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  1. Lets connect the dots again...

    Not happening yet https://view.inews.qq.com/a/TEC2018031601829904
  2. Ripple's Master Plan

    i feel another blog article coming......
  3. CB again (Sorry) I know why they aren't listing XRP

    I hope this guys right
  4. Announcing Our New Community Manager

    Email I received from Gatehub back in Nov 2017 May I ask what happened?
  5. Announcing Our New Community Manager

    @gatehub any plans still to add your friend DTR to the exchange?
  6. https://www.coindesk.com/south-korean-bank-trials-ripple-for-overseas-remittance/
  7. Why the banks etc wants a stabile xrp price?

    Well I say get the price up there to 1k and then leave it be, I would be happy with that price
  8. Banking Group SBI Delays Crypto Exchange Launch

  9. 2 big takeaways form the AMA

    all i'm seeing are all the questions asked, but no replies where are David's replies?
  10. you can ask something to David Schwartz

    @DutchBeetle ? for ya, how do I see david's answers?