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  1. I've been a long time investor in XRP and I used to get hyped by any article that I found on twitter and/or xrp chat. Long story short I decided to unfollow most of the XRP related accounts so that when I see XRP or cryptos related news in my feed I knew they were becoming relevant. IMHO, I think most people hate cryptos because they don't understand them or they can't really find a usecase for them (which is clearly not the case for XRP). I feel like today is the day we are finally starting to see the light. I don't know if anyone here follows Scott Galloway. Scott is a professor at NYU and his public declarations on (mostly) public companies have an immense impact (actually he's probably a big part of the reason wework may withdraw its IPO). Anyways, take a look at the video below. Scott talks about why Libra is a GENIUS idea: "Financial services industry has figured out a way to avoid 1.7 bn people, a quarter of the planet whom we referred to as the unbanked" what? Ripple is well aware of the unbanked people problem. In fact, Ripple has been building the infrastructure to address this exact problem for the past 5 or so years. "A stable coin that facilitates inexpensive transfers of funds across borders could be the largest tax cut for the poor since vaccinations" Cross border transactions? XRP, it may not be a stable coin, but it surely facilitates cross border transfers in 4 seconds (I know I know we need to keep growing the liquidity available to minimize risk). Ripple and XRP have all the tools in place to take advantage of this so called huge opportunity. They are way ahead of the curve. I think this is huge guys. Thoughts?
  2. @baobeiiiii I'm sure you can't wait for Molten to be back
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