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  1. The only thing I believe in is Ripple and its technology including XRP as a bridge currency. If this does not happen shame for the world. Don't need TRump to declare anything except his resignation. If your post is meant to stir trouble pl,ease keep it for yourself. We don't need trouble makers here. Amen
  2. Wow two Hodor blogs for the priceof.......zero. Thanks man. Always enjoy reading your blogs.
  3. Thanks rippleJason for bringing this under the attention of us all and especially Ripple. Great work Nikb for fixing the problem. Awesome community is this
  4. I am impressed. Nicely done. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  5. Very clear report. Thanks for all your trouble. It can be an epic quarter for XRP.
  6. Really don't understand the change of heart Alex. For me it sounds plausible when I first thought about a partnership between Ripple and Swift. In February my wife and I had a propsperous discussion and I said the best partnership right now would be Swift and Ripple together instead of Amazon and Ripple. Everybody around me was laughing at me but who cares. BTW my wife did not she supports me. Then I saw your video and thought he more people thinking that way and now you completely turned. Wow I don;t understand the change of heart. Could you elaborate Alex.
  7. Brilliant Hodor. Thank you very much. The Future is so bright it will shatter all the FUD masters soon.
  8. You could be right. For me it was stress testing when it went down from 0.67 euro cent to 0.48 euro cent. Better I wait till the thing really explodes. xRapid to the moon
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