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  1. Did the price not move when the volume increased? It may not have moved enough for you but it moved in correspondence with volume so you are wrong volume does do things for price. There still is not a great deal of volume movement with the asset but as the rails are built that will happen. XRP is not designed to be a store value in a long-term sense, it's store of value purpose is instant liquidity so the seconds it takes to fully complete a transaction is the only store of value needed for this asset. Bitcoins price is almost solely speculation at this point not scarcity. So I have to kindly disagree as volume picks up price will move.
  2. You really think that coinbase would have listed XRP after the Bitcoin Cash debacle without some insider view into this whole security thing??? These moves are thought out well in advance. They either have some elaborate XRP escape plan or they know it's just a matter of time. Coinbase doesn't want anymore smoke over an asset listing
  3. Do you play chess??? If so I'm sure your familiar with watching the moves of your opponent to formulate your next move. Obviously your not a good reader as I said institutional dollars flowing into this market that implies more than just crypto space in general not just Binance. I shouldn't say that as it speaks more to Comprehension than actual reading.
  4. The good thing with this is more competition for CoinBase in the states. As fomo and interest peek along with regulatory clarity the only thing that will separate these exchanges will be fee's, security, and speed as each will want to utilize the lowest cost of transaction and fast to settle DA to facilitate institutional cross border activity once it kicks in. Rest assured Binance is not here for the retail investor although they don't mind that aspect of DA trading but they are here to take advantage of the institutional dollars that will flow into this market.. The dam holding back astronomical XRP usage is about to burst!!! My Guess is that Coinbase is already prepped to pair all cross border activity against XRP and may just be waiting on regulatory clarification to solidify the move.
  5. Whether it's Ripple tech or something else, they have to do something else they will no longer be competitive in this industry
  6. It has begun! MG and these guys will end up putting Western Union Under if they don't decide to innovate. Time waits on nobody.
  7. HA! You get an Exchange, and You Get an Exchange, and you Get an Exchange!! "Why thank you CryptoOprah!!" @pucksterpetein a nutshell The Clickbait is getting ruthless!!
  8. Explanation for what???? What does that have to do with this subject??? You went out your way to post that, talk about going out on a wild ass tangent. Did you even take into consideration SBI is R3's largest shareholder? I'm sure they would have a lot to say about dumping XRP
  9. transfast is just that Money Transfer they don't have instant liquidity. I would think MC is looking to take advantage of a product offering instant liquidity I can't see any other reason R3 partnership, it also gives them the advantage of indirectly using XRP if need be without bearing the brunt of negative effects of regulation if it's deemed a security or what not and they won't have to deal directly with exchanges as this will be R3's responsibility. I'm not saying they will use XRP but the logistics of this move would lead you to believe it's in their sights. I think companies will use R3 initially who feel a little skidish about directly touching crypto. It's getting to the point where many are capable of doing faster transfers per say but who can supply on demand liquidity?? The field really narrows once that aspect is added and how liquid you are at any given time is a big plus.
  10. Could be, I'm pretty sure MC will want to utilize the most cost effective, efficient, fast, and safe method for settlement with that said it bodes well for XRP.
  11. Not Fake but paid, follow the money and you will find what makes headlines on these networks. The news is only as good as it's largest investors you too can buy your view being imposed whether it's truthful or not for a small fee! You ever pay attention that on every for profit network bad news is always first and foremost? Pain, Suffering and just all out mayhem sales. Sad thing is every person is waiting for someone or something to fail, hell you see it here with the fudsters who really have no rhyme or reason to see XRP fail.
  12. Settlement within minutes vs Settlement the next day explain to me how in the world is that competition? It's like you just said I need to get from New York to LA in the same day and you choose Amtrak instead of Delta or American Airlines.
  13. Right I was thinking in terms if there will be any international interaction in play here but as far as inter border transactions your right no need for XRP there.
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