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  1. Hey DT they were on the committee page for a while. now on the customer page.
  2. I have freaky blocked. I’m sure what ever he is writing is bs. 21 years of tech with westpac yet writes comments like a 14 year old.
  3. Wasn't on there at the start of the month. They have been on the ripplenet committee. They are part of the big 4 here in Australia. I also asked them on twitter not too long ago about using XRP for transfers.
  4. I only watch cob, eri and the modern investor. I pretty much watch them for news. Why would you come on here and be negative about XRP. Lets take cannabis stocks here in Australia, which I am also invested in. Now they are actually trading very well, yet cannabis is not legal for recreational use here. I am hedging my bets it will be within 10 years. There is no where near the childish FUD around cannabis. Yet you get a group who builds a cryptocurrency to solve a very prominent issue and its like watching a bunch of 6th graders. I truly despise the words hopium and shitcoin. To anyone invested in anything crypto shouting shitcoin from the top of their lungs, you have been warned...........utility is supreme. The graves of the dot.com bubble are still fresh in people like brad garlinghouse's minds. They are very aware that what is the flavour of the month right now may not survive or reign at the top in the long term without functional use cases.
  5. Meh blocking. Not going to get dragged into calling you names so I cop a ban.
  6. Nah you’re not one. You’re that person when people say “your mate” about you.
  7. Lawl the cto of ripple is answering questions and you’re like hmmmm nah don’t care for his opinion. Nice strategy mate.
  8. Nah In Australia that’s a term of endearment, you’re not that word chief.
  9. Million of cents. if you don’t care what Schwartz thinks you’re actually a (insert highly offensive remark).
  10. I don’t think David Schwartz agrees with you. He answered some interesting questions.
  11. What Are Examples of Racketeering? Racketeering takes many forms. Recently, cyber extortion on a user’s computer has become more common. In this case, a hacker may illegally push malware onto a user’s computer, which blocks all the access to the computer and to the data stored on it. The hacker (or their partner), then demands money to restore the user's access. The 1970 RICO Act allows enforcement agencies to charge individuals or groups involved in various acts of racketeering as a group, not one crime at a time. Racketeering may also take the form of a protection racket. In a protection racket, a criminal entity may threaten to cause harm to a business or an individual's private property if the owner does not pay a fee for protection. In both examples, the criminal entity created a specific problem in order to offer a fix and earn money illegally.
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