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  1. I bet Yuri can't cite any of his sources on his article? Funny how these guys will patrol a few forums and pull an article out their A$$ for a few coins with little to no research. At this point nobody knows if they will or won't use XRP but we do know they are going to use ripple products which makes the chances pretty good. I guess the sH!T below makes Yuri's word Bond(LOL!) "Yuri Molchan Yuri is a journalist interested in technology and technical innovations. He has been in crypto since 2017. Believes that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a potential to transform the world in the future."
  2. Just part of the normal hiring process I guess, I'm sure they put all positions up that are open to the public. What was not anticipated is the sleuthing done by the XRP Community here "Good Job @Inequivalent!!"
  3. I don't think I'm special but based on your butt hurt comment I sure as hell think you are now!!! Were all CryptoHobo's my friend it's just a matter of what train were on now. Now go have a Coke and a smile..
  4. It's not about being blind it's about supporting and riding the money train until the wheels fall off!! These people know BTC's limitations Hell the price of BTC is 95% or higher based on speculation alone. Once the wheels fall off they will jump to the next train. CyrptoHobo's you gotta love em!!! The big thing for them is timing the fall some will jump trains when one wheel is off and so on then some will stay on until all the cars are derailed and laying on their side
  5. Facebook doesn't want to miss the window of opportunity here to get into crypto while it is young and take advantage of all the possible opportunities, but on the other hand they have done little to repair a soiled reputation of trust associated with their brand. Their crypto if it does transpire will be more like monopoly money only worth something on their game board, me personally I have no trust in any financial transaction taking place within the facebook spectrum. It would have been much better if they had went about this by first distancing facebook from this effort as far away as possible.
  6. Yes but Ripple is not using XRP to replace fiat, although some may choose to utilize it that way it's main use by Ripple is to facilitate fast movement of fiat.. I will reiterate and Ripple execs have said this numerous times "They are not looking to replace fiat with XRP!!" Cook's thinking is right in line with Ripples in regards to them wanting to work with countries fiat schema's as opposed to replacing it. So in that aspect it doesn't matter if your private or public.
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/03/tim-cook-weighs-in-against-launching-an-apple-cryptocurrency.html I think this bodes well for the crypto space in general especially XRP as Apple has expressed interest in crypto currency but they are steering clear of developing their own walled garden currency such as Libra. XRP works well with regulations set around countries policies I am really starting to think once the overall regulation waters start to become less murky we will see the household names that were alluded to some time ago start to show up #WaitingonUSAtogetoursh!ttogetherTimCookHasIt Right
  8. Think you may have taken what I asked out of context I specifically asked explain why this would be used in domestic rails then I said "Maybe I'm missing the part for international employee's or something, but this article gives little detail to assume that is the case. " This article doesn't state whether it's referring to domestic or international. I know what can be done with XRP across borders but this article has no details about Domestic or Crossborder that is why I said until someone gives a legitimate explanation I'm calling B.S on this post. The article infers instant payments with XRP but not much detail beyond that.
  9. Now explain to me why would BOA utilize XRP in domestic rails for companies to pay employee's??? Please enlighten??? I am calling this B.S until someone gives a legitimate explanation. Maybe I'm missing the part for international employee's or something, but this article gives little detail to assume that is the case.
  10. This would be an awesome feature!!
  11. To me ripple should have distanced themselves from the word Crypto a long time ago for "Digital Assets" It's good to see their marketing arm is starting to wise up.
  12. I moved the bulk of my stellar investment back to XRP because as you have said there is literally nothing on stellar, which is kind of scary if your invested heavily. I mean no news at all. It's almost like their pending their survival on the news of other DA's such as XRP. I guess they feel if XRP makes it stellar will be dragged along which could be the case. I'm hoping both do well but stellar has been scaring me as of late and with Jeb's shady background added into the mix you can see why.
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