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  1. Why do you need a coinbase account? Why not buy the XRP directly with USD?
  2. It's been 6 days for me and no reply to my question. They're probably too busy. Time to check out other alternatives.
  3. I'd just be happy if Gatehub had good customer support.
  4. Does anyone know why is the XRP is worth more on Bitstamp than it is on Gatehub?
  5. Does anyone know what the best way to contact some from I have tried emailing with 2 different email addresses but I cant get an answer.
  6. Is closed to new signs ups? I did not receive a verification email when I tried to sign up and when I go to the login page, it tells me my details are incorrect. Password recovery doesnt work either.
  7. Can you use your cerdit card to buy xrp at Gatehub?
  8. OK so I shouldnt sign up with Poloniex?
  9. I signed up with Poloniex. How do you deposit BTC using a credit card with USD's as your currency
  10. I downloaded the wallet from How do I then buy XRP with BTC? Do I do it from the desktop wallet client?
  11. I'm new at this so it's confusing. Can someone say what's the best way to buy XRP without using Kraken? Can you be specific like: Go to website and do this. Then go to website and do this. I downloaded a wallet, but I have no clue what to do after. I don't even care about using the wallet. I just want to buy XRP without having to go through Kraken. Their system isn't working for me right now and their support doesn't answer. Thanks