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  1. Now if we could only see that carry over here in the community.
  2. It still needs to preform within SLA specifications no matter how small or large the transaction flow is.. SLA's are a factor at every junction. Money transfer is a core business of MG, matter of fact it is their business. There maybe a little wiggle room since Ripple does own a percentage. By the way typically yes a company does set an initial framework for an SLA but the customer ultimately dictates a lot what goes into an SLA. Your not going to go into any organization and state this is how our product works here is are SLA adhere to it or else. Also SLA's can be modified per customer so I'm not going to speculate what they did before hand or what they came up with in a high level meeting between the customer and themselves my point was it would be good to see one if possible and we have not got a whiff of any bad news from a customer saying ODL is out of bounds.
  3. Is anyone privy to Ripples SLA policy or even SWIFT's ??? The reason why I ask is because I am sure Ripple has entered into SLA agreements with their customers that utilize their products. Typically if SLA's are broken due to software or service not living up to the SLA agreement in most case where a lot of dollar amounts are involved this pretty much becomes a battle between the customer and the provider through litigation. Typically the customer accusing the provider of software or service breaching the SLA agreement and the dollar amount owed due to this occurrence and the provider either acknowledging that the breach was their fault and paying the cost of such or proving that the breach was not their fault. So if XRP isn't succeeding where are the law suits or arbitrations from the customers who are live on XRP???? Just a thought. I mean I see all the non verified reasons why XRP won't work at this point Ripple should have lawsuits out the rear you would think, but they don't!! Hmmm!!!If your product or service breaks SLA agreements and causes your customer a substantial loss or liability rest assured they will come after you. I have seen this first hand. Considering that the core of the business here is money I bet SLA's are structured really tight so if things are going south like some claim where is the fall out????
  4. Appears to be a Talent Sourcer for Ripple but It's kind of odd for a statement of this type to come out of his mouth representing himself as a Ripple employee. I can't say he will be wrong, I can't say he will be right, who knows. Just find it odd for so long we have virtually heard nothing from ripple employees when it speaks to timeline's and price and rightfully so but then we get a guy who from what I can tell on his linked in profile is a hiring manager or maybe not even a manager but a talent scout for Ripple speaking on price movement. Does he actually know anything or is this just his personal belief? If it's just a personal belief he should not be representing himself as a ripple employee, that within itself implies he has some inside view on things and can sway speculation. I mean it would have been better off if he did remain anonymous.. Even Bob Way a former employee didn't say where the price could or could not go in a certain time frame and I am sure he was a lot closer to the moving pieces than this guy. No telling what kind of NDA has been violated here.
  5. We seriously taking the credibility serious on this being a Ripple employee?? I'm not sure where it will be but I bet your ascot ripple has a rule in regards to employee's discussing price.
  6. Cash will always be king when it comes to illicit activity nothing really to see here!!
  7. I think Ripple wants to keep as much speculation out of the price of XRP as possible for the short term. Speculation adds to volatility the bulk of the crypto market is speculation but XRP seems a little insulated from the wild swings. I know the price needs to be higher to kick this thing into gear but a healthy rise as opposed to a spec sugar high is better. Imagine if they announce Amazon or a huge staple company will utilize XRP FOMO from speculation alone will drive the price up. I'm sure these announcements will come but right now they are probably going to be tempered to emphasize the stability of the asset.
  8. The Devil is in the detail, if this is just Xcurrent which they currently are using in production why say this?? I put the sentences in bold that stand out "Why would you need to tell us you have been testing Xcurrent for 2 years if you already have it running in production and have been for a while now, testing time for xcurrent has long past. Why would they express that they have made sure xcurrent complies with all local regulation?? Xcurrent does what SWIFT does and is a direct competitor product so compliance is a given.... “We actually have a blockchain-based international payments system that’s running on four of our corridors: Brazil, Mexico, UK, Spain. It’ll be on all 10 soon. Instant transfers at very, very tight spreads: 30 basis points. It’s a nice user experience. I use it myself. I sent money to the United States. It’s available same-day. Fantastic, and at a guaranteed rate.” In April of this year, Santander executive chair Ana Botín said One Pay FX is now powering more than half of Santander Group’s FX payments. “With this new initiative that is already in place, we’re actually covering 50% of all the FX payments that the Santander Group does annually. And it works really well, because the rails that we’re using – which, as you say, we’ve collaborated with Ripple – we’ve been testing those for two years, actually with our own employees. And it works. It’s safe. It’s fully compliant, and obviously we’ve made sure we comply with all local regulations. So you’re in safe hands.”
  9. There is something wrong with it definitely but the numbers don't lie a lot of people pay for this stuff. I have always thought that XRP would be a great facilitator for payments in this industry. There is enough room for more than just verge in this space. The porn industries net worth is north of 100 billion and in times of economic down turns sad to say this business and the alcohol business ramp up even more. The industry could benefit from the speed of settlement and the added benefit of things being trackable on the ledger to aid in catching bad actors in the industry
  10. One reason I didn't comment but wanted to post this out there so if anyone in the community could respond to the validity as I am highly doubtful on this one too as it relates to utilizing XRP currently.
