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  1. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/XRP/ALV:raEQc5krJ2rUXyi6fgmUAf63oAXmF7p6jp?interval=3d&range=1y&type=candlestick
  2. I have been running a validator for 3 years with a monthly bill of $200 or so. I recently had a "discussion" with her on twitter. https://r0bertz.blogspot.com/2020/02/has-tiffany-hayden-been-spreading-fud.html Also @JoelKatz just gave the talk yesterday. He made his point loud and clear. I support it 100%. However, I do think that there could be some way to compensate validator operator. In fact, we already have one. You know the validate key is associated with an XRPL address. https://github.com/codetsunami/xrpl-tools/tree/master/validator-address-tool Here
  3. Actually the default trading pair still doesn't work in the very first run. I will figure this out. Also I learned something new: some per-account settings are saved in a directory analogous to chrome config directory https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/docs/user_data_dir.md#Default-Location. It's just that the directory name is RippleAdminConsole instead of Chrome. And there's a chance that user may mess up the trading pair setting to a point that this directory must be deleted to recover. I know it because I messed it up myself. I really need to study how exactly th
  4. https://github.com/r0bertz/ripple-client-desktop/commit/0ad81dfa7a99670da627e79fd5a792b656552e28 The fix was not immediately obvious to me. Glad that I figured it out eventually. Will replace the binary files shortly.
  5. ripple-lib-orderbook is still using isValidAdress() which is already renamed to isValidClassicAddress() in latest ripple-address-codec. I will fix it. Sorry.
  6. IIUIC, XUMM app on iOS and android will provide some very basic features, like showing account balance. I haven't used it though.
  7. USD.Bitstamp is actually there. Somehow, the account address is shown in the drop down menu. If you select it, Bitstamp will show up instead. I will figure out why. I will remove dead gateways. BTW, here's my tip bot account if anyone feel like chipping in https://www.xrptipbot.com/u:r0bertz/n:twitter
  8. Server settings shows up if you check online. You figured that out already. Once you are online, everything should show up. I will change the link on 1.4.4 to my fork. I will try to get internationalization work. I will probably just remove the rest.
  9. Windows version released. Fixed some small issues as well.
  10. Disclaimer: this work is provided "as-is" and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Ripple Inc. in anyway. https://github.com/r0bertz/ripple-client-desktop/releases/ If you want to try it, please try it with testnet account, account with small balances, small transaction size, in that order. Because even though there is no known bug to me, after all this is a one man job. There could be bugs that I haven't seen yet. To change server to testnet server, check "Online mode" under Network settings. Testnet server address can be found here https://xrpl.org/xrp-testnet-faucet.html. After
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