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  1. @Stedas Have you opened up a studio yet for all these masterpieces?
  2. @HesterPeirce @SEC_News @SEC_Enforcement @NewYork_SEC Acting Chair Allison Herren Lee (202) 551-2800; ChairmanOffice@sec.gov Hester M. Peirce (202) 551-5080; CommissionerPeirce@sec.gov Elad L. Roisman (202) 551-2700 CommissionerRoisman@sec.gov Caroline A. Crenshaw (202) 551-5070 CommissionerCrenshaw@sec.gov Fax numbers are: 703-914-4240 202-504-2474 202-772-9235 202-772-9273 Need more AMMO
  3. I'm going to send a email every day to the sec and a phone call, plus fax..asking them, is XRP a security...YES or NO? Hopefully they will break under the pressure.... I say we all bombard them....
  4. besides uphold, I'm sure there are others that still trade XRP pairs for US customers, search for that, then yes you could move into another asset and have that loaded to the card for spending
  5. Well.......If your in the USA right now, YSOL, but will change if XRP gets the green light in the USA But in the EU, you can use crypto.com, they have a card you can use with your crypto........
  6. I can't wait for jed to be done............. just a great movie, nothing towards jed
  7. I read an article once, you could borrow & not pay them back, they keep the crypto of course, but you owe NO tax..... So, why not wait for when the price is right for you, put up the crypto & take the loan, re-nig on the loan......
  8. This woman is always wearing chains around her neck
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