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  1. RikkiTikki

    Deutsche Bank Confirms HSBC and Xoom As Ripple Clients

    You could be right but just because one entity purchases another that does not mean relationships with business partners cease to exist. At this point your statement also is speculation. Most of the stuff in here is speculation at this point. I was just showing the possible links here with historical information. The dynamics truly may have changed in 4 years but can you truthfully attest to that it has leaned more or less in XRP utilizations favor??? For all we know relationships may have intensified since the visa purchase. Funny thing is I even started my initial post off with "A Little Older"
  2. RikkiTikki

    Deutsche Bank Confirms HSBC and Xoom As Ripple Clients

    A little older but you can connect the dots and AB is a real reputable source "Earthport serves banks, money transfer businesses, e-commerce companies and payments aggregators. Its clients include two of the top four global banks and four of the top 20 U.S. banks; Bank of America, HSBC, Western Union, Xoom and American Express use Earthport services." https://www.americanbanker.com/news/real-time-remittances-in-play-for-earthport-with-ripple-labs-deal
  3. Crawl-->Walk-->Run. If you look at the dynamics of what's going on this is just the type of small bank Ripple needs to start using XRP, the trickle out then up effect. If this takes off here this small bank will become two small banks etc then the small becomes medium and next the mediums become big!!! https://dailyhodl.com/2019/01/15/the-first-bank-using-xrp-says-ripple-partnership-will-create-a-new-era-of-innovative-payment-solutions/
  4. I think they are more less speaking to the instant settlements of ACH which in most cases in the States is not instantaneous. I don't think exchange rate even comes into play here as I am sure with this scenario there would be no going through exchanges to utilize XRP. Again at this appears to be an exploration of possibilities but it's not far fetched as the big point of XRP is instant settlement why can that not be applied to domestic rails also?
  5. I always wondered why there has not been any talk of XRP and domestic ACH. I like where this could be going. https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-could-be-theoretically-used-in-domestic-payment-transfer-via-the-us-ach-system-says-uphold-ceo/
  6. https://www.americanbanker.com/news/could-ripples-xrp-replace-correspondent-banks-this-bank-says-yes I know this has been posted from other sources but this is my very point pay attention to the source of this posting "American Banker!" We are definitely on the cusp of something here.
  7. RikkiTikki

    Euro Exim Bank: 1st bank to use xRapid

    I think the key word is Bank or am I confused here.
  8. Complacency could easily and quickly lead to obsolescence
  9. XRapid gives them like a 40% cost reduction over XCurrent. I'm not sure what planet you have done business on but even a meager 1% savings when your talking large dollar amounts is something to get excited about. My guess is that these entities are already testing Xrapid and the hold up is the outcome of US regulation because lets face it the Dollar is still the measuring stick around the world.
  10. Thank you @LordVetinari I have been preaching this every since I invested in XRP. "BANKS ARE NOT NOR DO THEY HAVE ANY INTEREST OF GETTING IN THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS!!" I work in the Medical Software industry in the beginning you had a few of the larger hospitals who developed their own EHR/EMR packages but the cost to keep things current, the cost to keep qualified staff. etc they soon realized that they need to stick to what they do best "Care of Patients" and purchase, partner, etc with a software company that develops software that caters to their needs and leave it to these entities to keep current and manage all aspects of their technology. CHASE is not going to buy software made by BOA and vice versa. I have mentioned I have seen this play out before in the medical industry as I was lucky to be involved when the digitization of medical records etc in the early 2000's and today still. I was privy to hear and see the Nay sayer's. I heard prominent physicians at the time say "This will never work!!! You will never get Dr's to give up their paper." I remember when the utilization of electronic EHR/EMR's proved so valuable the government made it a mandate that all records would be digitized by 2020. The point I am making is "Hold on because the state of the union with XRP in the cryptosphere is better than any other coin." Movement in the banking and medical industry moves pretty similar in the fact that they are both heavily regulated medical more so than banking but you get my point. This ride will be slow but once the nitrous button is pressed "Lookout!!"
  11. RikkiTikki

    Which banks using XRP now?

    Not sure why that posted twice. Mods could you please delete the extra?
  12. RikkiTikki

    Which banks using XRP now?

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  13. RikkiTikki

    Which banks using XRP now?

    I'm sorry but I have seen this post numerous times and it does not state that they are presently using XRP in production. I know the plan is to do so but this post clearly named entities utilizing XRP now which would indicate a production utilization. If you have any information please share but don't just grab an article based on a headline and think it will suffice some of us in here actually do read these things
  14. RikkiTikki

    Which banks using XRP now?

    Is there any valid proof Catalyst is using XRP? I am not saying they are not or trying to imply they wont but I would just like to see a source if there is any out there. My understanding is they were prepping to use it not that they have started using it already. I was hoping they ramp up rather quickly on getting it in production so definitely interested in any source info anyone has with timelines etc.
  15. RikkiTikki

    Is Earthport purchase by Visa Good News?

    I agree but in some aspects I disagree, nobody knows if Ripple will work directly or indirectly with visa or even if they will work together at all but the fact that Visa is purchasing a Ripple Partner does spark some positive interest.. This happens all the time in acquisitions you have to look at the partnerships to kind of gauge the roadmap. "What particular reason would Visa be remotely interested in Earthport? Being that Visa is headquartered in the USA and as we know US regulation seems to be a step behind what better way to jump in early than to acquire an offshore resource who is essentially not hard bound by US regulations and can facilitate serving Visa customers abroad until we the US get our **** together. Not trying to read more into it but don't just shoot it down. At this point who knows which way this will go. Think of it this way this could be a move to put Visa strategically closer to being able to implement Xrapid in case their competitor AMEX decided to flip the switch one day. I'm thinking VISA wouldn't want to be standing downstream on the AMEX end of that :). without a contingency plan. Honestly this may be a start of the Xrapid arms race and were just waiting to see who fires the first shot!!! The news could be very positive or it could be a big ole ball of nothing but I for one don't believe you spend Millions on nothing sometimes it becomes nothing but that's not the initial plan. Also if they purchased Earthport they are dealing with Ripple directly now.