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  1. Lets just manipulate the price to a higher value, know any Russian hackers?
  2. pucksterpete$bithomp.com send me some $$$$
  3. I guess you can kiss that 7% goodbye
  4. I'm with you on NEXO, to have the % they offer and $100M insurance...Beats the hell out of any bank. Possibilities with crypto are endless
  5. FUK....I've been hodling for 4 yrs now
  6. @xrpscan was this done on testnet, because I am getting 'Invalid hash' on xrp charts?
  7. cool....you used the info in your article
  8. https://prcorpfiling.f1hst.com/CorpInfo/CorporationInfo.aspx?c=424234-1511
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