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  1. And the blame for CNBC goes on and on...
  2. http://www.livenewson.com/american/cnbc-america.html I got no sound on CNBC livestream ... Working altenatives?
  3. So everybody ask CNBC if it is Moneytap. If they don‘t answer it is it.
  4. It‘s not funny at all. We are an empathic community and nobody should make fun of loosing all their XRP. And also how long did it take you to answer? My heart stopped working reading about you loosing all your stack...
  5. To get $3m i need a price per XRP of 600$. That is not impossible but hard to believe. 5$ should be reachable, you‘re right. But how far could it go....nobody knows.
  6. $3m would be very very nice but even 10k is a lot of money for me. I have 5000 XRP and if that will ever be worth 25000$ (5$/XRP) i really have to think about not selling all. XRP can stuck for a very long time at around 1$ as you saw it a few years ago at a level of 0.005$ each. Honestly i am not sure XRP will ever reach 5$.
  7. I am a mothafu* of a HOLDER. And if i have to hold till the end of all days. I hold! But currently XRP and me don't become friends...
  8. Oh thank you! What an honor. ? Edit: You know as long as my GIF profile pic doesnt loop proper XRP will fail...
  9. Cryptocurrencies will crash hard. I think XRP will touch $0.25, must be €0.18 or something...and if the answer is no serious pump from that point its over for at least a very long time.
  10. No volume - no interest. We must be patient. I hope interest will grow soon!
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