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  1. One of the greatest Hopium papers of all time. Seems fancy and highly scientific but even as a Stanford professor is an assumption what could happen in 12 years (paper from June 2018), pure glass ball. So much happens in 12 years, so you should always treat such papers with a little caution. Of course all this can happen, but nobody knows. Not even Mrs. Athey
  2. Sad but true. I have always believed in Ripple but if I take a really rational approach and don't dream of being a millionaire tomorrow, then the result is sobering and there is no reason to believe in the big change. Be honest. Ripple Labs exists since 8 years(!!) - at the end of 2019 there were 534 employees. They are still looking for the usecase for XRP, ridiculous amounts of money are flowing through the payment network, the number of customers is manageable, the ODL flows have collapsed, Progress looks different. For comparison Facebook had after 8 years on the market over 5 billion USD turnover and over 4500 employees. Ripple, on the other hand, is not getting off the ground and the list of excuses of the fanboys (no regulation yet blah blah) is getting more and more embarrassing. What have I gone through? SBI Blink of an eye, Bakkt is getting huge, the Xrapid/ODL flows are getting bigger and bigger and you will break away from BTC. It's all bullshit. Even the biggest FUD "BANKS WILL NEVER USE XRP" is absolutely valid today. What should I believe in? I don't believe in anything anymore and Ripple Labs makes it really easy - they have been producing lies and shit for 3 years. Embarrassing marketing wishy-washy without growth and hope for every single XRP owner. Also the other day: Brad's 2 weeks old video to the staff, which was only an embarrassment because of the ODL break-in. The company is a small software company with a failed product with no customers - let's see when Brad unpacks the next stalling lie.
  3. But... But why? The Deer said the fuse has been litt!
  4. i was referring to trump's nickname for ted cruz lyin ted https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nicknames_used_by_Donald_Trump Holy, Trump has really come up with some funny names
  5. I have no problem if the transformation process takes longer, but Ripple is not transparent and above all they lie. They lie to us (the public) and that makes me very angry. I am aware that they don't owe XRPHodlers anything, but they could stop lying to them knowingly!
  6. Of course not. But I hope that XRP will reach the 0.40-50 cent again. Then I will be out with a big profit and that will be ok
  7. This. Absolutely disappointing news. You shouldn't be blinded by the marketing blabber, Ripple and XRP have been looking for their usecase for the last few years and it seems to be nowhere to find one. First Xrapid, then the rebranding to ODL, then new customer groups, Miguel Vias has left the company. Then the fact that the number of customers stagnates on a low level (200..now 350 2 years later. This is not the growth of a company marching ahead). The price of XRP since the bubble beyond good and bad, plus numerous promises that were not kept and finally Brad's embarrassing XRP > Bitcoin 2020 tweets and the clear lack of commitment to XRP when talking to Chatterley(?) I am really served by these chatterers. It doesn't bother me that everything takes a bit longer, it bothers me that they constantly fail to deliver. They spit in the face of all the people who bought XRP. Next rigged bull run I'm out with 90% of my XRP. **** You Ripple. Seriously
  8. Many always forget that XRP was actually worth a very long time under 3000, even 2000 and 1000 Satoshis. Explosive eruptions have always been short lived and if history repeats itself then there will be another eruption and XRP will be worth a lot for a short time.
  9. My dream would be to bundle the remaining XRP in a global organization and to put them only into the market to ensure liquidity and to stabilize the price. Comparable to Opec and oil. Of course the price per XRP should be at a quite high level. 5€ would be absolutely life-changing for me, everything above that would be an absolute bonus. Something like 20€ I cannot imagine today, because this would lead to many millionaires, whereby one can assume that many will sell there before (1,2,3,5,8,12,15,18 4 example)
  10. What is my insight? That everything that happens is in the realm of what was logically conceived before, but it still hurts when it actually happens. I am one of the "lucky ones" who are still slightly in the green zone with their HodlXRP, but the investment is currently not fun. Check out the forum. Dead. Many have left, moved on, deleted themselves. I will take this trip, but it is hard and boring. My first conclusion I draw on 1.1.22.
  11. And in the current phase this is also ok. Until the price of XRP rises through the utility, years will pass, if it happens at all. In the short term, speculation (and manipulation) is the only thing that can cause big jumps. Hence all eyes on BTC and its development after the halving. The halving should have a positive effect on the price of BTC in the medium term (Mid 2021 following). If BTC then reappears in regions 14-15k+, greed and the mass media will do the rest. Until then it is simply a matter of waiting. My opinion
  12. Thats it. Etoro offers u a "playmoney" account with, surprise surprise, 100k. I am gold too, but have only 10k on that platform. But not in crypto
  13. I think it's already cool how an external factor is again being blamed for the collapse of prices in this completely small and unimportant market like crypto. Fortunately there is the coronavirus, like the Chinese New Year, and the Wall Street buying season, and the bad guys from Coinbase and and and. Maybe all that shit is worth nothing and people are starting to realize that? A few bits and bytes of no real value, a few whales controlling it all. It's the wild west-- the virus is a nice excuse
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