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  1. The lad actually delivers some decent news. Yeah he is kind of a xrp maxi but what ever. He doesn't give price predictions and is always on top of announcements. Around 30k subs on YouTube so he is becoming a prominent voice in the xrp system. The lad deserves a bit of praise for all the work he does. crypto eri and cob are all over it. Shout out to the other YouTube maxis too. hoggsy aka lemonmule aka chocolate starfish
  2. 5th of may. Seems like we were both on the same track. whats your $$ prediction milly?
  3. I was right. Fud was at an all time high. Bull run.
  4. bakkt and fidelity and other FI's were already here, they accumulated during the bear and now we are getting ready for implementation. They forced the price down. I dont think this is fomo, I think its a rubber band snap back from severe price manipulation over the last year. These are some elite traders in an unregulated market. I truly think people are underestimating what these guys can do to a market. They are not some big fish traders or what not, These FI's are cutting edge, like real slick and they have been gunning to get their bit of the coin. I think they will push BTC very very high 50k to 100k (not financial advice). Possibly higher. I cant stand the dude (mcaffeeee) but i think he is right that we will eventually see a million dollar BTC, maybe in 20 years. Do you now how many people told me BTC is dead and xrp will never be used by the banks. look at the market now, it never died. Xrp is being used. XRP 45usd .30crewcheckedout
  5. Ride it till the end like its 19nintey9 nah ive got a 50% cash out strategy.
  6. The us government wants to know everything you are doing and who you are speaking to. This is evident with the black programs they were running during the prior administrations. They are gathering all the information they want from social media. You just simply cannot ignore, world wide governments want to see global transactions. They will pressure regulation on these cryptos. If you dont know what xkeyscore and prism are.......do some reading up on it or watch the snowden doco. Terrifying. On the flip side they could also use them to move money if needed. No more duffel bags. Where do people stand on this? genuine discussion and yes this is a uncertainty post.
  7. My dude. People complaining about .30 are insane. It’s been stable.....stable!!!’ I’ve loaded up my bags of xrp over the last year expecting things to get worse and it never happened. It just stayed put. I think people just missed out on a massive investing opportunity. The coin stayed put during the bear market, now things are on the up again. Good to see some real positivity in here. I still have people say “the banks will never use cryptocurrency” Man does that statement make me bullish
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