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  1. Picard

    Blog: The Million Dollar Question

    I am sorry for your loss. Hope you have good memories to remember him/her by. Good to have you back here. Your blog is awesome. Thanks a lot.
  2. Unfortunately they cut the clip and removed valuable information but nonetheless it is major exposure.
  3. Wow friends and family saw this on the news channels in Holland and were wondering if this Ripple is the same as in which I am interested. Major impact indeed. Www.nu.nl is a news website which is looked by millions of people a week in The Netherlands so exposure is much bigger now. Finally https://www.nu.nl/236957/video/ellen-ontroerd-na-grote-donatie-ashton-kutcher-voor-haar-natuurfonds.html
  4. That was why Ashton was explaining sending money from bank to bank or person to person. Every transaction is possible.
  5. This was a real transfer. Ripple would not go to such lengths to destroy the moment with a fake transfer. What an amazing publicity and they supported a fantastic cause. Win win situation. Hope we will get someday in the situation that we will be able to help such causes too other than the little scale we already are doing. Patience it the key to a new and brighter future. Just HODL and enjoy the ride.
  6. Indeed they have a stellar team which hopefully get us all to the moon someday.
  7. I asked her to join XRPchat and waiting for a reply
  8. Keep hammering Susie.
  9. Ok remember it is meant as support to help new members understand what is happening here. Some things are debatable but look at most Susie is explaining. She is really good informed about banking. I wish Susie was here on XRPchat to put her own video's here and answer questions. She is the bomb for me and one of the best Youtubers about XRP.
  10. Susie is really skilled in banking and I am always watching carefully. No FUD and nonsense only facts. Enjoy watching. I am too watching this
  11. Picard

    Hen with the golden eggs

    My wife keeps on telling me that she expects Ripple XRP to flourish as soon as regulation comes. Not sooner. I think she will be right.
  12. Picard

    Hen with the golden eggs

    Just keep on buying low and accumulate more XRP until the party really starts. The Future is almost there. Changes are coming. Just HODL and keep patient.
  13. Picard

    XRP/USDT live on Binance

    Got it from multiple friends and relatives telling me I will be happy now. Told them I warned you about our precious XRP and that it is worth investing a little bit. Nice of them to inform me but they better be brave and invest some in it. In Holland we have a lot of people who are informed but are afraid to invest in it.