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  1. Is this for real? Brad G. always claims that as the largest owner of XRP they are naturally interested in the success of the digital asset. But what does success mean. Success for Ripple means that XRP is liquid and is being used. It does not mean that the price should rise. Ripple Labs is sitting on 50 billion XRP, which at current prices is more than $10 billion - they are completely happy with it. Add to that the action from DS. At around 0.30 cent, he is selling his XRP as part of a derisking(!) strategy. The CTO - THE one who has the deepest insight into XRP. So 0.30 cent is risky? Doesn't he assume that the asset will rather increase in value? Or does he have insider information about the fact that XRP is much too highly valued and also works well in the ODL solution with 0.02 cent, which means XRP was a success for Ripple. Do you understand what I mean? I trust the guys and girls from Ripple, but please, after 2 years of decline, it's time to deliver. So you're "the only digital asset with a real world usecase"? Just deliver.
  2. I'm insecure. but I just bought some XRP the other day. It would help me if Brad G. would say at least once that he is "long XRP" and not always just "long Bitcoin". But he does not do that. Apparently with good reason.
  3. Let me get this straight. Tiffany comes in here, has deep connections to the Ripple HQ and says that Ripple and its products won't cause a price increase on XRP? Instead, they're calling giftcards and other stuff usecase? That's what I call a party crasher. I'm sitting here on my XRP waiting for them to go up to $5 and an insider says that's not going to happen. BRAD, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. Ps: i wont sell until 2022
  4. so XRP useless digital trash in the future? Tell me where u see the usecases, that push the price of xrp
  5. Oh, great am I supposed to sell all my XRP now? Shitcoin? Thanks for nothing.
  6. Very important is also that the indicators of Bitcoin are bullish, i.e. a possible positive XRP bullrun is not destroyed by a BTC bear phase
  7. XRP is still the ugly duckling. Look at the market in the last 30 days. All green. BTC UP +26%. ETH +23% BCH +67.3% BSV +231% LTC +43% EOS +57% NBB 29,2% TRX +30% And XRP? +9,7% Sweet. We haven't even packed the 0.25 yet. I hope we'll be rewarded someday, currently we're just leaving profits behind.
  8. Do you ever worry that you bet on the wrong horse? I know that XRP offers a much better technology than Bitcoin, but in the end I'm interested in the price. Since its low in December 2018, Bitcoin has recovered well, but XRP is at its lowest since ATH. Furthermore, there is a risk that the next BTC correction will pull XRP even lower because XRP has not recovered as much as other coins before. I don't want to end up being the fool sitting on his $0.20 XRP while Bitcoin celebrates a new ATH. In the end everybody is waiting again for the XRP mega bull run...and nothing happens. That would be really frustrating. I really hope that this will not happen and XRP will spiked again in the near future (1-2 years) at least to $1. XRP is the far better technology - but in the end the market has to accept it. And currently this is not happening
  9. Personally, I think it's rather bad. So the coin I invest hard money in is thrown out of the window for a few clicks. Does such a company act like that, which one believes that XRP is worth more than a few cents? Stefan Thomas was already at Ripple and now allows his company to throw out thousands of XRP per month. They would never do that if they thought that 1 XRP was worth $3. I am not satisfied at all. I'm not happy at all.
  10. I rather think that Russian banks don't want to work with Ripple, because it is an American company. Since Guantanamo, Homeland Security etc. this country is in fact an unjust state. If the Russian banks are seen as a threat to American security, the FBI just walks in on Ripple and takes all the data from the Russian banks. In order to be able to operate neutrally worldwide, Ripple should move its HQ to Switzerland in the long term.
  11. I don't understand the concept. if there are so many longs on the market, why does the price go down? doesn't that count as a buy?
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