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  1. Dont spam f-ing orderbook!
  2. Perhaps simply just putting captcha or NoCAPTCHA in order to post would help?
  3. Pleeeeease put down this censorship/[Echo chamber] crack pipe for once!
  4. Ahh, he meant Trump. He is not my president (not from US) and neither do I support democracy (at least as it stands today) as described previously, so yeah, no he is not my president, although many of @lucky observations about media's ridiculous bias etc. still valid. Why would you ask me for definition of rich and then state that Trump is on poor side is a bit perplexing...
  5. Sorry did not catch your drift. What president do you mean exactly?
  6. Exactly. Yes asking the crowd works when the thing you are asking is "rationality based" e.g. how many candies in a jar, how tall is this tree etc. But it seriously breaks down if the question you ask involves some financial or social interest of the persons you are asking and there are perverse incentives. Boy oh boy things can get reaaaal messy real quick with those same crowds...
  7. I was talking specifically about the poor and this distorted cycle of misaligned reproductive incentives. Talking about the "rich", personally have no idea who could be called rich. Basically after some point it should not really matter how much money you make in terms of happiness, especially if you know how to enjoy small things and have your psychological problems worked out, which basically eliminates your envy for more "rich". So I guess at this point you can consider yourself rich. Not necessarily specific amount related, you could have $1B and still be poor by this definition
  8. Poor are getting poorer because generally speaking they have lower intelligent and currently are incentivized to reproduce thus perpetuating the cycle because the offspring possibly even less intelligent + they are born into poor family. I think you can live perfectly good life without having any offspring, no shame in that. Incentives should be set straight in reproductive side of things. What we have currently is very degenerative for civilization.
  9. Do not agree we already have this system but I would agree that there is some elements of such system, except that most action in this current [pseudo-democracy]+[crony-capitalism]+[republic] is "below the table"/non-public/secret/corrupt dealings. Just shows that there is high demand for that kind of system. I agree that current distribution of $ because of those "dealings under the table" in large part is unfair and there should be some new "stake tokens". What I wanted to propose in that case is that votes are public and only $ (i.e. stake token) directly in your account would count. you could not use for voting $ invested in some "ACME corp.", because you have surrendered this stake to this corporation by investing in it. "ACME corp" could vote for itself to represent its interests publicly (instead of shady under the table dealings with corrupt politicians). That way everything is public and if some rich person or corporation is voting in a way that is against interests of other voters, they could raise the alarms of others and during this process of voting. Also besides voting there would be huge social pressure on some issues, so corporations would have to be very socially aware before voting one way or another. Sort of direct democracy with stakes, without the need for politicians and without the need for lobbying (except perhaps ads on TV by some corporation, why its best to vote this way or some other way). Public exposition of things is a very powerful correcting force in society.
  10. Although I agree with most things you wrote, I disagree with the quoted part. Democracy is fundamentally dysgenic - creates incentives for low intelligence numskulls to reproduce like rabbits because of the welfare state, lower taxes for lower income etc., while at the same time discourages more intelligent people from reproducing because of the same reasons. If human progress is essential, democracy must be replaced, or at least modified, so that those who have more to loose should have a higher weight on their vote e.g. the more you have $ in your account the higher the weight of your vote. That way $ become like shares in a company. Anyway democracy is fundamentally immoral because it uses force to solve non violent issues. Humanity should look for less violent systems in order to progress and live happier and to fix the incentives. Nowadays everything is solved by thereat of government agents gun pointed to your face, even to solve non-violent issues.
  11. Jed is not a character to be trusted because of happenings in MtGox and transitively Ripple cannot be trusted as well (first 1/3 of video was basically about this)
  12. How is describing some group as leftist not safe for work?
  13. If there is a definition of smug, that would be constant leftist baseless virtue signaling. Its easy to do that when this virtue signaling precisely aligns with interests of powers that be i.e. guns in charge.
  14. In forex industry effectively "they" use 6 most of the time. So lets hope gateways do not start setting ridiculous TickSizes like 3 for example.
  15. Wow, what a champ! Exiting to your precious echo chamber like a boss. Opposing views can hurt as much as a kick to the teeth by a wild stallion. Not all of us delicate flowers can handle this horse-crap. My heart is with you!