  11. https://u.today/ripple-powered-finablr-posts-revenue-update-22-percent-rise
  12. Metaphorically speaking, you do know what a metaphor is right? You are executive Board Member who? Majority Stock Holder who? Were all in the same boat my friend and if time is of the essence for you I'm just going to suggest you may want to ride another horse in this race if you feel one will get you there quicker. This isn't a get rich quick scheme.
  13. This would be a multi million dollar, multi year project and then it also depends if this is just implementation or implementation and support. I say this based on experience working with Accenture, but who knows what they spent, just giving you a perspective.
  14. If China truly goes digital it's going to force a lot of hands to move very quickly here in the U.S. I to agree that there are forces holding on to the old guard working behind the scenes but evolution waits on nobody you either evolve or you go extinct been proven time and time again. Digital assets are the evolution of money, right now the playing field is full of pretenders but we know who the front runners are and what their niche will be based on utility. Banks will either have to evolve or be ran out of business by companies like MoneyGram etc. Pretty soon industry is going come calling such as the Auto industry which moves millions across border daily hell just the USA to Mexico for GM alone I would say is in the multi million dollar range per week. GM has more the 15k workers in Mexico, Chrysler 13k, and Ford a little over 8k just think of all that money flowing in and out of Mexico back to my home state of Michigan and back to Mexico, and then think of the friction being experienced now. Remember the old Transformers cartoon theme song "Transformers Robots in disguise, Transformers More than meets the eye!!' That Mexico corridor was open first for a good damn reason. The Cross Border Payments going in and out of there outside of the financial sector is huge!!! You really think the Big 3 are not standing in attention watching how this plays out down there and they don't need banks approval to move, once they feel comfortable with the cost benefits and efficiency "Game On!!"Ripple plays a clever game of chess which I like!!! Banks will either be deeply involved or on the outside looking in. We have this misconception that banking drives business when it's the total opposite.
  15. Very interesting!!! I always wondered about this and it makes sense as I once worked for Accenture on the Health IT side. Their pretty much IT manpower for a lot of companies. No way Ripple would have to Manpower to fast track this, because they would have to go on a mad hiring spree to meet demand as I Imagine it's going to hit a lot all at once. It's probably safe to say Ripple is locked and loaded once the regulators get their thumbs out their ass this is going to fly!!!
  16. Awesome advice! I have been slacking on my Gym activity for a couple months here. I will hit the big 50 next year and I tell you, you have those slumps where you find it hard to motivate yourself. It's been easy up until this point being an athlete since grade school through college working out was like second nature. I needed to read this!!! Thank you!!!
  17. One thing highlighted "As a means to extend SWIFT!" I for one still believe there will be some type of SWIFT Ripple collaboration. With Ripple making it much easier for customers to go from XCurrent to Xrapid the pace steps up for more and more SWIFT customers to abandon swift totally in lieu of Xcurrent which would more readily make their move to ODL more seamless and transparent. A piece of the pie is better than no pie and I think SWIFT is slowly seeing the writing on the wall, Their customers are seeing the benefits of ODL and they are starting to demand it. They can either take the time an develop a solution which in this scenario( They loose customers to Ripple because they have a proven working solution already in play, They risk not being able to bring the same value to the table as Ripple's ODL and they loose customer due to that.) SWIFT is at a crossroads ODL is something they don't offer and to remain relevant they will need to either develop a solution that works(which I think this is clearly off the table now considering Ripples progress) or (They need to collaborate with a partner that offers a proven ODL solution) Hello----> Yes---> Who's there---->SWIFT----> Can Ripple come out and play a bit??
  18. Banks will never use it!!! Bah-hum-bug!!! They will find some of those pessimist who uttered that phrase in a fetal position on the floor saying it over and over again while 1 by 1 banks start to use it.
  19. Exactly!! Talk and technical jargon can only go so far especially when your talking to bankers and financers they typically want to see numbers, graphs and more graphs and charts they could give a rats ass about the technical innerworkings as long as the bottom line is what they want to see. I can personally testify to being in meetings with execs and having someone present something that's technically awesome but they send all technical people and tech material to present and they have pretty much lost the crowd in the first 10 minutes of the meeting all but the few technical people that were invited. I have also seen the total opposite where a company comes in with the charts, graphs and data that those decision makers want to see and it's full engagement through out because they start off talking a familiar language.... This is going to go a long ways if you ask me Ripple just stepped their game up exponentially with this product.
  20. I agree with what your saying but trust me, you wouldn't believe the amount of top brass that make moves based on a kick ass Bells and Whistle UI to boot. I would say it is game changing as we know Ripples applications do enterprise things but now they incorporate that enterprise look and feel, like you said it still has to deliver but so far in the cases where it is in use it has!! 80% or more of a decision is based on visual perception.
  21. Will this be the replacement for Codius or another option for Smart contracts in addition to? https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripples-xpring-invests-in-new-smart-contract-platform
  22. 99.9%of the reason one walks in Walmart is low prices. That is their calling card and this will go hand and hand with their Philosophy.
  23. This was pretty much a given in progression considering the relationships here and the heavy Walmex presence in MoneyGram's latin corridor . Great News!! A Win, Win for all sides with this move. This move will probably spearhead more corridors lighting up too. I am paying close attention to Canada, China, India, and Japan with this move.
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