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  1. Scotland's status is an emotive subject, but its membership of the UK is, nevertheless, a fact. ??????? ???
  2. Here's the link: http://uk.businessinsider.com/ripple-the-company-behind-cryptocurrency-xrp-is-betting-big-on-asia-2018-1
  3. FYI, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom (UK). ?
  4. Is the CoinEx exchange any good? Was thinking of plopping some Bitcoin Cash onto it in order to claim Bitcoin Candy on the January 13th. It's such a lovely colour:
  5. Fantastic stuff. Account numbers have doubled in only 3 months.
  6. This is a good question. Does anyone know what the fiat withdrawal limits are on Bitstamp for a verified account?
  7. Thank you all, for your replies. Feel a bit better now. Even the charts look happier:
  8. All the main cryptocurrencies are experiencing a sell off today (only ETH is feeling the love). Why is this? Is there some tax thing in the US that I don't know about, or is it CMC mucking about with their market cap valuations? Bit depressed today, looking at all the red numbers. Boo hoo ?
  9. The physiological cycles of my furry body are not known to science. ?
  10. It's written in the charts, I tell thee. History repeats itself. Tonight will be the night. ?
  11. Tonight is the night for XRP's non-pump related large increase in price! ?
  12. It's a great coin. It's the only coin that I've invested in. Errr... that and Cardano. ?
  13. Fair enough. I like the word 'pump' because it's quite rude (it is in Scotland, anyway). How about 'rallypumpgrowth' ?
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