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  1. Coinbase will be the Yahoo of Crypto Exchanges.
  2. In the event that the U.S. Government demands sanctions against another country, does Ripple Inc. have the ability to block a country from using the XRP Blockchain network?
  3. dudes and dudettes! Come on... Last year ripple was idle while other digital garbage were doing great, why the pessimism. We all saw what happened last year, why so much doubt. We are all lucky to be in this small circle of individuals who know how this technology is going to change our lives.
  4. This is a link to the actual article. https://www.thepaypers.com/default/nilesh-dulane-ripple-labs-interconnectivity-builds-internet-of-value-/762131-0
  5. I am seeing very low volume, but price is steady and creeping up. How is this possible?
  6. Airbnb Adds Outgoing American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault To Board of Directors Didn't Kenneth Chenault speak positively about Ripple and blockchain technology?
  7. How will ripple embrace 5G internet? Are rippleā€™s labs looking at the technology to further reduce the transaction time? I imagine as the world grows, and XRP mainstreams the need for infinitely faster transaction times will be paramount.
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