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  1. Lol this topic won the xrpchat today. Everything about it is just great...
  2. Same here, hodling on but extremely exhausted. I honestly never thought a bull mkt would be 100x more difficult than the 3 years of bear
  3. Why is CSC going up lately?
  4. I think both projects ADA and DOT have potential, specially DOT however I don't get why the deals developing countries governments are so significant. What do they even mean? I mean for all I care there's not more than 20 countries in which a deal with a government would be huge. I have nothing against Ethiopia, but please tell me how many times did you hear any mention about Ethiopia in your daily life before getting into ADA. Sorry if I come up as rude, is not my intention, but since 2017 I keep seeing projects come up with so called deals with Ukraine, Ethiopia, Malta, etc, etc and I feel like they get you nowhere (not government related but kind of the Ripple/Euro exim bank partnership) And btw I live in a developing country
  5. Honestly, I don't mind. I'm diversified enough to go down with my xrps if I need to. On the other hand, the sentiment/narrative around xrp is just were we need it to before the rise. Everyone's laughing about it, sued by the SEC, losing places in market cap to ada, dot, etc etc, what is else is in there for xrp? Bring it the f*** on. There are way too many long time supporters turning their back now (I don't blame them) and if it's going up at some point then it sure as hell looks like its close. Maybe sooner than we expect. The timing is just perfect for xrp to make a comeback, huge one (in case it ever does).
  6. It should be obvious to everyone that when the tether bomb explodes the crypto mkt will be severely affected and it should take years at least months to recover. Maybe that’s what will stop this bull rally by the end of 2021?
  7. Oh great! I'm sure xrp will reevaluate its current price because of this poll
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