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  1. I don't know if i put the last bag of fiat i have now or if it's better to wait for 0.32/0.33... hard decision?
  2. nice thanks for sharing!
  3. STIK1000

    Who bought more ?

    I am waiting for kraken to receive new funds... Hope the crash will wait for me a little more!
  4. STIK1000

    Kraken is down for System Upgrade

    holy **** it's been 2days... i feel so stupid to have some funds on this prehistorical marketplace, i don't know why but i have a bad feeling about this
  5. STIK1000

    where do banks/fi's get their xrp?

    good question, i think they buy it otc and never go to public exchange but maybe i'm wrong
  6. could make me laugh if i hadn't some fund on it...
  7. it is indeed, on of the main reason TA works is that big fish use the same tool
  8. haha i would'nt be that optimist but cheers when i first bought at 0.05 i thought 2€ was the moon but finaly i didn't even sell one zerp till now and still buying
  9. Just bought some more #1.98€ feel good to see enthusiast people on this forum who also think 100$+ isn't crazy
  10. the man from the future has spoken
  11. Do you seriously think Tron can go to 1+$ ?
  12. according to my amazing TA ability we are going between 5 and 10ish € within 30 days
  13. Must be a nice feeling