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  1. https://about.att.com/story/2019/att_bitpay.html This is huge for the Crypto space in general AT&T is a staple telcomm company them signaling that they are accepting crypto will open the door for many more to get in this space. You have companies that our barometers for others and AT&T is that being spawned by one of the oldest telcomm companies in the USA. This is definitely a good sign for the crypto space as a whole.
  2. Coming from a fellow Michigander "You Rock!!"
  3. I would agree about the remittance part at this time but this is also well known, It will soon come to past though. I think at this point were still in the shock and awe phase of crypto which most of the rise across the spectrum is going to be speculation. The use case phase will soon follow and that's where we will see our exponential leaps. Progress is slow especially when you deal with highly regulated industries such as Banks and other financial entities. I work in the IT field in healthcare another highly regulated industry and I can attest to that but on the upside when something does hit and it has cleared all the hurdles it spreads like a wildfire. I'm hanging on hoping to catch that wildfire
  4. Are you seeking validation or just striking up idle conversation with this??
  5. XRP is the natural progression of money, banks are not going anywhere soon and neither is fiat but in the natural progression to get to a digital assets eventually replacing fiat the first step is to utilize said digital assets to weed out the inefficiencies of fiat. Expecting digital assets to all of a sudden replace fiat is like expecting the next moon landing without building on the first moon landing. The instantaneous flow of money is the natural progression to get to digital assets replacing fiat, this is why I will never fully understand why we have this in fighting amongst the crypto verse. XRP's adoption will only help the others and vice versa. There are many issues to address and enough room for multiple digital assets to thrive. The task now is to weed through the garbage being that this universe is so young there is a lot of debris floating around in it now.
  6. Is this what it has come too asking what about Ashton Kutcher??? How about what about WU, Amazon, MoneyGram etc. Before someone takes this out of context what I mean is I would be way more interested in reading some updated news on these entities instead of being in the Butterfly effect!!
  7. I have to agree with this nothing against Cobb but I find Eri and Oz Crypto straight to the point with news without all the fluff. Why do you need an hour long video to discuss the facts which 15 minutes tops should be more than enough. I could give a damn about the shout outs and all that other stuff and the moon predictions. Again that's my personal opinion others may like this stuff so whatever floats your boat. I do think the blatant negative criticism thrown at Alex is unwarranted he does a good job for what he does I'm just not with that style of delivery. I just wonder if the kid ever goes to school "Ijk"
  8. Anyone know what side of the world is kicking in the Lions share of the volume right now?
  9. This is a tried and true marketing strategy used by the likes of Microsoft, Apple etc. I see nothing wrong with it nor is it a waste of time. @LordVetinari pretty much summed it up "It's not advertising xRapid, it's advertising low cost remittances. While also increasing product recognition. " If you can recall Microsoft started Marketing Windows to consumers heavily after their initial misstep with the business market not that they gave up on that market but they needed a new approach to sure it up and what better than to Market to the users of the services. At the root of every business model is the individual customer and if you can purposely drive individuals to act as a unit when it comes to decisions you really have something there.
  10. It's not about private equity and what not as more as it about saying "Hey were Ripple and by the way we utilize this nice digital asset and it does this! Now I know you have heard of Bitcoin and some others but here is what XRP can do for you!" Remember the UPS slogan "What can Brown do for you!!" I just want them to say "What can Ripple do for you to the masses!" BTC is known not because what it does because it hasn't done jack ****, but it was the first and it was assimilated to the masses BTC is pretty much vaporware when it comes to functionality compared to XRP but who knows that besides people in this growing but small space. When I think of delivery I think UPS and Fedex not DHL even though DHL is a good company but their not in my face like the other two. When it comes to digital assets BTC is way more public facing than XRP. Even though BTC is like the VAX system of the crypto world it's proponents make sure it stays in the face of the masses.
  11. Ripples Marketing hand for public facing has been weak and lack luster for the longest. I do understand that the tech speaks volumes on it's own but there are a lot of players who don't have a clue what this is or does. I have no doubt use case will win out in the end my only concern is emerging tech that will come out and eat Ripples candy and by the way have a kick ass marketing program. This may be dating me here but for those of us young enough to recall Remember when Unix laughed at Windows saying that $hit would never be used for enterprise servers, at that time MS had a very weak 3.1 Windows software out that basically ran over Novell yes Novell, no threat to Unix at all. MS then started targeting the home users with software very smart idea because if we permeate the household we can eventually permeate the office. Nothing makes you feel more confident then if you can say "Oh I use this at home!!!" With just a little flip of the marketing wrist look where it landed MS, Once they started heavily targeting the server market a lot of choice was made on ease of usability and familiarity. Ripple Marketing need to do things to show off the ease of usability and make XRP more familiar than Bitcoin. I really don't see those types of efforts coming out of Ripple. Maybe the Goal is not to heavily market tools that utilize XRP and just let it morph on it's own. Again the superior fundamentals are there but how the story is being told Narration is lack luster at best!! Everyone knows about Tesla but their not the only ones who make EV's but their marketing of their EV's is everywhere you can't open up a browser, etc without seeing Musk whether it's for business or not. The PR team has done a bang up job for Tesla. Fundamentally wise Bitcoin is on the ropes at this time but I don't see Ripple going for the knock out punch, were so clean were scared to get down and dirty!!!
  12. Not saying that Disney is thinking of this but imagine this "Disney operates parks and other entities around the world, tourist come in from all over the place, so the need for quick conversion and settlement is there. What if instead of getting those cards or wristbands that you utilize throughout the park they load your card with XRP value equivalent to the $ demonization you paid for your Park Hopper pass and events etc, as you spend that XRP in the parks etc it's quickly settled into US dollars. As I mentioned Disney deals with a plethora of foreign currency on the daily, At any given time at the parks in the US you will typically have just as many foreign visitors as you see domestic and those parks turn out visitors in the 100's of thousands monthly. You may ask why I say "As you spend it's settled into XRP?" Well I can speak for myself and some others if you purchase say a week park hopper pass you may not be able to do it all in one consecutive week and choose to come back at another time. Disney gives you time I think maybe a year I could be wrong it's been a while to fully utilize your pass before it expires. "Could Disney be one of the 3 household names mentioned some time ago??" This is pure speculation so please do not over analyze this, take it for what it is now. Speculation!!! Disney is definitely a Household name.
  13. Oh give him a break and stop being true to your name
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