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  1. When the banks that they deal with are all on ripple.
  2. I think Alipay want xCurrent but they don't want to pay for it. So they developed their own version. I don't even worry about the interoperability. (But it's in their best interest that they make it interoperable with xCurrent). As long as there is a connector role in their system, XRP can benefit eventually. Because they will soon realize an XRP market maker may be a better connector than a bank or the bank may eventually operate an XRP market maker.
  3. r0bertz

    My Theory On Ripple and AliPay

    My take is XRP is currently not used. But it can be used in the future when Alipay realizes it's more cost-efficient to use XRP, at which point, it will ditch SC and replace it with an XRP market maker.
  4. Someone has posted this link in other thread already. But it's not getting the attention that it deserves. So I am posting it again. It's very obvious to me that this is an ILP-like system. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/26/cnbc-transcript-douglas-feagin-president-of-international-business.html This sounds like the two phase execution in ILP
  5. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/26/cnbc-transcript-douglas-feagin-president-of-international-business.html https://www.sc.com/en/media/press-release/we-have-been-appointed-by-ant-financial-as-core-partner-bank-for-its-new-blockchain-cross-border-remittance-service/ It's now clear to me that this so-called blockchain is something like ILP. And SC in this blockchain works like a connector in ILP. That's it, folks.
  6. People, just relax. AFAICT, Alipay's blockchain doesn't have a native currency. This means they can't just replicate this in every corridor. They would need a SC in every corridor for that to happen. This is where XRP excels. It is a bridge assert for any corridor.
  7. A private chain doesn't need consensus. So even milliseconds is possible. But again, a private chain is not much better than a normal database.
  8. They do say that the bank is providing liquidity. So it's definitely not something like xRapid. So XRP should have no role here. However, the blockchain, whatever they mean by it in this case, probably doesn't play any significant role. At best, it does book keeping. IMO, the blockchain in this case involves xCurrent AND/OR some private chain developed by Alipay. And if it's the latter only, it is no better than a normal centralized database.
  9. r0bertz

    Robinhood adding crypto

    https://crypto.robinhood.com/ Add yourself to waitlist after opening an account.
  10. r0bertz

    My validator died last night

    xrp.ninja validator is fully operational now. I guess the initial problem was cause by some insane (testnet) peers. It didn't recover after I blocked those peers with iptables. I believe that was because I changed database from rocksdb to nudb and kept using online_delete. NuDB is supposed to be used in full history server since it doesn't support delete. I have attached a picture. That line represents the percentage of uptime that the validator stays in full mode (fully synced). When it stops growing, it will start syncing. My guess is that is when online_delete kicked in. I have no proof though, as of now. Now I have switched back to rocksdb again. Everything is working fine. That line is now asymptotically approaching 100. BTW, I have also changed ledger_history to none. I will changed it back to some positive value. I believe the validator will work fine after that.
  11. I know that. But there are so much more to monitor. I think validators (and validator operators) can compete, on all sorts of metrics. Blindly trusting institutions is naive.
  12. r0bertz

    Block insane peer?

    I created another custom metric for how much time (as percentage of uptime) validator stays in each state and created a chart for it. The chart shows 'syncing' time started to increase 9:27 pm. At the same time, Network inbound traffic and disk write increased, which I guess makes sense. I will try to create a chart that shows traffic from each host, hopefully that can help me to figure out what the problem really is.
  13. I hope we can build some metrics into rippled so that we can have some monitoring system scrape time series data from those metrics, show them on some dashboard so that people can see the performance of all validators and then choose their own validators to trust.