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  1. Thankfully I sold at .31 cents. Time to buy back at .19 to increase my bags
  2. What is the fascination with trolls? We b!tch when they’re here, comment when they aren’t. The trolls aren’t an issue. If we believe so much in the fundamentals so much, why does it matter what they say? I feel that people defend xrp so much that they forget that it’s not a family member. Trolls or not, the price is independent from posts on here.
  3. I gotta admit. I got a good laugh out of that. I hope it doesn’t come true, but at first I thought that was a serious TA someone put thought into. At this point, we can all get pissed at each other, but the reality is, xrp has been all over the board and declining slowly. Even tho you’re being incendiary to get a rise, this TA could come true, to everyone’s shagrin that is looking for it to go up. Two years ago, we would all laugh saying there’s no way this could happen. But reality is, it has happened. Continuous decline despite bank relationship, awesome news, MG announcement
  4. I’m a hodlr, but this isn’t a factual statement. It’s been said over and over again thru this entire downtrend.
  5. No worries man. Like I said, I won’t take offense if you want to run with some conspiracy. If that were the case, that’s a sad individual. There isn’t enough activity on this forum and what is there to gain? We see “fudsters” here nowadays, but not really. This forum has decreased in posts and activity over the past year plus. Seems that a consorted effort to try and change the narrative would be kinda worthless in my opinion. Anyone left here is most likely a hodlr, or maybe someone who sold their bags and just misses the content. I just don’t think there is this anti xrp gang out there knock
  6. Interesting conspiracy. Check my account. I’ve been here for ages, probably longer than you. Not everything has some deeper meaning. But whatever. At the end of the day, it’s irrelevant as you can think what you want. I just am here to see analysis on what is going on. Hell, block me if you want, I’ll just look as a guest.
  7. Haha. I don’t feel any type of way about anyone. My original point stands. I’m not a contrarian, not a fanboy either. I call it how I see it, and when I screw up (thinking I was referenced), my response may be a bit snarky, but still legit and factual.
  8. Ahhh crap. I’m not even going to blame it on my glasses, cause I don’t even have glasses. Crap. Ohhh time change. My apologies.
  9. Angry. What in my comment deserved a “go away”? Someone is in their feelings. Nothing negative, just my thoughts. I guess since I’m not watching every candle saying the next one is going to be positive, I’d better just die off. I’ve been invested in xrp since early 2017. As much as you want to control the narrative, you don’t. You don’t like a post, so it’s a “go away”. I didn’t knock you, and just stayed that xrp isn’t a guarantee, as much as I want it to be. Someone is sensitive, sorry I hurt your feelers. My point is I’ve followed the trend for years for it to be where it is now. What was s
  10. Wow. As much as I’d hate to agree. The posts are a lot of brainpower for a consistent drop in price for going on two years. So sad. I hope we increase soon, for all our sake. I don’t have more invested than I can afford, but I think of the time I’ve spent and how much profit I’ve made. I’m really starting to wonder “if” instead of “when”.
  11. Yah you’re probably right. Lol. I meant all the offense.
  12. “Something has to pop soon” 😬😬😬 January 2020: XRP price .29 cents Im as hopeful as anyone, but sentiment like this makes me cringe, no offense.
  13. So crazy reading the early comments. You never see any of those users, less chewiecoin. It makes me wonder, what did they end up doing? Still hodling? Sell on the way down? Just gave up? I’d go crazy to sell at $1 right now. Reading this post puts a new perspective on this current market.
  14. Charts charts. Xrp is going to .xx, but it may get to .xx. If it goes down to .xx were screwed, but maybe not. It will go to .xx or .xx, but wait and hodl. Cause we hitting the moon. In other words. Fill in your own numbers. No one knows. It’s so interesting that we talk all this resistance and **** and it just does what it does. No one here knows. That’s why every time someone does an analysis it always has some caveat. Just sit and wait. It will either go up, or it will stay stale for another year or two.
  15. It’s an insurance policy. If it drops to .25 cents, then it’s “hey, it’s all by design, now we will go even bigger”. If it goes up, then it’s “oh this is even better, we didn’t go back down”.
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