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  1. It will most likely be $0.275
  2. #XRPscales

    For those who understand marketing you'll know that #xrpthestandard is infinitely better. 90% of people don't know what scale means in this case
  3. How much XRP are you holding

    1.618% but I'm thinking of going up to 3.1415%
  4. I'm guessing Ethereum would be the primary alternative. Though it won't be the only one.
  5. Yep, the 30 cents base would actually be the FOURTH time.
  6. Ripple to move+

    Doubt we will be up 7 cents by Thursday. The Ripple downtrend is gaining traction. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripple-technical-analysis-06132017-downtrend-gaining-traction/
  7. Which other coins to buy?

    Buy Verge. It's cheap right now and the tech is good. It's a long term coin
  8. ^^^ I hope you're right. We'll see
  9. Verge is the worst coin in the latest 7 days
  10. Besides your naiveté about the Chinese government and a few numerical assumptions here and there, this is the best post in this entire forum. It should be stickied above this valuation thread.
  11. Trade vs Exhange

  12. Trade vs Exhange

    Anyone? Seems like a question that 90% of this forum would know the answer to.
  13. Trade vs Exhange

    Hello. This is a very noobie question because I simply don't know the difference. If I have some XRP in Gatehub, and I want to buy some BTC with it, should I use the "Trade" or the "Exchange" tab? Which one would cost me less to buy the BTC and why are there 2 different methods to do the same thing? Appreciate any and all responses