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  1. I think it's already cool how an external factor is again being blamed for the collapse of prices in this completely small and unimportant market like crypto. Fortunately there is the coronavirus, like the Chinese New Year, and the Wall Street buying season, and the bad guys from Coinbase and and and. Maybe all that shit is worth nothing and people are starting to realize that? A few bits and bytes of no real value, a few whales controlling it all. It's the wild west-- the virus is a nice excuse
  2. I am looking for a paper that an organization or investment company published about 1 year ago. It was a PDF, a few pages, and they assumed that all utility coins (stellar, xrp, etc) would fall to 0.01 cent sooner or later. does anyone still have this paper? I would like to know again what reasons they used, because currently they are absolutely right. Lower highs, lower lows, in every ******* Cicle maybe this one, but I'm almost sure it looked a little different https://research.bloomberg.com/pub/res/d37g1Q1hEhBkiRCu_ruMdMsbc0A
  3. I sold my trade xrp at. 3275 and i am totally fine with it.
  4. My HODL-XRP is in the green zone, I sold my Trade-XRP almost completely at 0.3275 (one 0.235 position, one 0.24 position, one 0.30 position from October) I have a (very small) position at 0.37 which is very much in the red, but it's only 2% of my XRP, so I just sit this one out. Currently I have 98% HODL-XRP, where I bought a lot less than 0.20 Cent and 2% TRADE-XRP, which is currently red. I did not reinvest the profit from the Trade XRP, but withdrew it from Crypto. At least currently
  5. You don't understand the problem I have with PhiGuy's explanations. Anyone can speculate, anyone can try to predict the path of the asset. The TAers back up their views with charts - sometimes they are right, sometimes not, but they provide a plausible explanation why they came to this conclusion. On the other hand, we have those based on feeling. Mostly fully loaded with Hopium without argumentative background. This I consider fun, is also ok - nothing else is the "what price do you expect in 2020" thread. But PhiGuy mixes these two worlds. He claims that the price could take a development, claims he has data or a reason for this, but does not post it and only makes it available to an exclusive circle of followers via PM. This upsets me because bullshit. If he has data that supports his theses, then he should just post it and you can form your own opinion. All this cinnabar about mysterious data and "write me if you want to know more" after he opened his own thread about his predictions (!) is nonsense. It's bad that you don't see that
  6. Oh, excuse me very much. I didn't know that you can't afford to have a little fun, even if a person makes wild claims, doesn't substantiate them in a public forum, but only makes the information available through dubious PMs, and overlooks all his false predictions afterwards and simply makes new claims. To this day we have no reason why PhiGuy saw a high chance for 40+ cents. ("data looks good") It's always possible that the prediction won't come true, after all we're talking about high probability and not absolute certainty (and that is totally fine). Nevertheless, people who make claims without justification are not to be taken seriously. But PhiGuy went even further - he didn't substantiate his claim, let the time of his false predictions simply pass by and then had the audacity to open another thread with "it begins now, enjoy the ride". I'm old enough not to make my investment decisions dependent on people from an internet forum, but there are certainly a handful of young inexperienced cryptokids who need to be protected from such posters
  7. PhiGuy, can u plz help me? I am searching for mid to high 40s and cant find them There is a lousy. 20 cent guy in the lobby and i am afraid to ask, where the enjoyable ride to the stars is heading from
  8. My expectation too. Its not over. Maybe it will never be
  9. Ey Garlin'house Aged well, didn it? Maybe i am retarded cause XRP-Hodling is just ****** up masochist stuff since 2018
  10. Happens Lets see if we see a new low. Like. 14 or shit
  11. Ignore the noise, data still as predicted, enjoy the ride. Next impuls in in probably 2 month, expectation 14-16.58$. PM me for more information. Buy my trader ebook for incredible 39.99$ an join me to www.obnoxiousoffshoretradingplattform.com
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