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  1. Dude everything is Hopium at this point unless you have an inside track on information. WMC just said XRP will be used which I agree, he didn't call it the standard or anything like that, Just said it will be used. As we know MoneyGram does have a plan to use it so not all is Hopium as you say. I noticed that you typically have a retort to any and everything in the chat which is not bad but please give detail instead of just shooting something down. Please explain to the masses how you came about with your conclusion here? We're all here to learn more and it appears you have a lot of answers from your constant retorts please feel free to share..
  2. Why don't I see this all over the internet if it were ripple there would be over saturation of the news. https://nulltx.com/payfast-removes-bitcoin-payments-due-to-inherent-technical-flaws-and-shortcomings/
  3. I'm getting the same feeling about this amazing how of all the examples he could have given MoneyGram was just right there on the brain!!!
  4. Right now our government is in turmoil, I really don't see much clarity coming out until were able to sit down and focus. Heavy Staff turnover is usually a bad sign for any business including a country. I just don't see much getting done in the next 2 years. We are ripe for the picking for another country to take the lead right now.
  5. GTFOOH!!!! Dude your post have been real desperate as of late.
  6. So if you don't have confidence why don't you just divest and invest in something that gives you that confidence?? Problem solved!!
  7. So being a member what does that make you? Heavens forbid your patrolling this forum to occupy your time while you make money hand over fist with some other coin.
  8. SBI reminds me of Wimpy off the Popeye Cartoon which probably predates a lot of you probably. "I will Gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today." All hype and no go personally I wish they would just shut up at this point and make an announcement when they actually have something concrete to announce. Hell we got a coinbase listing before SBI. Not saying things aren't in the works but who knows Delay after Delay, after Delay. At this point shut the hell up until your ready!!!
  9. I was just thinking this. is he alluding to some kind of Ripple connection with the new Apple Credit Card coming out this summer?? Man this would be a real market shaker if the Apple Credit Card utilizes Ripple and XRP on the back end for settlement "Talk about sending the status quo scrambling to do something!!" I wouldn't be surprised though Apple always deviates from the norm it's what makes them Apple!!
  10. OMG!!! Tinfoil hat on here!! I was thinking you know our President likes to invite teams to the White House to celebrate big wins with Fast Food. Has Ripple gained a big Win at the Government Level here in the US thus the happiness centered around a number 1, 2, 3, and so on???
  11. Not all of them but I do think this is just Ripple workers having fun. The only things that would give credence to this is 1.) McDonalds is damn sure a household name. 2.)It's definitely non bank 3.) It operates literally damn near all over the world so I would imagine they have crazy friction in the management of payroll, etc. So I'm not knocking the speculation on this as I said early to much speculation in this space I will wait for an official announcement if one comes but you can easily see why there is speculation.
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