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  1. Most tech companies pay their employees with stock plus a salary of some kind. If the company is public, they sell their stock into fiat to pay bills, buy a Lambo, or whatever, that is really part of their “salary”. They pay taxes on it etc. This is different but similar in some ways. While as far as we know The SEC has not said anything specific about XRP. But of course employees of Ripple were given XRP in some fashion and they can probably, my guess after a certain period of time, sell that on the open market, and of course pay taxes on the proceeds. There is so much back and forth about XRP being a security or not etc and no official statements in the US by the SEC in this regard that anything we discuss including what I am typing right now is just speculative. But it is worth mentioning that XRP could either see long term appreciation or go to near zero, and it would be wise to at least consider both. Addendum: but maybe Ripple employees are not given XRP....??? Maybe that is not what happens...I don’t know.
  2. I am giving it 3-5 yrs. this is a long game here, patience required. But it all depends on your definition of failure. If your definition of failure is a market price waning in the 30-35 cent region for months then maybe it is a failure if that is the definition. I will add that in 2017 the price seemed stuck in the range of 0.2-0.25 usd for months prior to launching. Different circumstances at that point so that doesn’t mean we should launch in the next few months. If you consider the opportunity cost of holding XRP compared to other assets since Dec/Jan/Feb then one May consider holding XRP a failure as you would have done 2-3x holding another asset. When XRP moves, it moves quickly, we easily will do 100% move in a 24hr period (the key is if it is a sustained move). I personally am not a fan if these 100% overnight moves because it is usually not sustainable. Look at the unsustained move that happened in Sep 2018. Now, almost 90%of that move was erased....
  3. I think so as well. BTC will be a store of value I think, provided fiats are continually losing value by printing presses. XRP will be used for rapid micro transactions (and institutional size transactions of course). Just as an example, there are traders who prefer BTC but utilize XRP for sending the funds from one exchange to another to convert back into fiat etc. we all know the speed of this transaction using XRP. And because of the speed there is much less risk on conversion to fiat by first trading BTC for XRP then to fiat or vice versa. one could use an exchange such as Coinbase to go directly to fiat but the trade off there are the fees associated with that conversion
  4. Interesting to think about guys. whether the circulating supply is 1000x or 2000x aren’t we making the assumption under either scenario that XRP and BTC market dominance is the same? ...For the respective approximate values of 5$ or 1$. Now we may see XRP become as large or far greater than BTC in years to come...(that’s really why a lot of us are here spending time with strangers pontificating these sorts of things:))
  5. That’s correct. That is the idea with TA. You make an anticipation of what could happen based on the past and patterns that are actually patterns for a reason. These charts are not just a random collection of price data. There are in fact patterns, price ranges and algorithms that buy and sell these markets once specific criteria are met. Below the current price range for XRP in USD, we have a very large belt of previous price history between 0.2-0.25. If XRPs market price falls to that range we will see fairly large upward momentum (we have seen it before in aug and Sep 2018). Why did the market price for XRP barely exist in that range when it hit 0.25? Because there was so much prior trade volume in that range and it is a massive zone of support. If XRP happens to breach thru that zone (unlikely) then we would have another large percentage drop - but again I think the chance of that is unlikely. I have set a buy order myself at 0.25 range since we have seen the market touch that and explode out of that range. The odds of XRP going to that price range really hinges on BTC and what it does. I do think these patterns mean something. The key is having a plan for the upside the downside and sideways. Or if one is not interested in TA then just DCA your way down and hope for the best, buy and hold etc - nothing wrong with that either.
  6. Interesting..could you please share this link/reference ...thanks
  7. Interesting thread guys. I don’t claim to know the answer here -just chiming in... I do think it is related to the circulating supply. We all know the circulating supply is actually 100billion. While most are locked up with Ripple, these are being used/sold for various endeavors - let’s call it OTC sales. There is so much liquidity for XRP as well which I think makes it less able to be manipulated. I like many other coins whose supply is far lower and liquidity is far lower. Many of these other coins like ADA have a trade volume 1/10th that of XRP and liquidity is far lower. ADAs actual supply is 1/4 that of XRP. I use ADA as an example as I have been swinging it. I don’t think XRP is being manipulated as the supply and liquidity is so large - and the real “whale” is Ripple who is bound to escrow and regulatory agencies to do this right and thus are not and will not play in whale games we see elsewhere. All of this is being established to build the internet of value. And for now the prices seem relatively stagnant. That is until the internet of value rails are established and churning. Even then I have no idea what we may see for market value of XRP but I think that liquidity providers will be needing to shore up large stashes of XRP to provide the services they will provide. The other thing to add...is that the perception of XRP in this ecosystem is that it is considered a bankers coin and centralized coin. And for that reason alone many will never hold this coin. Bitcoin is a bet against the banks and the failure of monetary systems. I personally hold XRP as a hedge against Bitcoin and that the people that control money flows will end up using XRP As opposed to bitcoin. i am not trading XRP, just building a long stash. It is more exciting to trade other assets - for the reasons above. The long game however requires a lot of patience with XRP....that wait for this asset’s ecosystem to mature and become more operational could be years.
  8. Yes it does seem a bit like those days in 2017... little micro bumps and fall backs to 0.21/0.22. great for accumulating but the question is will we head back to that range 0.20-0.25....Who knows
  9. This is good. Separating emotion from the mathematics of the market is the key. Planning for the potential upside/downside and protecting your assets is most important (and completely different than putting a Benjamin on Black and hoping for the best.
  10. Nice work selling a stack at 3$. I didn’t know anything about trading when that happened and experienced the typical “holy ****” this is amazing feeling. I was in from 0.2 so I have been in profit since 2017 but have learned a few things this bear market and looking to apply those things to these cycles. All the best-
  11. We have a reaction here off that golden pocket. Let’s see what comes of it.
  12. This, I think, is the most logical explanation for future price fluctuations of XRP. The more utility, the more supply needed by liquidity providers to be able to function as liquidity providers. Hence, more ‘hodlers’ Needed to make the most efficient system. The near immediate buy and sell of XRP will be as the prior poster describes a bit like wash trading that simply increases volume of XRP transacted.
  13. I think you could be correct, or at least there’s a chance. I was looking at an analysis by Tradedevil yest on YouTube (if you are into TA), and he has longed XRP/BTC as we are in what he calls a corner pocket. This is a trade that it is worth considering (I personally haven’t just considered it, but picked up a swing long position at these levels). The R/R ratio is looking really good for longing this here, the setup could fail but the potential return in BTC is large.
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