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  1. This is wat Bitstamp wrote Until today, not a single message from Bitstamp about Flare these fuckers..
  2. Yeah, the korean exchanges agaon and some cryptopairs. Hm, there is something going on
  3. Yeah sure, that's the way it is. But normally the deviation is about +-0.0025€. Now it is 0.02€, which means there must be exchanges where XRP are trading at 0.52 or even 0.53 and I wonder why. I'll try to find these exchanges.
  4. Is there any reason y livecoinwatch shows nearly 0.51€ as price, while bitstamp trades xrp at 0.49€? What causes the gap?
  5. Slow brother This is not how XRP works. When we fight again for 2nd place all other coins have come down to our level
  6. y is this guy banned? I loved his content. So much positive Vibes!
  7. Holy! It's disgusting how the guys from Paul Weiss, D&P and KH dissect the SEC. Am at minute 40 and it's a pure delight. It's like Real Madrid against a hobby team.
  8. Another pathetic breakout Performance. Wake me up when we hit 1$.
  9. You are wrong, my XRP are up over 90%. And of course I'm salty and of course I'm negative, but there are simple reasons for that. I hate myself for having trusted Ripple and XRP, not having seen the signs and also here in the forum have always seen only the positive bubble. I was there SauronRings. On 04.01.2018 when XRP rose to over 3.50$, my profit was low six figures, I did not sell. Because I believed in Ripple, because I believed in XRP, in the usecase, in the executives, in what they were saying. I thought it was just the beginning. As many others probably did. I was the
  10. I'm still not sure if XRP is getting its moment. This market is full of emotions, feelings, greed and momentum. Twitter and co are full of ADA DOT BTC ETH and coins like HBAR. Currently there is simply no room for XRP hype. It's also not 2017 where XRP was THE promise for a rosy crypto future. It's been 4 years and XRP is still a fringe player in the global business. The last 3 years have rather hurt XRP in my eyes. Because the promise was not kept. Because many people were disappointed. HBAR has not disappointed anyone, the money is much looser.
  11. I love these comparisons. Unfortunately, it's all just hopium and no one knows what will happen. Look at the top10 coins of the last 8 years. Many of them have long since disappeared into oblivion, just because XRP has always been there doesn't mean it will stay up there. ETH came out of nowhere, DOT came out of nowhere, other coins are coming. The market is different than it was in 2013 and 2017. XRP needs clarity. The legal case must be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise there is no happyend here.
  12. I'll just quote myself. The fact that the new product can exist completely without XRP doesn't seem to bother anyone.
  13. And XRP is looking at all of that. And if in the fall BTC is at 120k, ETH is scratching 4000, ADA is at $6 and LTC is at $400, XRP will briefly hit $1 and then bleed out for 4 years. But in 2025, when ODL then has 3 instead of 4 customers, for sure, then we will all be billionaires
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