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  1. My dear Beratnas, Aren't these incredibly exciting times right now? We've been holding XRP for years now without any significant speculative success and now our boring coin ends up deciding the crypto World (in the US) ? Where will we stand as XRP holders in 3-4 years? As the loyal winners who have always believed in XRP or as the biggest idiots who held on to a coin for years while left and right some kids have become millionaires with dogs and cat coins? We'll know more by 2025 at the latest. I hope we will be rewarded one day and the whole world will be excited to be able to buy an XRP for under 40$.
  2. It looks like the market has run out of steam. The air has simply gone out of it. No momentum at all, not a bit of hype anymore. I think it makes sense to just take a little distance, nothing more happens here for a few weeks.
  3. I don't expect anything at all from XRP. But if something happens, then I will be there
  4. Can XRP please now slowly rise to € 10? I have plans to retire
  5. How every idiot makes money. With Doge, Cardano, Solana. You get percentages, you get percentages. And we're sitting here at our 1/3 ATH of 2018 hoping for the miracle. What a shit
  6. Money does not change everything, but it changes a lot, because every form of expression of your wealth also changes your environment. Let's say you are a normal dude with a medium income and all your friends are also normal dudes with medium incomes. Now you suddenly have a few million dollars and you spend a little more money than usual. Your house gets a little bigger, the furnishings more luxurious, the TV bigger, whatever, maybe a convertible, the food gets higher quality, the vacations a little more expensive, the free time a little more. All of that has an effect - on you, and on your dudes, too. Some of them will be envious, others will feel that you're out of touch, or that they're "not good enough" anymore, etc. You yourself will no longer be able to imagine eating the cheap cheese from the supermarket, your own demands will inevitably rise. Everything we do changes us and changes our environment. If everything is to remain as it is, do nothing, but then you don't need several million, because you don't use them anyway. My text sounds very negative now, but of course it can also develop in a completely different direction. You will become a much better person, your intercourse will be better, you will get new friends who are better people than your old ones and so on.
  7. I am totally relaxed. I am waiting for christmas/q1 2022 to invest
  8. Still Bulls here? Its over guys. I hope u take some profits
  9. I hate this phase of the market. There is way too little profit to sell and way too expensive to buy. Come on market, do something. Up or down
  10. My dear children, I am here to share more depressing facts so that you will learn and not (like me) blindly chase and believe in a single coin. The risk is far too great! Diversify your crypto portfolio or you can fall on your face. I share the following link: https://cryptorank.io/ath Here you can see when which coin had its ATH. The bull run took place for very many coins, they formed a new ATH 2020 and 2021. Of the top 50 coins, only 8(!) did NOT reach a new ATH in 2020/2021. XRP (2018), Bitcoin Cash (2017), Stellar (2018), Tron (2018), EOS (2018), IOTA (2017), NEO (2018), ALGO (2019). Is the bull run over? Looks like. Those who bet on these coins have fallen on their face, waitin for nothing. I am one of them, despite some profits. Diversify your portfolio! Learn from it! Nothing is set in stone. XRP is not the ultimate coin, it is (until today) a disappointment.
  11. Maybe he is the biggest bad boy of the forum and shorts BTC like no one else and his eternal bullish narrative is only there to provide enough liquidity by unsuspecting sheeple
  12. Holy Where is my green candle Eric!! U promised! U were the chosen one!!
  13. And that, my dear children, is why I have learned not only to HODL, but also to sell to take profits. Will the price go up again or will it go down again? Will we see 2.50€ XRP in October (blah blah bullrun like 2013, double peak blah blah) or 0.20€ XRP (everything is over, we all gonna die)? No one knows. And because nobody knows - sell a share of your investment. I never wanted to touch my HODL-XRP, but I did and sold 10% of it at around 1,20€. It was the best decision. Bear markets are tough. At least now I have enough capital to eventually add back in the crypto winter. And diversified. And then I go into the next bull market with XRP, FLR, BTC, possibly ETH and HBAR. And if no bear market comes now I have 90% XRP just waiting to explode. So remember. Always sell a little in these wild times. edit: as long as you are in the green zone for sure
  14. Aaaaaah the betrayal! But i have the screenshot
  15. Ty for all likes. The clean perfection! Lets go for 800-1600 Kisses to all
  16. This is also a good way. I think it all depends on your own investment goals: What do I want to achieve with my investment in crypto? My goal is very clear: at least 500k €. Which of course means that I don't take profits that others would take immediately, because I can't speculate on buying back cheaply, because I don't know 100% if the price will ever drop that low again. What if XRP never drops below 0.5€ again? Does one know it? That's why I have to hodle a big part of it.
  17. No one knows with 100% certainty where the journey will lead. That is why it is important to take profits now and then. I learned from 2017/2018 where I didn't sell a single coin and watched my profits melt away. I sold 10% of my XRP between 1.10-1.20€ and it feels good. You have to take profits selectively otherwise 3 years of bear market is a pain.
  18. What bothers me the most is not that the bull market is possibly over, but that the possible good news from XRP will fall into a possible bear market and it will have no impact. Jed sold everything? Nobody cares Ripple wins the legal case? The price jumps happily from 20c to 24c Too bad it's all over possibly. XRP capped its crappy 2018-2020 with a pathetic bull run well below the ATH. The best thing about my XRP so far has been my Sparks that I will get.
  19. Where is my big green candle? Hello? Green candle?
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