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  1. Bigger downtrend likely. Unfortunately XRP follows.... which is why I hold no XRP or BTC at the moment. All cash. I entered in 2017 aiming to accumulate as much XRP as possible. I am overall bull on all these assets but one thing that is clear is BTC leads the market, whether one likes it or not. I have been away from XRP for some time and then recently accumulated my largest position ever in XRP looking to break the 0.315 resistance and got stopped out when it dumped under 0.3. Whilst XRP does not dump as hard or as fast as other alts (ETH, LINK etc), it is the reason I am here in
  2. Not at all. This range between 0.25-0.29 is an excellent accumulation zone. With a big support zone at 0.20-0.25). Maintain a stop loss and monitor but this is an excellent springboard region. Yes I think somewhere between 1-10 is possible this year. If I am wrong who cares really, move on to my next trade. (Sorry I may have dropped my thoughts on two boards....by accident).
  3. It great to pick up XRP in this range from 0.25-0.29. 1-10/ XRP this year is possible and probable. Well we will see... this price suppression is just winding up for a big swing.... i do think a pump is incoming...
  4. It sure is great to pick up XRP in this range from 0.25-0.29. 1-10/ XRP this year is possible and probable. Well we will see... this price suppression is just winding up for a big swing....
  5. If it hits 0.25 it should rebound strong as this range is a big range of price action in the past. I am licking my chops to get some lower than that but I think the likelihood is almost zero...:)
  6. When you step back and consider the selling of XRP by Ripple , the whole thing just seems wild. Here is a made up currency that has some really nice features for transactions no doubt, that was built from he sweat of engineers many years ago, and now there is a market for it and they can sell it to find their business operations. That allows them to exponentially build the ecosystem and someday XRP could be used for billions or trillions of $s of transactions. The whole thing is mind boggling really. Kudos to Ripple. As for holding XRP we will just have to see what this amount
  7. Even if he was selling, wouldn’t you if you had millions of XRP from very early investments? Locking in profit...even if he was selling XRP he could sell millions to convert to millions of fiat and still have millions to let ride.... I agree everyone should be realistic - but I don’t agree with the conclusion that if it was confirmed that JK was selling some stores of XRP that that would equate to JK losing trust in XRP. That would be JK acting “realistically”.
  8. Although with this latest run of BTC from 3100-5500 many Alts did 100/200/300/400%. XRP appeared to be in a much more restricted range and was quite stable - XRP is at the bottom of that range right now, whereas many other alts are still ranging at multiples of where they were in Dec. just my observation. XRP may not launch until it’s own fundamentals are proven - it behaves differently than most these other alts I think.
  9. This market is all based on BTC at the moment and the foreseeable future UNTIL use cases are flourishing and ecosystems are widespread for assets like XRP. The demand that does exist for XRP does not move market price like it does for assets with far more limited circulations. And the biggest whale Ripple sells tens of millions every quarter as they publish and that likely has been some effect over time as well.
  10. We will see. BTC needs to convincingly breach above 6k, otherwise we don’t have a downtrend reversal. I have been assessing my own hold of XRP and fortunately moved out some of my hold into ADA in Jan. Now I can buy back more XRP which is great (same idea). But keep in mind BTC is facing a large wall of resistance in the short term.....at least on the BTC/USD comparative. On BTC/XRP you are selling XRP which may be a good call since the XRP/BTC ratio is dropping like a rock but that comparative could rebound quickly to the upside and your XRP would buy more BTC in the future.
  11. Most tech companies pay their employees with stock plus a salary of some kind. If the company is public, they sell their stock into fiat to pay bills, buy a Lambo, or whatever, that is really part of their “salary”. They pay taxes on it etc. This is different but similar in some ways. While as far as we know The SEC has not said anything specific about XRP. But of course employees of Ripple were given XRP in some fashion and they can probably, my guess after a certain period of time, sell that on the open market, and of course pay taxes on the proceeds. There is so much back and
  12. I am giving it 3-5 yrs. this is a long game here, patience required. But it all depends on your definition of failure. If your definition of failure is a market price waning in the 30-35 cent region for months then maybe it is a failure if that is the definition. I will add that in 2017 the price seemed stuck in the range of 0.2-0.25 usd for months prior to launching. Different circumstances at that point so that doesn’t mean we should launch in the next few months. If you consider the opportunity cost of holding XRP compared to other assets since Dec/Jan/Feb then one May consider hol
  13. I think so as well. BTC will be a store of value I think, provided fiats are continually losing value by printing presses. XRP will be used for rapid micro transactions (and institutional size transactions of course). Just as an example, there are traders who prefer BTC but utilize XRP for sending the funds from one exchange to another to convert back into fiat etc. we all know the speed of this transaction using XRP. And because of the speed there is much less risk on conversion to fiat by first trading BTC for XRP then to fiat or vice versa. one could use an exchange such as C
  14. Interesting to think about guys. whether the circulating supply is 1000x or 2000x aren’t we making the assumption under either scenario that XRP and BTC market dominance is the same? ...For the respective approximate values of 5$ or 1$. Now we may see XRP become as large or far greater than BTC in years to come...(that’s really why a lot of us are here spending time with strangers pontificating these sorts of things:))
  15. That’s correct. That is the idea with TA. You make an anticipation of what could happen based on the past and patterns that are actually patterns for a reason. These charts are not just a random collection of price data. There are in fact patterns, price ranges and algorithms that buy and sell these markets once specific criteria are met. Below the current price range for XRP in USD, we have a very large belt of previous price history between 0.2-0.25. If XRPs market price falls to that range we will see fairly large upward momentum (we have seen it before in aug and Sep 201
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