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  1. I've waited 3 years to see XRP reach a target that I want to sell at. Why sell now? I'm in profit but even if it goes lower, that money I spent 3 years ago is LONG GONE. I might as well wait until it becomes life changing money. Until then, I'll let it ride.
  2. Uggghhhh...didn't we go through this already in 2018 and 2019? Great news comes out for XRP....price dumps 50%. I know this is all about Bitcoin...but I don't miss those days. Oh well, will just have to wait a little longer.
  3. I only follow a handful of tokens. None of them sold off like that. Can you tell me what other tokens sold off like that? I was just thinking somebody made a HUGE boo boo entering a position and accidentlly sold their whole stack. If that's the case, I am LMAO.
  4. WTF just happened? This is on the 5 minute candle chart of XRPUSD on Poloniex?
  5. Very well said @wogojump. Thanks for that post.
  6. Has anybody else noticed how XRP hasn't been dumping as hard when BTC goes down after the SEC filing? Now that BG and CL cannot dump their bags, the price doesn't seem to be fluctuating as much. I don't think there is animosity (inside the XRP community) about Ripple the project or company. I think the animosity you're are seeing here is targeted at BG and CL. After years of being told how wonderful they are, it turns out that they were making themselves obscenely rich no matter the consequences. Two things can be true at the same time: 1) There are those here who feel that what BG and CL did in selling their XRPs is 100% fine and those who invested in XRP have no expectation of turning a profit 2) Then there are those who feel betrayed that BG and CL were selling their XRPs while the price fell over 90% from it's ATH causing the investor community to lose trust in XRP the investment. There's nothing wrong with being in either camp. You be you. I can be wrong (feel free to correct me) but the animosity you are seeing is coming from the second group. That group doesn't have animosity towards Ripple the project, company or David Schwartz, just the actions from the executives at the top.
  7. While my sentiment is not as strong as yours about BG, I am closer to your sentiment than others. That being said, two things can be true at the same time, BG/CL sold off huge stacks of XRP for their personal gain AND Ripple the company is working/innovating very hard to make a groundbreaking technology that will change all our lives for the better. I prefer to focus on what was not said. He never said anything about the selling off of XRP. Remember, two things can be true at the same time: 1 - What BG/CL did was legal 2 - What BG/CL did has led the overwhelming majority of investors (not just crypto investors) to distrust Ripple the company causing great harm to XRP holders I would like to know the following (in case anybody has the answers) in the future. What was the settlement offer rejected by Ripple with SEC? At what rate was he selling his XRP? Was he selling at a higher rate than Jed? If so, that would be very bad IMO. If less than Jed, then that would restore some faith by me in him (but not much).
  8. Agree with kenrino. As long as they give you the ability to send your existing XRP to a wallet, it's on you to figure it out. I keep a portion of my stack on Coinbase and they state they will continue to allow me to send and receive XRP from/to Coinbase. They just won't allow me to sell through their website. If XRP hits a price point that I want to sell, it's up to me to send my XRP to an exchange that will allow me to sell.
  9. You must be old like me to remember something like that or you have been in a coma for the last four years. With the popularity of social media in America, you are guilty until you are proven innocent. If you are proven innocent, you are still guilty because the social media mob cannot be allowed to be wrong. This is the time we live in!
  10. You're absolutely correct. When I mentioned XLM, it was to say that I had diversified my investments. As a newbie, I was all in with XRP. After the bust of 2018, I realized that I had to stop being blinded by the A.x. C..b and J....le I.. of the world and start diversifying. But we are in XRPCHAT so we are focused on XRP here. I consider myself lucky because my other coins are doing well in this bull-run and allows me to yawn when XRP crashes in price. Heck; if it goes a lot lower, I may even buy some more with my gains on my other coins. Otherwise; I will just wait for everything to be settled with the SEC but I expect that to be a while.
  11. You are right. It used to be; if you said anything negative, you would be run out of the community. Now, everybody is depressed. I got my stack in 2017 before the boom and was a newbie and I did not have an exit strategy so I didn't sell any of my stack. As far as I'm concerned, its lost money so I am not losing sleep over it. I'm just curious to see if XLM will overtake XRP in price. That was blasphemous not too long ago...but now...it's a very real possibility. I hedged my bets in 2017 with buying a small stack of XLM. That small stack is now worth more than my XRP.
  12. Selling incrementally? $600 million dollars? I want to sell incrementally like that! https://news.accurateft.com/2020/12/23/ripple-ceo-turns-down-sec-settlement-offer-electing-to-fight-charges-instead/
  13. Don't know how important this is but it's nice to see usage progress (no matter how small) like this in relation to the rest of the crypto market. https://bitcoinist.com/why-xrp-trades-more-than-bitcoin-in-mexico/
  14. Sorry about the previous post. The subject title seemed inappropriate so I deleted it and re-posted with a better title. I would think that Ripple (even passively) being spoken about positively by a high-ranking US official should be cheered. Is this going to be just another case of Ripple good news = lower price? Or should I just shrug this off as just another day of nothing? https://u.today/ripple-to-be-welcomed-by-us-government-infers-brad-garlinghouse-from-steven-mnuchins-speech Curious about the thoughts on this from others in the community.
  15. Here's an article suspecting insider trading associated with Binance adding futures trading with XRP. https://beincrypto.com/binance-xrp-futures-exchange-market-early/
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