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  1. sounds like were living in S-Korea in here.....
  2. Really weird on cryptocurrency market cap it's not the same. It's standing above 200 weird again a glitch i think.
  3. chucky1975


    Damn brother thats really sad to hear i wish u and your wife stay strong and hope there where the time is right try again . I have lost one to in the beginning but no we have three . It's difficult and i know you lost for this moment. And yes we all hope that XRP will give us hope for the futher and it will be her legacy........keep the faith brother.
  4. I aspect nothing just to see when it dus happen it would be great!!!! But the thing is i got this feeling in side of me that saying hold on things coming that no one sees coming. I know it sounds strange and silly but it is just that feeling i get...
  5. Who knows how fast that can be aranged.... really don't know. What i do think is when regulation comes a lott of alt coins are going down because of no use cases, the tech, cost, and white papers and on and on and on. Ripple has it all covered. So there doing a great job.
  6. Lady brings it really good just like i think it will happen...
  7. how late is that for people from UK and The Netherlands? 6 hours later???
  8. How can it start from march 20 and end in february 3 ??? isn' t february coming before march???
  9. Well let's not forget anything is possible in crypto world if you believe or not. I like his story and i agree anything is possible!! allready happy if it makes it up to 100 dollar lol but higher is Always nice to see if you see other coins doing allready high prices in the 100 dollars and higher so can XRP thats my believe. Time will tell and till than i just Hold!!
  10. What is that going to europe and not going to Amsterdam!!??? hahahaha trip is not complete!!
  11. Big things starts with a dream....a vision call it like you want i love to dream!!. Alex keep up the good work Bro!! i do believe in big things for Ripple and the XRP it all needs time.
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