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  1. Launch of Ripple (XRP) Trading on CEX.IO

    I like the volume, margins and organic taste. Everything else is full of carbonation and sugar. Tends to make ya fats and lazy.
  2. How much Burn can we expect/calculate

    It's almost like skin cells based upon this foray of number.
  3. Launch of Ripple (XRP) Trading on CEX.IO

    Hope and Change.
  4. Coinbase to Poloniex question

    Might have been a XRP delay fee seeing how you waited so long to buy.
  5. Not sure why or how that gets mentioned here.
  6. I was just parking some bitcoin in XRP and started looking around at the coin that has been lingering around the top for years. What I found was a reason for that stake. My daughter and her friends need this application (Ripple, XRP, whatever) for Vimeo, they complain it takes too long to exchange funds. They have no idea how to bitcoin and could care less.
  7. Sorry, I was napping. Let's see what I can do...
  8. XRP and S3 Corda (Amazon)

    What is more alarming are details of the settlement that are not public knowledge. I'm just looking for any addition facts on this subject. Feel it's really significant and not finding much.
  9. XRP and S3 Corda (Amazon)

    No worries. Time for a nap.
  10. XRP and S3 Corda (Amazon)

    You would actually need to reference the title (subject matter definition) then cross-reference that to the actual text in the body of the post. I was not sure if I could post in the Press Release area or getting that correct. Excuse my ignorance (this time) for being a noob (here). Also, if you don't know what I'm talking about, you obviously don't know what is going on with Ripple, their victories in court and this development and impact. I can be mean spirited as well, but would rather have someone reply with an actual opinion. IP
  11. XRP and S3 Corda (Amazon)

    Obviously I'm kinda new this XRP and Ripple, but is this the Pepsi to the Coke challenge going ons? Seems like Amazon would be a pretty significant win.
  12. Welcome

  13. Welcome

    Meow. Looking over the drapes and carpets. I think I'll stick around awhile. Might want to catch a quick naps first. Bottom a little tired, just wanted to let you know I have arrived. Thanks! IP