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  1. Agreed! Hopefully the many amazon references pan out into something.
  2. Do any of these other members taut a digital asset that can facilitate realtime settlement???
  3. Not a new mission, but another way to force the banks hand. The old attack the body and the head will eventually fall method.
  4. Waiting for the "It will never be used post to crop up shortly in 10, 9, 8, 7---"
  5. https://dailyhodl.com/2020/05/08/enterprise-adoption-of-ripple-and-xrp-for-cross-border-payments-on-the-rise-says-australian-exchange-btc-markets/
  6. Sir I am not going to go back and forth with you over pretty much speculation!! I made the statement that Ripple and R3 would make a good pairing if that did occur. I did say I believe the coil article that sparked this was satire. If you feel the need to go back and forth with this and show us how you are able to interpret a few charts be my guest. This whole thread is speculative in nature and your statements holds about as much weight as anyone else who chimed in on this. "Just because you can read a few charts were also suppose to say "Ok it won't happen!!" Dude get a grip!!! Your Chart reading is the equivalent to a pimple on the ass of life when it comes to getting your point across in regards to this. No I won't address this, because I don't have to and why? I just described two words in the term FUD that you indicated I utilized incorrectly "Now did I??" I mean you yourself gave an explanation why you have "DOUBT of a Ripple and R3 merger" and you seem very CERTAIN based on the charts or whatever else you got there it will not happen but those charts can't predict that possibility their not designed to do that so that's UNCERTAINTY. "Good for you that you can draw infinite knowledge from your limited research!!" The fact of the matter is none of us can address this neither you nor I "It's just speculation and wishful thinking at this point!!" You actually presented facts that have no correlation with the actual speculation being discussed here. None of what you presented would either indicate a greenline or a redline on a possible merger of the two.
  7. Am I using the term correctly "LOL" FUD is a combination of three words Fear- Uncertainty- and Doubt. You are doubting a Ripple, R3 merger is possible correct? Your showing Uncertainty that's for sure. For your sake I will take off the "F" in FUD and say "Par for the UD course!" How is that??? Better??
  8. Par for the fud course on the response. Please just the facts not your feelings, thank you!
  9. Think about it I know the article was satire but what if R3, Ripple merger of some sort would be a prelude before rebranding the new company formed from the merger and going public? Just a thought. I mean you have to admit Ripple and R3 do compliment each other. Maybe Kitao is spearheading a merger between the two
  10. I call BS but that would be a pretty good pairing.
  11. Posted by BitcoinisKing!! Hmm!! Nothing to see here mods please close this thread. Thank you.
  12. I agree! The largest problem along with the pandemic is this president seems to self indulged to get anything done. He seems to be more concerned with tweeting and back and forth with the press. Leadership flows from the top down and the administration is running around like chickens with their heads lopped off. I don't want to make this one party vs another party even if this guy was a democrat I would still be saying the same (**** Poor Performance!!) Just think if this were a corporation he would have probably been forced to resign or fired already.
  13. America will be left in the dust if we don't get our heads out of our political arsses quickly. I know there will be a response but I'm just hoping it's well thought out and not a knee jerk.
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