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  1. RikkiTikki

    Bitcoin-Rigging Criminal Probe Focused on Tie to Tether

    I think this hit were seeing right now is due to the scare on tether now, BTC is deep in the doo doo this week. We will feel some of it but all in all should be a good thing for XRP
  2. Exactly!! A conversation can easily be denied, and the US government loves to kill trees for the sake of accountability. I mean seriously you can inquire via email and you will more than likely still get a snail mail response.
  3. Not trying to bust your balls but the whole approach sounds suspect, typically Government agencies send out numerous snail mails first because they honestly don't want to talk to you. If they can clear the smoke by snail mail they will do that first, if snail mail isn't the cure then and only then do they engage in other means of communication such as phone and email. Even when the IRS want's money from you they send snail mail as their first attempt. I am in no way saying that this did not happen to you just saying it's out of the norm and if so maybe they are trying to expedite things. Honestly I hope they are trying to expedite it and get this albatross out the way,
  4. Hmm, sure this wasn't some kind of Crypto Catfish? Did the person leave a number or a contact reference? Most Government agencies only engage in phone contact after a snail mail letter then after that future contacts to individuals are open for email and phone upon discretion.
  5. RikkiTikki

    Are you holiday ready?

    Sounds like you need new friends, if the only time your interesting to them is when money is involved your word should be golden you would think in most cases. I'm sure a random stranger would may treat you this way but family and friends? If you told me and I didn't know I would at least be inclined to investigate.
  6. RikkiTikki

    Are you holiday ready?

    Dashing through the ledger in an XRP driven sleigh, over the hashes we go laughing all the way
  7. RikkiTikki

    XRP to USD...how?

  8. RikkiTikki

    Love it!!

    Love it!! I found my new avatar
  9. Well You can also look at it this way. If WU doesn't get with the program they would potentially loose a lot of money on this business segment, so they may be cutting their losses early so they don't take the hit in the bottom line later. I am sure the cost has been weighed in on what it would cost to bring that segment up to speed on what's coming vs if we just sell and shift focus elsewhere. Maybe this is a segment of their business they feel they can afford to part ways with.
  10. RikkiTikki

    Ripple (XRP) Might End Up Decoupling From Bitcoin (BTC)

    Yeah we know, but XRP is not being brought to it's knees by a few miners trying to see who has the biggest D$@k !(Can someone send that as a rebuttal to this article)
  11. https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/11/ripple-might-end-up-decoupling-from-bitcoin I really hope this is true I mean seriously who want's to be involved with an investment where a ******* war can break out like this and wreak so much havoc. Bitcoin decentralized???? Bah-Hum-Bug!!! I swear I have made multiple post on this forum where I said Bitcoin would eventually eat itself, looks like it's hungry!!
  12. This needs to be plastered all over the place go forth and spread the truth not FUD!!!
  13. I purchased when XRP was greater than 15 cents but less than 25 and I have purchased throughout but never over 1 dollar. I agree with @ADingoAteMyXRP 110% the only thing I see derailing this train is a better technology and Ripple being a tech company with savvy minds involved I'm sure knows they are in a race against better idea's not necessarily better digital assets alone, If XRP utilization captures just 10% of the cross border payment market share within the 5 year run that will be my measure of success everything beyond that will be extra gravy. I feel that there will be a lot of extra gravy because I think Ripple with XRP will capture more than 10%. I also feel they will usher in new cross border payment business from entities like credit unions(Catalyst) financial entities that typically don't play in the cross border payments realm due to cost, but due to the savings and speed realized with Ripple and XRP will join the Ripplenet. Ripple is definitely n a foot race and they have to produce tangible results with XRP and for the most part they have, price is not reflective now but if anyone has invested in stocks, especially in upstart companies you know Rome wasn't built overnight. How long did it take BTC to reach its all time high? We are moving from the era of speculation with these assets to the era of utilization, which then will follow the era of maturation some will grow, some will fall I think XRP will grow substantially.
  14. RikkiTikki

    BCH hash war

    If you have any BTC or any fork, I would be jumping off that ship right now this $hIIT is crazy!!! Who needs that type of craziness hovering over their investment
  15. The many forks of BTC pretty much solidify the reasoning behind why it can never be taken serious as anything other than a speculative digital asset. What a mess.