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  1. Sidemark: we need go green. Buy bicycle.
  2. Bitcoin 10k is absolutely possible. This is going to be a massacre
  3. I‘m impressed how good XRP fights to stay in Top10. Normally with all that crap going on it could easily drop out of this range into the wide ocean of Top100 coins… Edit: but i think the current gains are 90% because of snapshot. After that we will see 85cents again
  4. Okay no news out there people. Just a normal p‘n‘d
  5. SGB will be distributed tomorrow! Finally! 🙏
  6. I did that with OMG and BOBA. But so many Gas fees for transfering between L1, L2 and to redeem the airdrop is a pain in the ass. And than Bitstamp announced that they support the airdrop (ON THE DAY OF THE SNAPSHOT!!) - that was ridiculous. It makes no sense to manage that all by yourself when you don‘t hold thousand of coins (especially ten-thousands of dollars) from one single token
  7. 4 weeks later and no news at all. This whole airdrop feels more and more like a scam. And now this:
  8. Every human being has the right to use its brain if it exists. If not it is my own right to not discuss with those clowns. If it is a fake pandemic for him i assume his intelligence is also fake. Btw: buy the dip.
  9. Instant Block. I‘m wondering how people with an IQ under 10 can survive without mama and papa.
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