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  1. If the rumors about Amazon are fake it will go under 0.4$. 😉
  2. Actually it forms a resistance at 0.44 - 0.45
  3. What? Seems i am in a list with every sub in it.
  4. Es wäre trotzdem schön, wenn jeder hier Englisch schreiben würde. Denn wenn wir anfangen, alle in unserer Landessprache zu kommunizieren, wird es doch sehr unübersichtlich. // it would be nice if everyone could talk in English because if everyone starts to communicate in his own language we’re getting a problem here. This board is alive because of one single language we all use
  5. Massive resistance at the level of 0,2400. If we can break this the way to 0,2600 to 0,3000 would be free.
  6. If you look on the chart today, what do you see? More green candles to come? I am sceptical. The D1 looks good, the H1 is something like an upward trend, but the M5 seems to topple.
  7. It is escrow time !

    I think its all about marketing. They need more support in this group. Even the name "Stellar" seems more sexier to customers. I believe in XRP but its a snails race
  8. It is escrow time !

    This crazyness going on with Bitcoin will be there forever. It worries me that XRP cant break that dependency even after escrow. Under normal circumstances XRP must end this day with +20%. I am afraid it will end with -10%
  9. It is escrow time !

    Just disappointing. Something like the dying breath?