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  1. No one backed him in on the moneygram deal. It came true so you have to wonder.
  2. Because you went to the mods I’m just going to stop responding to you on anything further I post. I genuinely hope Xrp and ripple works out for everyone in the space, even you. You can keep posting fud and mocking people but at the end of the day it makes for a toxic environment. I apologise to anyone that was offended by my comments toward a specific member telling them to brad garglinghouse on my nuts. It’s inappropriate behaviour and adds to a toxic environment. I hope people are not afraid to post speculative information found on the internet on here because of a few members. I enjoy reading it and love the discussion.
  3. so what your saying is ripple made their own slide demonstrating their own tech.......with those specific companies above their tech?........even better
  4. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/07/08/presentation-showing-crucial-information-from-ripple-has-been-removed/
  5. Not it’s not. Deep dives are fine. Sometimes there are dots to be connected and I’m glad people speculate and investigate. If you can’t handle it, then buzz off and take that negativity somewhere else berriboi.
  6. Ps I didn’t go to the mods ........lawl. Obviously someone else doesn’t like you and your sub par content either. This is speculation berryboi.....let people speculate. Your post is mocking the Xrp community. Go be a specialist somewhere else. I got blue berries, raspberries, strawberries all sorts of berries.
  7. Nah I just think your a flog berry boy. I love your contributions to Xrp chat too /s. Frankly I watched Xrp go from nothing to $4 aud then back down and it’s stabilising. It’s up from 36c to 56c aud with a high of 70c aud in the last month or so........safe to say I am very happy with Xrp. I saw your type pre bull run 2017 in plenty of communities and your still here. Frankly I don’t know why you waste your energy. Now take your 25 Xrp and stick it up your berry hole. Or you can suck on my berries......GOTTTTEE
  8. What’s wrong with having discussion around banks upgrading their international payments systems on a forum dedicated to fintech which is used for international payments.
  9. Just discussion around banks performing group maintenance on international payments....while this is a forum for fintech dlt designed to provide instant settlement for international payments......meanwhile the fintech companies have been working very closely with banks.......so yeah, I think given the space and the subject...discussion is warranted.
  10. Lots of ripple partners are performing maintenance on their international transfer processes specifically this weekend. You always write negative ****.
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