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  2. Trade-XRP: Sell when XRP reach Target (0,63$+) HODL-XRP: Sell 90% when reach Target 10% of HODL-XRP I will take to my grave or bequeath to my Children. I don't want to be the guy who sells all his zerps for $5 and seven years later they're worth $500.
  3. Well, that's your justified opinion and I think it's also good to hope for things, but I wouldn't expect anything. You are assuming an exponential development of ODL. Good. What effect it has on the price you don't know, you can only guess. Fact is, since the ATH since January 18 XRP is in the descent, although - xRapid was announced -xRapid was tested -xRapid has listed the first customers using XRP in the real world - xRapid (ODL) gets more and more customers. We all hope that the price will do something, but it is not more than hope.
  4. I like your optimism! But now it's time for depressing real talk! A "To the moon" with numbers like end 2017/beginning 2018 will not happen so fast. Why? Because then there was a mania, a hysteria built up over the year 2017, which ended in popping the bubble. "I own Bitcoin" was the new "I am Vegan", the mass media was full of hype, every week a new all-time high, even my mother knew what Bitcoin is, in the circle of friends everybody played with a few Euros and "invested" in doge-coin and other shit. Christmas 2017, there was no other topic. None of that comes back, as the Dot com Bubble burst only once and not 3 years later again all celebrated a party. The only thing that causes the prices to go crazy again is REAL adoption of the technology (and that takes, we're talking about the next 5-10 years) or a new Bitcoin run that brings everything back with it. Both are far away. Sorry for that, but there are often some charts posted that assume some fabulous 20$+ in the next 7 months. Please don't believe in this - Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple have to become the new Greta Thunberg or the new Hong Kong and haunt the mass media of the big industrial countries every fkng day to trigger a crazy xrp bullrun
  5. I expect a slow, crawling decline to $0.19 that sucks all positive life energy from every HODLer, so anyone who's been around for over 2 years wishes they sold every single XRP on January 04, 2018. So I cannot be disappointed #mindgames
  6. OH NO Plz take all my Zerps trustfully Internetstranger! thx for saving my money
  7. I can understand the users who are slowly losing hope. Since the all-time high, since the beginning of 2018 XRP is only going downhill (with single spikes in between) although XRP is used more and more, although RippleNet is making progress, although the network is getting bigger and bigger. The successful path of Ripple is not reflected in the XRP price in any way, so I understand all the doubts, because if you are honest, with all the "do the math"-blabla, we have no idea how the price develops. we are all here because we hope that at some point the price will meet our individual expectations. There are reasons for that, but there are also enough reasons why the price doesn't rise. Time will show how everything develops. In 10 years we will either be wise visionaries who have earned a golden nose, or the biggest idiots in the world who have put real money into digital crap. I'm going on the trip - my HODL-XRP are secured in my NanoLedgers. But I would like to silver my TradeXRP for a little cash. That's why: GO XRP! Show me the 0,50$
  8. aaaand back to the ashes Best Swell Pump Ever Ey Molten, Chart me this crash
  9. To be honest, I am not very happy with the assumption that the price will increase through use either. The argument aims at the shortage of the offer: If not enough XRP is available to transfer sum X, XRP must become inevitably more expensive around sum X to transfer to be able. There are however over 50 billion XRP not yet around circulation, speak the offer at XRP becomes everything else than scarce, since again and again XRP can be shot into the market. I believe also in XRP, but that makes me already worried. I would be much happier if all 100 billion XRP were already in circulation and there would be a "real" shortage. Currently, 70-80% of escrow XRP is declining again, which means that the potential for a possible shortage (1 billion per month is not enough to cover the demand) is far from given.
  10. Everybody is partying, the SWELLpump is comin' A filthy Market Manipulater: Nope Ridiculous
  11. That's the point. XRP is a longterm investment in an extremely young, highly manipulated market. There will be extremely many highs and lows. But, and now the big one though, as long as ripple and all the other companies that work with the XRP Ledger grow and extend their feelers to new customers, XRP has a value as long as that. It's a high-risk game on time. My only fear is the development of quantum computers, because if the ledger is no longer safe with a technological advance in this area, then XRP is worthless digital junk.
  12. OK Guys, back to bed, this was our swell pump! U had ur 0.30 cent fun, now back to 0,29xy and garlinhouse like:
  13. The 3 biggest Walls in history of mankind 3.) Helms Deep 2.) Chinese Wall 1.) 0.30 $ Resistance XRP
  14. That annoying 0.30 Standard for month, now we cant stay above for more then few hours. PRESS DA BUTTON GARLIN'HOUSE. I wanna ma Christmas Money Baby
  15. MISTA GALINHOUSE, WHEN WE ARE FREEE!!! Well..didnt aged well
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