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  1. Shout out to the best Center in the league!
  2. Yeah I agree. I don't think SBIVC will live up to some of the hype it's been getting. Like you said there are other exchanges that already handle JPY/XRP trading. Looking at xrpcharts, Japanese exchange BitBank trading volume is dominating at 20%(0% trading fee sure doesn't hurt...). I think for SBIVC to make a large price movement, the volume need to be around the same as BitBank. On the other hand, since SBI is already a household name in Japan, maybe it will attract more institutional investors. Another scenario I can think of is if they incorporate xrp
  3. Oh God the horror.... Also interesting note: Recently hacked exchange CoinCheck is due to relaunch it's service under new management in June as well. Maybe SBI is looking to open before that?
  4. Sure it does! Already opened a bank account with them to prepare for the SBIVC.
  5. Yeah I think this is a good sign. When a site is under maintenance for that long, it usually indicates extensive final system testing using production environment to make sure that it can withstand a heavy load. I feel like they are patching up the final details before the launch. Also keep in mind that in Japan, June is usually considered the beginning of summer.
  6. Welcome and enjoy the stay!
  7. I agree with your analysis. I think they are focusing on regulation stuff under the surface, and of course it takes time to implement and comes with things that you cannot share with the public yet. Like you said, we are plebs and don't know what's going on. If you believe you made the right investment sit tight and relax.
  8. I wonder if we would break out from the gravitational pull of BTC movement in that case.
  9. Yeah regarding of the outcome I always appreciate the amout of thoughts and research @Ripplista79 puts into these posts. From my perspective if something massive like that is about to go down we would have already seen some sort of drastic shift in volume/price by now because information always leaks somewhere, somehow.
  10. I have joined the hype and bought a bit of TRX let's go TROOOOON. *Daft Punk soundtrack intensifies*
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