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  1. #XRPscales

    For those who understand marketing you'll know that #xrpthestandard is infinitely better. 90% of people don't know what scale means in this case
  2. 1.618% but I'm thinking of going up to 3.1415%
  3. I'm guessing Ethereum would be the primary alternative. Though it won't be the only one.
  4. Yep, the 30 cents base would actually be the FOURTH time.
  5. Ripple to move+

    Doubt we will be up 7 cents by Thursday. The Ripple downtrend is gaining traction. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripple-technical-analysis-06132017-downtrend-gaining-traction/
  6. Buy Verge. It's cheap right now and the tech is good. It's a long term coin
  7. Verge is the worst coin in the latest 7 days
  8. Besides your naiveté about the Chinese government and a few numerical assumptions here and there, this is the best post in this entire forum. It should be stickied above this valuation thread.
  9. Trade vs Exhange

    Anyone? Seems like a question that 90% of this forum would know the answer to.
  10. Hello. This is a very noobie question because I simply don't know the difference. If I have some XRP in Gatehub, and I want to buy some BTC with it, should I use the "Trade" or the "Exchange" tab? Which one would cost me less to buy the BTC and why are there 2 different methods to do the same thing? Appreciate any and all responses