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  1. I never time the market. From the beginning I invested in xrp in 2017 until now, the strategy of mine is never selling a single xrp until I reached my target. The only other reason of selling is I do not believe the project has potential. I really do not care my initial investment because it is a small amount of money compared to my current income. I can bear the loss if xrp drops to zero but can't bear the loss if it flies. I am not a good trader to time the market and I do not want this to cost me too much of time. I ride with xrp from below 0.2 to 3 and back to below 0.2, and to 1.9. I really do not care much. I know I can't be a good trader. Besides XRP, the only crypto I once had was link. I saw it falling from 0.25 to 0.18. I also saw it reached its first ATH and falled to 0.2 again. I didn't sell it until it had its time. The only thing I regret is I sold link when it reached 4 while it reached 20 before the whole crypto market has bull run. I converted those link into xrp at 0.4 and it was a bad choice if you looked back. However, I did not have that big confidence in link, that is the time I have to sell. Now to xrp, I believe xrp will reach more than 20000 to 25000 saotish and the market cap of xrp can be bigger than half of BTC MC at least. I won't sell before this aim is reached. I am sure I am not a good trader. I am sure I can't be the biggest winner. I just want to get what I can get.
  2. Am I missing something? If I am correct, in last several weeks, almost every post you posted was XRP would fall, you diamond hands would be crying. I was wondeing what made you change your mind while the price was keeping on dropping.
  3. But it is not the early life if BTC now. It does not look like it will bounce back significantly in any short time. What is worse, xrp seems to be returning to the normal style, drops quicker and recover slower. In such an unstable market, this kind of move will hurt xrp much more than other major cryptos.
  4. It seems what I am afraid of really happens. Bull is over before SEC case is settled. So we are ruined by SEC and miss the entire bull.
  5. It seems now there is a very big price gap between different exchanges. For example, in Bitstamp, xrp is close to 1.24 while in Binance it is 1.88. What's the reason of this?
  6. I think we will wait for the BTC to at least stay here to begin our bull run. It seems that we are fueled fully now. I am not a TA guy but xrp now really looks very very bullish. We drop less and recover quickly. For the last several days, almost all major cryptos are bloodly bathed while xrp only drop from 1.5-1.7 to 1.4-1.7. The top of the region keeps the same. And someone reported that there was at least a big buyer eager to buy large amount of xrp without caring the price. That is NOT normal in xrp. The last time I saw this is just before the bull run in December 2017. What we need is just a stable BTC, then a whale throw a match in the tank and boom. We may pass the ATH in several hours. However, the major concern is BTC keeping on droping and dragged the whole market into bear. It will be a tragedy because we are so close to the bull run and we should have had a different life with such a bull run.
  7. I agree. In the last several days, when price was dragged down by BTC, it soon jumped back even if the whole market remained low. This is really like early December in 2017.
  8. Just for yesterday and today it is 49 to 50. Very stable.
  9. It may not be true. This April pump mainly happen in weekends. But now the problem is, when Bitcoin is stable, most major cryptos start to bounce up. However, we are one of the most slowly ones.
  10. I agree if the court case is settled and it is still a bull market, we will easily see a 10x peak. However, this case seems to be a long lasting one. There seems to be nowhere near the final decision. However, there may be a settlement if SEC find it will lose anyway and sooner to give up give better outcome to them.
  11. There is no such a big usdt at that time. You do not need to consider USDT. And CMC played with the circulation. If we had the right circulation, we are still top5.
  12. In my mind, only late November and early December belong to the 0.25 zone. After May, XRP once droped to 0.15. Even in October and early November, it often fell below 0.2 and stayed there. If I remembered correctly, it even fell to 0.18 and stayed there for several days in late October. That was a 28% drop from 0.25. In recent price, that is the price is staying in the 1.1x level for several days and often drop to 1.28-1.32 range and stayed there. The 1.5-1.7 will only be seen very occasionly. Thus, it seems we are not in June, July, August, September, October. We are in November or early December. But I may be too optimistic.
  13. The price has been in the region of 1.5-1.7 for some time. Everytime when it passes 1.7, it drops in a short time. It will also move up soon it break 1.5. At the same time, many ALTs start to their way to new ATH. ETH does and its MC is closer and closer to half of BTC. BNB and Doge are shining. Now even LTC which was regarded by many people as an outdated project break its past ATH. However, XRP still couldn't break the 1.5-1.7 region. This is really similar as the second 2017 bullrun. Just before the bullrun, all alts moved up while XRP stayed at 0.25 watching its rank in MC threatened and overplaced by one and another cryptos. Then a 12-15X bullrun happens. I know assuming history repeats itself may be naive but the market is still being manipulated obviously. The market pattern seems to be very similar with the market in 2017. Do you think this is a yesterday once more?
  14. 2017 has two bullruns. The first one is a more than 40x bullrun while the second one is a more than 10x bullrun. Either one is quite good for us. 64 usd is excellent but 16 usd is also very decent.
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