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  1. Acosta11

    CSC Exchange Cfinex CLOSING! Get CSC out!

    It won't let me login!
  2. Whichever way you want it to be going @Kalarie haha!
  3. http://www.businesscloud.co.uk/news/ripple-cryptocurrency-to-hit-key-1-threshold-predicts-ceo Surely this is a very conservative estimate?
  4. Awesome! I uploaded it here: https://www.scribd.com/document/386976880/2018paymentsguide-crossborder-final-pdf
  5. Who needs Coinbase? With Uphold, Wirex, Revlout, Bittrex... I think we are sweet for the next bull run! https://coingape.com/bittrex-coinbase-regulated-trading-platform-fiat-trading-xrapid/
  6. 14:33 - pronouncing Bitcoin as "Bit-can't" hahaha!
  7. Clear, concise, calm. He makes me feel so secure in my purchasing of XRP. If only I had more disposable fiat.
  8. Acosta11

    Are members here still buying ?

    Yep, I can't seem to stop buying! I'm only using what I can afford to lose but at these prices, I am sooooo tempted to buy a sh*tload
  9. Looks interesting, picked up a few thousand. Cheers for the heads up!
  10. Hey guys, Lots of talk on the TAs about BTC reaching for 12k target then staying in the bearish market and in the downtrend path to 7k again. I see one of two things happening if that's the case. 1. Cheap xrp if it follows BTC 2. Decoupling begins. Opinions?