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  1. I tweeted out your words to Andrew, here's his response https://twitter.com/pucksterpete/status/1301797096593526785
  2. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/ripple-lawsuits-consolidated-ripples-motion-to-dismiss-fraud-allegations-taken-under-submission/
  3. Hi, your looking for a file called "wallet", its about 548 bytes, search the entire drive for it. If you find the wallet file and have the correct pw, then your good to go, you will be able to access your XRP and also your secret key associated with that address. Good luck
  4. be careful with this supported wallet https://wallet.xinfin.network/ I show its infected with URL Phishing
  5. Only if we had ALL this news back in 2017 while people were buying!!!
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