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  1. I checked my wallet today. Still not a Milionaire. Dafuck is XRP doin? Brad betrayed me Commooon do something. If this Coin didn du nuffin until 2022, ima out
  2. Oh there it is again, the sweet disappointment. One thing you have to give XRP credit for, they have managed to trample every tender hope with further disappointments for years. No matter if it's the price, no matter if Ripple underdelivers again, XRP has been a constant disappointment since January 5th 2018. It goes down again guys, enjoy it and suffer.
  3. Now come the interesting weeks. I am concentrating on Bitcoin, because what Bitcoin does, the rest usually does too. After the short bull run now follows the completely normal phase of correction, where the air is taken out. The all-important question: Where is the bottom of the correction? - Does Bitcoin lose its momentum and we experience, like in 2019, a downward spiral lasting until Christmas with lower lows for many alts? or - Does Bitcoin stay above 10-11k and now moves sideways for a few weeks and then starts through to 13-14-15k? This is the only interesting que
  4. The next few weeks will be the decisive ones. Will XRP create a new temporary high above 34 cents and thus cause a trend reversal, will we stay in the down channel and get a new lower low or will XRP show a new higher low and break through the 0.34 from this base? We will see. I stick to it: As long as XRP does not break through the 0.40 I see no reason for short-term euphoria. In 2019 the BTC Rally also went into the 12-13k and what followed were months of depression with pretty ugly lows for XRP.
  5. Be prepared for the normal 4 weeks pump 3 month bleed out cycle. Wake me up, when xrp is back in the 40ies I am still not impressed
  6. Ok guys, let the snowball start. I am so ******* ready for a new cryptomania!
  7. Please do not recall this very embarrassing episode of the great Ripple CEO. XRP had a higher percentage of profit than BTC for a brief moment in the year and Brad felt compelled to blab on twitter. Not a word about the fact that BTC gained over 50-100% in value in 2019, while XRP was one of the worst performers and lost a lot of value. Also today BTC YTD is at ~+29%, XRP at +3%. Brad should rather concentrate on his work, I was just ashamed of his tweet back then. He hit every XRP owner who only lost money between 2018 and 2020 in the face.
  8. One of the greatest Hopium papers of all time. Seems fancy and highly scientific but even as a Stanford professor is an assumption what could happen in 12 years (paper from June 2018), pure glass ball. So much happens in 12 years, so you should always treat such papers with a little caution. Of course all this can happen, but nobody knows. Not even Mrs. Athey
  9. Sad but true. I have always believed in Ripple but if I take a really rational approach and don't dream of being a millionaire tomorrow, then the result is sobering and there is no reason to believe in the big change. Be honest. Ripple Labs exists since 8 years(!!) - at the end of 2019 there were 534 employees. They are still looking for the usecase for XRP, ridiculous amounts of money are flowing through the payment network, the number of customers is manageable, the ODL flows have collapsed, Progress looks different. For comparison Facebook had after 8 years on the ma
  10. But... But why? The Deer said the fuse has been litt!
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