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  1. Toxic and salty. We know you like that. So sad.
  2. Try to see it different: XRP holders from 2017 on had multiple chances to lower their average price until now. 😄 So did I. Everything under $0.25 is a strong buy for me. It is not a bad idea to have a limit buy in the market at those levels in case of a flash crash.
  3. Where did he called the end? XRP was $1.13. For me it is good TA unlike your post that is more ... dunno ... bullshit? 🤷‍♂️
  4. LoL we were between 17 and 50cents for years and you are sweating at $1.50? What is wrong with you? Did you bought at $1.49?
  5. As i‘ve said 2018, 2019 and 2020 all under $0.20 is a strong buy for me.
  6. The shadow is the thin line under a candle, the wick indicates the line above a candle. The body of a candle is made of the very first price (the entry tick) and the very last price of a candle before going to the next. The bars indicate the price not the volume. The direction of a movement is not dependent from the volume that is underlying.
  7. What i wanted to say is not to ignore the shadows and wicks of candles. The message „stopped exactly at the same pip“ is technically wrong.
  8. I believe that i this time must correct you @Seoulite - if you wanna tell, where a candle exactly stopped you can not use the body of a candle but its shadow. So someone who only read your text without looking at the picture could understand that there were no new low, what is wrong. But the second drop has builded a new low. So technically it is a downtrend (lower high, lower low).
  9. My thoughts are that he or she is very young (like 15 to 21) or just naiv and need some little help here and there. Some more postings from him with those directions and i will have one more name on my ignore list.
  10. Just ignore it and block him. Nothing more to do.
  11. Can you stop posting this spam? Brainless nonsense. Please people, stay realistic and grounded.
  12. Seriously i would be more confident if we would correct for a couple of days at 1,30 to 1,50. This rise is not healthy at all.
  13. A short squeeze goes 🆙 a dump goes down. So it couldn‘t be one or another.
  14. Ah i‘m feeling like December 2017 again. Good ol‘ times.
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