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  1. I really liked the last part. Shows how important xCurrent is to be able to sign up customers.
  2. Thats some good information about ILP. I must admit I haven't researched the protocol before. In general I think this is something that will benefit all blockchains. XRP is probably the best, or one of the best, channels to route the transactions, which will increase the demand for XRP. I also like that Ripple invest in to open collaboration to speed up technological advancement.
  3. Why would this be better? You are buying XRP, but sending it as a gift. This means that his father has acquired an amount of XRP at no cost price. This again will imply higher tax cost when selling because the profit will be higher. In fact he will still be in profit if he sells at a lower price.
  4. It doesn't really matter. XRP is just defined to be 1 million drops. 1 btc is defined to be 100 million satoshis. As a thought experiment you could define 1 XRP to be 100 million drops. Now you would have 1/100 of the amount in XRP. The price for 1 XRP would also be 100 times higher. And you would have equal holding in USD
  5. I haven't heard the whole hearing, just parts posted on twitter etc. As a XRP investor I think it's easy to link some of the statements as XRP positive. However you could also say they are directed towards other currencies. E.g. Litecoin does also provide so called "banking services" to people not having a bank today. In the end this is not a competition between this or that coin and it's great to see that they see the potential in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Did you think he was hinting for Ripple? Btw, thanks for sharing.
  6. My interpretation is that x/1500+ where x gives an estimate on how many TPS there are right now.
  7. Example (with imaginary numbers) 100 XRP in XRP/KRW = $200 Sends the XRP to a bank in the US 100XRP in XRP/USD = $180 Now the bank in the US received XRP which is worth $20 less in the US.
  8. Doesn't he in some way answer your question on 22:48?
  9. So I found the video after all. It was from the meetup in Seoul. Check 21:25-23:02
  10. I can't find the video from the presentation in Tokyo(?). The one where was an Amazon and Uber logo which started a lot of speculation. In this video I seem to remember that this question was asked from the audience, and Ripple's answer was that they would provide the difference in value. As I said Im not sure what the exact answer was, but if someone has the link for this video you will have the answer.
  11. This is tweet is from Jan 7. Number of accounts have increased from 0.89 million to 1.08 million after this tweet. Maybe not exactly what you asked for, but at least it's something.
  12. Yes it looks like they disabled "Quick" for XRP. So the transaction is broadcasted to the blockchain within the 5 minutes, but shapeshift still doesn't confirm the pending deposit? That seems pretty weird.
  13. It doesn't need to take less than five minutes to confirm. The trasaction must be broadcasted to the chain within those five minutes.
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