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  1. Something Shiny Comes This Way... **DONE!**

    @Mercury in regards to the scratch off seal on the coin, whats the best tool to use without damaging the coin?
  2. Something Shiny Comes This Way... **DONE!**

    No need to apologise You have done a great job
  3. Introducing myself - Young Catholic dude

    @Young-Catholic this might interest you https://jesuscoin.network/ no harm intended welcome
  4. don't feel too bad, all my deposit options are pending, notification "EUR Gateway is pending. You will be able to deposit once they approve you." but the kicker is I have been a member of gatehub for a long time, verified and all I have made many deposits before Gatehub is aware
  5. XRP Public QR Code Generator

    @duckthepato all it does is generate a QR code, no new address or secret key, @CWAQRGEN doesn't say it will create a new account public address is a public address, not hurting anything and after putting in a public ripple address, it did create a QR code for that address, works fine, good job @CWAQRGEN
  6. LIVE STREAMS Japan then Brad Garlinghouse

    replay for ya
  7. Does anyone have a link for the live stream?

    brads twitter feed I assume and welcome
  8. Guess the two households

    WhiteCastle & Pizza hut
  9. I have been a Gatehub member for a long time now and have made deposits before, verified and everything Whats up with this? @gatehub @enej
  10. Heavy traffic or something else going on at xrpcharts?

    that would be correct
  11. Heavy traffic or something else going on at xrpcharts?

    Me too bro hopefully they get it together because its affecting trading on Gatehub