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  1. pucksterpete

    FIAT Volume

    Stick it to BTC
  2. pucksterpete

    Nexo new Xrapid partner

    but its coming from Batman
  3. pucksterpete

    USD.Gatehub super valuable asset

    Man O Man times were good last year in Oct for EUR/XRP Gatehub and EUR/XRP Bitstamp. But, your right no efficient way to close that loop. Even though after March of this year SEPA transfers were taking a day to complete compared to 3 days last year, at least for me. So, having that Bankroll split between both sides was great. After March of this year that arbitrage dried up.
  4. pucksterpete

    Gatehub XRP/USD!?

    Hmmm jjjjjjjeeeeeddddd
  5. pucksterpete

    RippleNet and xRapid

    Explain that one for me? It takes me a day from my bank to bitstamp and that's using Sepa
  6. pucksterpete

    Gatehub XRP/USD!?

  7. pucksterpete

    RippleNet and xRapid

    So then, how does Mercury FX get their money on demand into Bittrex or is that capital tided up in account on Bittrex?
  8. pucksterpete

    Announcing an XRP Contest Series!

    will we have to pay taxes on our winnings?
  9. Here was the response I got from them The package was not open by customs. They usually re-tape and also notify the receiver that the package was inspected, plus they put stickers on the outside of the package indicating that they opened it.
  10. pucksterpete

    Bitstamp selects trading system from Cinnober

    Fast Fast Fast is always better
  11. Hello, should I be concerned, both seals on each side were cut?