I am telling all those people that I could not handle the ups and downs and that I left my investment and sold most of it. We are not the sort of people who will throw money
  14. Thnks tiny. No you are not wrong. Now I understand how you meant your remark. It is like the pizza guy buying pizza with 10k Bitcoin just for fun. But the problem will be the same. If you change your XRP for euro's dollars or whatever currency to buy your potatoes, you have the risk that your XRP will be worth more in the future. For me important will be when am I satisfied with the course of XRP to sell them and don't look back if the price rises. BTW I will always keep XRP to be part of the revolution. I really like being a little part of this whole experience. Ripple is changing
  15. I don't agree with you. As soon as volatility is under control your XRP value on your credit card or whatever medium it will be will be safe. Personally I lost my faith in FIAT and if I exchange the profits from my XRp investment into FIAT and that FIAT crashes, I lost my advantage. Do you have more info which can help me change my view into this? I am really looking for the best way to change the future for me and my family and preferably without too much FIAT in it. Thanks in advance for sharing your insights.
  16. Thanks for sharing this. I am getting more and more excited with every new episode of the Ripple Drop. Time will come when we can pay with our XRP like FIAT. Buying groceries, go to the movie, buy a house or car and pay with XRP currency. Exciting times await the HODLERS.
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