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  1. Yes, the new news is Edge now supports correct parsing of XRP QR Codes including destination tag, simplifying certain transactions and enabling payments on certain retail point of sale systems.
  2. peanut56 of course many small businesses do not want to take on the currency exchange rate risk of holding XRP. However many people like us do in fact want to invest in XRP and other digital assets and will reap the reward in time for taking on such risk.
  3. peanut56 yes of course Xrapid/Xvia straight to their bank account will one day be the the best way to convert from digital cash to a bank account. That said there are currently many business owners interested in actually receiving and handling digital assets themselves, and often treat them like cash. Some Anypay users connect their cash register directly to exchange accounts which allow them to quickly convert to fiat or to another crypto.
  4. Popular cryptocurrency wallet Edge now supports XRP, putting it on par with with Bitcoin Cash, Dash, BTC, and more. Their latest release includes the ability to automatically parse destination tags and amounts from QR codes, making XRP viable as a person-to-person value transfer mechanism in person or through web sites. Team Anypay continue our work with wallet providers to bring first class XRP support to mainstream consumer wallet apps.
  5. Hundreds of merchants using the AnyPay Point of Sale noticed a new feature appear on their crypto cash register this week. You can now accept XRP for payment from tech-savvy customers. XRP is the second largest crypto asset by market cap. This means that forward-thinking merchants around the world can now take instant payment from one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies, priced in their native currency, and paid into their own wallets. Here's how: https://anypay.global/2018/11/24/yes-you-can-use-xrp-to-buy-stuff-in-real-life/
  6. Yes I developed gatewayd, though of course it was only the foundation for xCurrent, much has changed in the years since going closed-source.
  7. Right, though xCurrent still uses the XRP ledger to transact even though XRP is not the intermediary currency.
  8. Likely the same people who are adopting crypto currency for payments today will be the first to adopt Interledger in earnest. Although the truth is that banks and forex payment providers working with Ripple Inc indeed employ a proto form of Interledger Protocol by using the XRP Ledger for cross-border, cross-currency transfers.
  9. Who is in Manhattan and would like to witness the first XRP-based point of sale software payment tonight?
  10. Ah okay sometimes it just doesn't load, no worries. Happily our validator is now online! xrp.anypay.global While our validator lies at the edge of the network as evidenced by our 94% agreement rating we will work to connect towards the core and eventually be listed on the default UNL.
  11. The page that used to display a list of XRP network validators now displays nothing. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators @JoelKatz @bob
  12. Modern computer ledgers use cryptography to enable highly secure digital commodities to faciliatate global real-time transactions. While bitcoin provides perhaps the most secure digital asset on the planet its value is highly volatile and therefore inappropriate for several classes of transactions that require additional predictability in terms of purchasing power. Despite bitcoin being the most secure and liquid digital commodity most similar crypto systems exhibit many of the features that make bitcoin great such as cryptographic keys that verify ownership and digital signatures enable transactions. Other systems introduce counterparty risk in order to maintain purchasing power for holders of the commodity at some peg to a real-world entity. Instagold is an all-digital commodity designed to carry the purchasing power of gold bullion by maintaining liquidity between instagold and bitcoin, and between instagold and physical gold bullion. Instagold aims to prove that money is a socially-shared phychological construct wherein people assign value to a particular controllable item. The instagold cryptographic commodity version alpha is tracked on the Ripple global consensus ledger as XAU issued by the ripple account rfYJPE1o9sWypZPhEKZtpAyA36DbCQLYgY, with the goal of 1 XAU equivalent to the price of delivery for one one-ounce of us gold eagle coin. Use the ripple charting software to follow the market for instagold. Currently a market of two instagold is maintained and anyone can contribute to the market and trade instagold by using a ripple-enabled trading client. Instagold will serve as a building block for digital economies to root their value in gold, the world’s most highly trusted money throughout history. Of course there are incredible challenges to building an always-on digital commodity that is based in the value of gold, including counterparty risk, high availability, privacy and market integrity. Advances in decentralized software development will continue to expand the possibilities in the realm of digital commodities, and instagold is positioned to take advantage of future improvements in technology to enhance its offering and maximize the experience of using money across the world. Here is the original blog post: http://stevenzeiler.tumblr.com/post/133383924889/instagold-digital-commodity
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