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  1. Hey guys, Lots of talk on the TAs about BTC reaching for 12k target then staying in the bearish market and in the downtrend path to 7k again. I see one of two things happening if that's the case. 1. Cheap xrp if it follows BTC 2. Decoupling begins. Opinions?
  2. Just wondered... Seeing as some users speak about "Lambo... Moon" and other users I see comment about not liking that kind of talk.
  3. Fan Friday Q&A With Hodor

    Amazing. Well done Hodor! Absolute Legend. Fantastic interview. This community is a family. Love it!
  4. Didn't Ripple address this a year ago? https://ripple.com/insights/empire-strikes-back/
  5. Anyone else notices he mentions Paypal, then it's possibly on his mind as he then mentions players, people, partners, proposition, pipeline... *mind saying "DON'T SAY PAYPAL AGAIN"* No? just me and my mental thought process? Okay.
  6. Buying altcoins

    Simples buddy... Go to coinmarketcap.com Choose the coin you want to go to its page Then select the markets tab This shows you what exchanges the coin is on.
  7. UK TV show tonight BBC One 20:30 GMT - Who wants to be a Bitcoin Millionaire. Show will look at the huge mining centres in Iceland and look at the amount of electricity being consumed. Might be an opportunity for us to tweet when the show is on about the faster, cheaper, greener Ripple XRP? More info here: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43030677
  8. Ripple Decoupling

    oops... already a thread in the Price and Spec club. *Mods please delete this thread* My apologies.
  9. Ripple Decoupling

    Zebpay makes sense... 3 million users isn't a huge amount but enough for the mini-spike. Grrr.. there's me thinking people had come to their senses and put their money in a solid digital asset.
  10. Ripple Decoupling

    Noticed this: It would appear that the standard % gap from BTC is changing. (We are usually a few decimal points behind - BTC6k, XRP .60 ) But today, XRP is at .91 with BTC at 8,486. Then look at the 1h, 24h, and 7d... we are kicking ***! This is with Korean markets turned off too! With Brad's talk yesterday and France and Germany also talking about regulations, I think smart money is FINALLY finding its way to XRP?!
  11. Binance XRP Deposit Tag

    If they are anything like Bittrex they will have to manually fish it out of the address (where many tags are kept) and put it into the correct tag address. Bittrex took over a month to do this for me. But all may not be lost.
  12. Also just said "Crypto as transformational as wireless"
  13. The Honorable Jay Clayton " Disruptive technologies... there will be winners, there will be many losers"
  14. That made me laugh out loud!