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  1. Probably this has been on subject already but why are we following BTC? The graphs are almost identical... Thanks
  2. So Chick Chick, what about coming week... You also have that hunch? Good news....?
  3. Gents, I have a question. This week the Q4 report will come out. Does anyone have any idea if something exciting could be in that report? Or is it only confirmations of what we already know... For example how did this work for the Q3 report? Thanks!!! Ps I have the feeling next week will be a great week, but based on nothing... just a feeling. Pps So happy with my ZERPS...
  4. I wish it was end of March now.... so I wouldn't have to witness this bloodbath.
  5. just bought the dip.... just wondering why this is happening. Again, who can explain this down fall. NOT worried just curious....
  6. Have the feeling we'll go down till there is a new announcement/report/partnership/whatever...
  7. yes.... Can anyone explain the downward trend??? I just dont understand... Not getting nervous, I just dont understand.... Hodler here
  8. stop it with these remarks.... please do your research before posting, this really is FUD. Uncalled for
  9. You honestly believe they haven't tested it? The distinction is in the message itself, If it truely was just a 'deminished' pilot, then why did they announce it so big? (MG ia m talking about) What about the price increase in their stock? This is MASSIVE news, if you like it or not....
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