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  1. He's just a puppet for the elites, they call the shots....
  2. Am I entering in my Flare/Songbird address that I setup when pointing to a ETH address I hold the keys to or Bifrost address that was used to wrap SGB ? because right now I'm getting this with my ETH address I received the SGB in... found my answer its your Bifrost wallet address, she's accruing....
  3. same here, delegated some WSGB on Monday Sept 27th, the same day I received the SGB. So, I guess I missed the first epoch cycle, have to wait for the end of the 2nd epoch cycle for rewards, correct?
  4. @brjXRP17 Whatever happened with the lawsuit Brad Sostack vs Ripple ? I don't see that one on the list
  5. @Seoulite Do we have a closer date on when Flare Network is live?
  6. https://flare.xyz/flare-token-distribution-governance/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Just think the U.S. FBI, CIA, NSA can open All boxes....
  8. Here ya go I did it and it worked...... https://bithomp.com/explorer/rsPaDkeMVjb5xQTNEpWzy4Zi8SYLyJpnB7
  9. Yep......He probably got everyone who never moved them to another address
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