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  1. If you don't believe in Ripple the company and XRP the bridge currency totally different parts of a great solution, you can always sell and buy BITCONNECT. For me the success of XRP is not linked to SBI.
  2. HODL till we drop. I am prepared to hold till zero. I even buy extra XRP because I really believe in the company and the use of XRP as bridge currency. Like the others said a lot is going on behind the scenes. Enjoy the sun or at least the outdoors.
  3. Interesting stuff. Hope it is the first time shared otherwise please remove it
  4. Damned I already sold all my XRP and fled the country......NOT! Glad you made it work.
  5. Picard


    He probably fell asleep for a few months and hopes the world changed by then.
  6. Wonderfull blog @OzAlphaWolf I agree totally. The great adoption of Ripple xCurrent and afterwards xRapid will start in Asia and the Middle East. In holland I see the banks are very carefull with adopting new blockchain technologies although I think that they are testing it with subsidiaries (daughter companies) to be able to adapt fast if market expects it. No need to be too far behind the competition.
  7. It is an absolute BS story. Just ignore it. Waste of time to read it....oeps I read it.
  8. Not when more and more people can pay with their smart phones in a easy way. Look at microtransactions for a penny. The farmer who for sure will have a smartphone can accept something else then cash. Wasn't the whole mojaloop project not built around microtransactions especially in Africa? And we know in Africa almost everyone has a smrt phone. So I think WU will have to change their attitude otherwise it is bye bye.
  9. Picard

    SBI memo interesting read

    http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/pdf/180628presentations.pdf Slide 128 is very interesting. SBI is expecting 40 Trillion dollars to enter the world of crypto.
  10. Picard

    One Pay FX Commercial Add

    Brilliant....like we already know. Great engine inside
  11. Yes join forces and change the world together.
  12. The same here. Now I am going to read it and I am already happy. Thanks for the sunshine mate.
  13. Picard

    European Central Bank publication

    And luckily Ripple is working with Central Banks so it looks their mutual vision should be similar. Exciting times ahead. Hopefully