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  1. Unexpected email from GateHub

    You could not be more wrong in thinking that paper is less reliable than usb drive. How did you come up with this conclusion? Flash usb drive is probably the least reliable way to back up stuff. HDD drives probably a bit better, but in no way it beats paper for reliability (if you know what you are doing). It is quite sad that in this day and age paper is still king in that regard. Also you can print encrypted stuff on paper, i.e. don't have to print in plain text if you so choose.
  2. Bitstamp issuing address rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B is also 1 char shorter, although I'd guess they did not do that on purpose
  3. Order book socket

    I think you might be forgetting that XRP values returned by order book command are in drops, that is you need to divide it by 1000000 to get values in XRP. Also somehow your taker_gets and taker_pays in all shown cases are same values except that it is divided by 1000
  4. Drill XRP, drill baby

    90 days money back guarantee you guys!!! Although only limited warranty of 3 years...
  5. Drill XRP, drill baby

    http://www.dewalt.com/products/accessories/batteries-and-chargers/batteries/18v-xrp-battery-pack/dc9096 Make it 25%!!!
  6. Got My Ledger NANO S

  7. Got My Ledger NANO S

    USB flash drive is not a safe place to store your secrets (especially if whose secrets are not encrypted on those drives). Besides the obvious that someone could easily steal it if it is not ecrypted, USB drives are very poor at long term storage, because of the way they store data. CDs and DVDs not much better. HDDs I would say is a bit better, but still it can loose data over time, especially if you do not make full copy to itself of all its contents once in 3 years or something like that. Sorry to say this but paper in this digital age is till the most reliable way to store information. That is encrypted, printed on paper and stored somewhere safe (from people and physical elements) in 2 separate places. Can not beet that.
  8. Yes, I think they do setup few default trustlines to their gateway right after creating a wallet, you should be able to remove them though.
  9. 20 XRP you will not recover for now, unless Ripple network lowers minimum address XRP balance sometime, then you will be able to retrieve the difference. As for 41 XRP you probably have trustlines you have not closed, if you close them 21 XRP will be available.
  10. Making your rippled ghostly

    @mDuo13, good stuff, although too much overhead for my described need, i.e. will live without it @Sukrim, if google is the answer to everything, then why are we talking here?
  11. Those are transactions. Transaction not necessarily involve any trades i.e. exchanges (it can but does not have to). There are two ways to get exchanges using Data API: First is using exchanges like this: https://data.ripple.com/v2/accounts/rsyDrDi9Emy6vPU78qdxovmNpmj5Qh4NKw/exchanges?start=2015-08-01T00:00:00Z&end=2015-08-31T00:00:00Z Second is using balance_changes like this: https://data.ripple.com/v2/accounts/rsyDrDi9Emy6vPU78qdxovmNpmj5Qh4NKw/balance_changes?descending=false&limit=300&start=2015-05-01&end=2015-06-02&change_type=exchange change_type parameter is not documented, but very useful. Possible values for it: transaction_cost, exchange, intermediary, payment_source, payment_destination. Advantages of first method is that this call returns more info about the exchange. Main disadvantage is that amounts seen there does not include transfer fee (i.e. commission), which is not very good if you want to calculate taxes using it. Advantage of second method is that amounts seen there do include transfer fee (since it shows total balance change for particular tx excluding ripple tx fee in XRP, which is returned as separate record on this call, with change type transaction_cost). Disadvantage of second method is that it only returns balance changes, if out tx involves more than two balance changes, it becomes not clear which currency you bought/sold for which and how much. Also if you exchange using payment to yourself, it will show up as payment_source, payment_destination and not exchange, which further complicates things
  12. Making your rippled ghostly

    Anyone knows how some people manage to run rippled nodes with "Unknown location" as seen on topology page?
  13. LastledgerSequence exceeded!

    Those bastards are still using Ripple Inc. public rippleds </sarcasm> come on you guys, at least non other than a hub of gateways should have their own rippled!