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  1. Here it says "Monero (in development)", so I guess Monero fans can stop wasting their time.
  2. Bored? Try:
  3. One idea on how to have opt-in even after the split happens: If the split already happened only send split-off asset only if trustline has some specific limit set by user on users side of trustline, e.g. if trustline has limit of 20170325147 (or some other random number chosen by GH5) then send split-off asset event after the split.
  4. He seems like a FUD spreader, you guys taking this way too much at face value! Some newbie comes along, creates trustline to long gone gateway AND manages to enable rippling??? Come on you guys, don't be so naive Anyway, @Althair, FUD or not, your EUR is gone, SnapSwap is not a gateway for long time now. In short - never trust anyone who does not deserve any trust and never enable rippling on trustlines. What did you expect is going to happen when you start trusting stranger on a street issuing you IOUs?
  5. They could pay gateways to set 0 transfer fees on RCL as well if they decided to do things this way, that is incentivise through echanges
  6. Lending of XRP is perfectly good and welcomed service, which I guess will also be used to create leverage in various FIs perhaps. What is worrying is the amount which Ripple Inc plans to set aside for that (which I think would be at least tens of billions, otherwise why would Vias mention it when interviewer asks about distribution, i.e. if it is a small amount liek few billion he would not even have mentioned it) I think it would be better that FIs would HODL their own XRP for lending proposes to create leverage products and for whatever other reasons lending will be used. Ripple Inc needs to work on distributing XRP for all purposes including lending. This possibly planed long term XRP centralization is not good. Converting Ripple Inc into some kind of Wall street behemoth? Does not sound right.
  7. Yes, that would be totally awesome. What do you mean "trust lines enabled without their permission"? It is not possible to receive an IOU on RCL if you did not explicitly yourself create trustline with high enough limit. Also this trusline is created for specific asset, so if you have trusted ETH but not ETC, GateHub would not be able to send you ETC. Also GateHub Fifth has separate issuing addresses for separate assets, so if you do not want to receive new split-off asset, just do not create trustline (at least when GH5 is sending them perhaps for some specified time window).
  8. How did GateHub handled ETH fork if you had ripple address with some ETH IOU, but did not have (perhaps does not want to have) GateHub account? Was it necessary to have GateHub account to receive ETC or perhaps it was only enough to extend trust for ETC IOU on appropriate GatHub address to receive amount of ETC you had as ETH on RCL at the moment of the split?
  9. What was somewhat disappointing in that interview was part where Miguel stated that he is not sure Ripple Inc. will ever fully distribute XRP, because he expects for Ripple Inc. to perhaps become XRP lender (for those who does not want to keep XRP on their books). Got that sense based on context that they where talking about distribution, that this would not be few billion they would keep for this purpose, but more like at least tens of billions (again, he did not say that directly, I derived this from context)
  10. @lucky, you have a spelling error on "HODL" Has to be HODL, otherwise not gonna work!
  11. But as I understand if exchanges implement ILP, they will go straigt from one exchange to another and it will not generate volume. Could be wrong. Perhaps if exhange has issues IOUs on RCL, then perhaps ILP could generate volume on RCL? Some say that is this darn chicken and egg problem. Although I think it is not a problem in itself. If there are all other obstacles addressed, the chicken or the egg will come organically and when one comes, the other will follow. What I am saying is that if you do not see nor chicken nor egg, perhaps you forgot some grain to feed that chicken
  12. @kanaas, currently it is hard enough to make $ on RCL already (no payment volume to feed MMs). What you suggesting is to take last crumbs from poor starving MMs. What they need to do is encourage independent developers/traders to create their own solutions to provide liquidity AND get some payment volume going of course in order to feed those MMs. Where this payment volume should come from? Hell if i know. Also totally agree that creating reliable and profitable MM is no high school project (especially for RCL)...
  13. Any plans to release it on github?
  14. Do you mean Vinnie dumped 150M? Where is the evidence of that?
  15. This address seems to have recently bought 120M XRP on polo and then transferred those XRP to ~XRP-II (i.e. Ripple Inc.) Are you implying this address belongs to Vinnie?