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  1. Holy Moly what a bloodbath. I smell the fear, i like it
  2. Tiny lil XRP *****. Back where it started. No Bullrun 4 u today honey. Pathetic performance
  3. Those awkward outburst attempts. Today at noon we are right back at the beginning. The selling pressure on XRP is gigantic. And we haven't even reached $1 yet. I don't know where the momentum is supposed to come from, it looks like XRP is trapped
  4. I hope it for them I just want XRP to reach like 8-15€. I dont need more
  5. Happy Facts for XRP friends to lift your spirits Of the TOP 50 coins, XRP is the second furthest away from the all-time high Since the ATH XRP is 85.6% away, only ZCash tops that with over 90% Beyond that. XRP is 40th out of 46 (excluding stablecoins in the top 50) when it comes to value growth since one year! An unfathomable 93.09%!!!!!! For comparison: - ADA 1430% - DOGE 1901% - DOT 819% - LINK 681% Ahahahahaha Kill me..
  6. In theory, yes, but the company has not lived up to its statements and that reflects poorly on the exchange. This is what they wrote: I have already written to support on February 2 and have not received a reply yet. Bitstamp is silent and that worries me because I actually want to use the exchange also to sell my XRP later, but I'm starting not to trust them anymore.
  7. At first I thought it was good too, but my expectations were somewhat dampened by Bitstamp's behavior. Until today I have not received any message how many Sparks I should get. This does not put Bitstamp in a good light, as they have always been the most reputable exchange for me.
  8. I asked their support, still no answer. anyone else?
  9. What a ride today! I couldn't eat that much popcorn. For me, everything under 4-5€ is uninteresting, so I look at such children pump and dumbs always with relish
  10. According to Bitstamp, users should be notified by the end of January how many Spark they will finally receive. Has anyone who has a bitstamp account received a message from Bitstamp? i havnt..
  11. I don't think the established banks are afraid. I don't understand this argument. These are multi-billion conglomerates, Ripple is a silicon valley startup. If Goldmann Sachs thinks Ripple is the Next Big Thing, they would use the software or just buy part of Ripple. But why was there no JPM GS or Citi in the 3rd round funding? Please don't make Ripple bigger than they are.
  12. at neuro Yes and no Of course a lot of manipulation plays into it (tether, whalepumps etc), but the market leader Bitcoin is also simply ingeniously designed to rise in value. Halving effectively makes mining a new BTC twice as expensive, meaning the miner has no incentive to sell his BTC at a lower price because he then makes a loss. This takes a lot of selling pressure out of the market. Together with the simple propaganda that BTC keeps rising, this is already enough.
  13. Basically, what bothers him about many crypto projects is exactly what bothers me about Ripple. It pretends to be a decentralized network, but it is actually an organization that holds more than 50% of the available tokens and uses their sale to finance the company. I can understand that the SEC, not only with Ripple, has a bad feeling about this, because the sale can be seen as a sale of an unregistered security. Of course, with the token you don't have voting rights in the Ripple company, but still, since they hold so many tokens, you are dependent on their development and the
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