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  1. I sure would like to know why a Bitstamp EUR IOU isn't available on their platform for the XRPL???? They have the USD IOU....WTF!
  2. After all this time you still don't know!!!
  3. and for you Americans or ExPats living abroad, here a irs tool for looking up entity's that report to the irs, fbar or fincen you will be surprised who reports! (type in your favorite exchange) https://apps.irs.gov/app/fatcaFfiList/flu.jsf
  4. XRP mid 2016 for me....its the long haul man.....seeing that this market is very heavily manipulated, you think we could get these whales or whoever and ask them to get that price for XRP over the $5 mark????? Sure would be nice
  5. and for a people who want to listen http://ir.moneygram.com/events/event-details/q4-2019-moneygram-international-earnings
  6. Ah I see it now, you bought @ ATH and you feel bad about it. I'm sorry for you, I feel your pain. But, for you to bash the CEO of Ripple or XRP, just seems unwanted. Everyone's entitled to speak their mind. So, good luck to you. Just for kicks I bought @ $0.006
  7. I used a Revolut acct (visa card) to do this transfer, the transfer was instant and no fee's for deposit to Uphold. Maybe for the fact that the acct has its on IBAN #, who knows...
  8. I say we BAN together, hire some russian or north korea hackers and crash visa network
  9. @GlenHodl I found my mistake, I was trying to fund my uphold acct with revolut using my EUR balance, that didn't work. Adding upholds bank info to the revolut app and sending GPB worked instantly! Same in reverse... Man If I could also fund my bitstamp acct this way, it would make a endless funding for arbitrage opportunities
  10. Which merchant is not supported with Revolut? There are some merchants that are not supported with your Revolut card. At the moment, this includes: Financial securities brokers and dealers Cryptocurrency exchanges except some such as Bitstamp, Etoro, Coinbase, and Gemini Foreign exchange bureaus (including Travelex ATMs) Unmanned petrol stations (although you can still pay inside!) or Motorway tolls Merchants are mainly categorised by their merchant category code (MCC), and this is how we recognise what type of merchant they are. A merchant can sometimes be wrongfully categorised. If you receive a push notification saying 'This merchant isn't supported' when it isn't listed above, it is likely to be because of their MCC.
  11. I just tried depositing with Revolut and got the error above France acct here, maybe change fiat to gbp then eur
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