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  1. @brjXRP17 Whatever happened with the lawsuit Brad Sostack vs Ripple ? I don't see that one on the list
  2. @Seoulite Do we have a closer date on when Flare Network is live?
  3. https://flare.xyz/flare-token-distribution-governance/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Just think the U.S. FBI, CIA, NSA can open All boxes....
  5. Here ya go I did it and it worked...... https://bithomp.com/explorer/rsPaDkeMVjb5xQTNEpWzy4Zi8SYLyJpnB7
  6. Yep......He probably got everyone who never moved them to another address
  7. ? for you, lets say you have already set your xrpl address to point to your eth address for Flare and now you have gone ahead and did a account delete for this xrpl address. Have you lost your incoming flare on the amount that was snapshot back in Dec 12th 2020? My gut says yes
  8. Back in 2018 a member on here @Mercury started a very cool project. Not sure if this is the original thread....anyways, it looks like someone got their hands on some of pvt keys, wallets have been drained. So, if you purchased one of these coins, I would check the address I would go ahead and do a acct delete to get 15 XRP back.......... (update) thanks to @Hero_Member just set regular key & disable master, that way, if you had setup acct for FLARE you won't loose that if you delete acct. Here is a couple of emails that have been sent to purchasers I have added a little note to the theif's address https://bithomp.com/explorer/rAU8FYopT5zmNNTnG7ys7SWz2v8tLnnqD
  9. you guys are the same people behind this?
  10. this is the simplest, its a breeze to do
  11. I'm going to call them out on it and see what they have to say....thanks
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