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  1. I guess by SHAMapEntry you mean SHAMapItem, right? There is no SHAMapEntry in the code base. I am very interested in working on this. I am going to use prometheus to get some statistics about the cache first.
  2. When I made https://orderbook.xrp.ninja, I promised to release a bunch of scripts that I used to manage orders. I finally did it. https://github.com/r0bertz/xrpl-order-toolkit
  3. @BobWay If you use multiple instances to monitor multiple markets, an alternative solution to the multiple instances issue is to use https://orderbook.xrp.ninja plus a set of scripts to place/cancel order etc. I wrote some scripts which I am going to release later.
  4. Finally I have a working Linux executable. https://github.com/r0bertz/ripple-client-desktop/commit/34b30c90c22ca125a574c378d2703942769a390e It looks the reason that only one instance can run at any time is chrome refuses to start a second process if there is already one running with the same user profile $ packages/RippleAdminConsole-1.4.3/linux64/RippleAdminConsole-1.4.3 [4382:4382:0518/235531.449014:ERROR:process_singleton_posix.cc(311)] Failed to create /home/lezhang/.config/RippleAdminConsole/SingletonLock: File exists (17) [4382:4382:0518/235531.450925:ERROR:chrome_browser_main.cc(1441)] Failed to create a ProcessSingleton for your profile directory. This means that running multiple instances would start multiple browser processes rather than opening a new window in the existing process. Aborting now to avoid profile corruption. [4382:4387:0518/235531.456599:ERROR:browser_gpu_channel_host_factory.cc(139)] Failed to launch GPU process. I think this probably can be solved by specifying a different user profile. However I am not sure how to do that now. Will look further.
  5. Sorry, I take it back. I just did a test. I launched the client with: $ ./node_modules/.bin/nw .build/ Turned out this process doesn't listen on any port. I also ran the currently not working executable file. It does listen on a port. But that's a debug port. So my theory was wrong. I will need to figure this out. However, I do think web socket connections shouldn't affect each other, especially if they are established in different processes.
  6. The problem I think is each binary launches a small http server which will open the same port on localhost and they will conflict with each other, only the first one wins.
  7. Great! I wish they were available earlier. It took me some time to realize that LedgerIndex is not ledger index.
  8. Yes. I can confirm the bug. To save you from typing password, you can also go offline and online again. But the checkbox that controls online/offline is 2 or maybe 3 clicks away from the normal interface which is annoying too. I haven't spent any time debugging the bug yet.
  9. https://xrpcommunity.blog/how-to-use-regular-key-and-disable-master-key-with-ripple-desktop-client/
  10. https://developers.ripple.com/data-api.html#get-exchange-rates BTW if you are calculating your profit or cost basis, you may find this useful https://github.com/r0bertz/node-xrp-tax
  11. https://github.com/r0bertz/node-xrp-tax
  12. https://github.com/r0bertz/ripple-client-desktop/commit/53534294823c1ebae6abdb9f6d6a681c84aa973f Inline javascript is disabled by default since less 3.0.0. This breaks server status animation. The above cl fixed it and dramatically improved readability.
  13. Fixed the previous commit. The account list of a combined order grows overtime when it shouldn't be. https://github.com/r0bertz/xrpl-orderbook/commit/e68e6c3074dcc9e32678303d422fd892ef61e45b
  14. Keep the account of merged orders to make it behave the same way as xrpcharts.ripple.com. Previously if orders are merged, if you move your mouse over the merged order, you can see only one address which is misleading. https://github.com/r0bertz/xrpl-orderbook/commit/040b3c65db35ddb344a9bade85416a34135dd1ef
  15. Fixed a bug where my order is unexpectedly combined with the next one. It only happens when the next order is too close to mine. So I didn't notice it before. https://github.com/r0bertz/xrpl-orderbook/commit/c0b4d50a78781fa46fe56307c8c03ac859f4da15
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