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  1. Ripple knew communication between different ledgers and a robust payment network would be a prerequisite to smart contracts... Hence they (temporarily) pivoted away from Codius to develop Interledger. Ripple staff have spoken openly about Codius being shelved in order to develop ILP, but Codius still being a necessary component of their long-term vision.
  2. ~9:15 -- really good point -- don't assume that the insto investment $$$ hasn't already been in this game for YEARS, even though they may be denying their involvement up until now. Not sure what this means for the market, but take it FWIW
  3. That's something which has bothered me: the perversion of the term "decentralized," which used to refer to a property of a network, but now seems to refer to any aspect of a crypto asset that can tie it to one majority stakeholder.
  4. Knowing more robust regulation is coming down the pipe for cryptos, globally, will be the final "squeeze" for the whales. I think they know they only have months left to play this market... Why not try to drive the prices down in one of the greatest declines in crypto history (Q1 2018) to get a final position at a low bid, and then kick of one "final" parabolic run before institutional $$$ and regulation threaten their existence... It's been done before.
  5. Exarpy is a separate "warm wallet" app for XRP. There have been a couple articles from not-so-reliable sources floating around over the last day calling Santander's app the Exarpy app... But I can't find a link on Santander's pages re: Exarpy.
  6. If Ripple and XRP do not survive regulation, then no cryptocurrencies will survive regulation. The fact that several current Ripple board members (see: Ben Lawsky) have a robust history in dealing with US securities regulation, I feel confident that Ripple is poised to be the most successful at navigating the regulatory minefield of all the cryptocurrencies. Oh and don't forget, by their very nature, cryptocurrencies/crypto assets (XRP) cannot be censored or seized by a governing body. This is a large reason why cryptos exist.
  7. Shame so many people will miss out... I guess that part of human nature is why the Rogers adoption curve model exists
  8. I agree that it seems like an obscene valuation for any one company's assets... But it's really only notional value. Only very small portions of that could be offloaded onto the market as Ripple sees fit, not just due to escrow contracts, but due to the counterproductive nature of rapidly offloading XRP which would depress prices etc. etc. Escrow aside, Ripple would not be able to sell say 20 billion XRP all at once on the open market. The price would implode only to be gobbled up by buyers looking for a "flash crash" opportunity, and besides, there would be no buyers for such a large amount at reasonable prices. It would make no sense to do that. Ripple would cannibalize their baby (XRP). So, as long as Ripple is selling off smaller amounts of XRP to generate revenue (say, a couple hundred million per month -- which is still a ton), they would have similar cashflow to comparable tech companies. So really, their notional wealth of (insert astronomical number here) may not seem that ludicrous when you look at how much of that they can actually use at any given time, and what that means for their monthly/quarterly/annual cash flows. Cash flows is probably more important to consider, imo. Just my two drops.
  9. I agree, XRP (meaning the XRP ledger and associated Ripple products) has "utility" that BTC and its associated framework does not... BTC value is difficult to justify. Although, how does one even begin to try and give appropriate valuation to any crypto asset at this stage of the game? BTC and rest of the crypto market is still driven by massive manipulation and ensuing retail speculation... Until that becomes mitigated (with REAL gov't regulation -- meaning governments and their in-bed corporations are the ones dictating the price, not rogue "whales"), BTC price could continue to appreciate to ridiculous levels.
  10. My (simplistic) view: The SEC may be an organization with power an influence, but do you know who has even more power and influence over the SEC? The big financial institutions that basically write the book the SEC has to follow. So I ask, who is governing who? And would Ripple not be in a position of influence with regulators (SEC), as already discussed at length on these forums?
  11. @KarmaCoverage thanks for your post. I agree and think that's a rationally optimistic outlook on the future of XRP vs BTC in relation to which will become the underlying "backbone" for global internet-based payment. Anecdotally, I have heard the same where many BTC maximalists sheepishly admit they use XRP to move their assets between exchanges because it is the cheapest and fastest.
  12. My thought is that it could well be years still, and to expect it to happen any sooner would likely set one up for disappointment. Not trying to spread FUD; XRP is a very solid investment to me, but I think the realistic timeline for adoption may be longer than some people on these forums are hoping for. Once XRP is being used en masse in payment corridors around the world, it would be the first digital asset to derive its value from actual use and not simply speculation or market manipulation practices. This has never been done before. The potential upside is appreciable, but I think it will take years for us to see a shift in the USD value of XRP appreciating due to usage rather than speculation.
  13. "You can have a look at a couple of others [competitors], and they pick us because we are still better."
  14. ...or the reporting is coordinated...
  15. I'll just leave this here... http://galgitron.net/Post/The-Anatomy-of-a-Whale
  16. Bitfinex is also... Bitfinex. For me, their relationship with Tether makes it sketchy until proven otherwise.
  17. I know people will want proof that this is coming from JK, but wow. To me this confirms that XRP is their main goal.
  18. So as of now, yes the wallet minimum will remain 20 unless Ripple decided to lower it in the future. Not sure at which point they might consider that. David Schwartz mentioned he prefers keeping it higher than lower, as it is far tougher to raise the minimum if needed than to lower it in the future. But obviously at some point, it will become cost-prohibitive for the "average" retail investor (or the unbanked) to pay that much to open a wallet. 20 XRP times the number of wallets funded (it surpasses the million milestone recently) will be "tied up," unless you cut the trustlines and empty the wallet (I think). So yeah, the way it stands, it might become expensive to fund a wallet as long as the 20 minimum stands, and some amount of XRP will be tied up in those wallets. Right now it's negligible (only a bit more than 1 mil wallets) but may become an appreciable amount of XRP locked up in wallet minimums in the future as more wallets are created.
  19. Someone from the tech side may need to answer that.
  20. There have been comments from Ripple team members in the past that they are working on allowing it to scale to an even higher TPS, which will probably be needed in the future if XRP ends up fulfilling its purpose.
  21. Currently approx. 50,000 TPS with off-ledger txs. Native on-ledger TPS is 1500. https://ripple.com/xrp/ Have also heard 40,000 TPS with off-ledger thrown around.
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