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  1. Awh, created yourself echo-chambery decorated safe space. How cute!
  2. Today XRP is in a second position by volume on poloniex and not falling as opposed to BTC, which is good for us zerpers.
  3. Do not want to spam a new topic so I'll post here as well. I am long time lurker and just registered. Hello everyone!
  4. The address in site I guess is correct because this site just shows official registration credentials of companies. Although if you look up this address in google maps you can see that it is some old soviet style residential apartment building, so I guess this address was just used to register the company and they do not really operate from there. Also in "Emploees" tab you can see that they have 0 ensured employees... Perhaps Ripple support could help in some way? After all BTC.btc2ripple basically was an official BTC IOU in Ripple Trade before migration to GateHub, that is one could send BTC straight to bitcoin network (or vice versa) using this service. So in that sense Ripple (Labs) at least partially morally (not only morally?) responsible, especially bearing in mind that they did not issue any recommendation that one should sell all BTC.btc2ripple before migration to GateHub (same goes for btc2ripple themselves obviously).