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  1. My question of the day.. What got us to $3.30 in December, 2017 and how do we get back on a major bull run like that? I remember watching the price shoot up for 2 weeks and it was going so fast I almost felt like throwing up. It seems like this was period before anyone tried to regulate the crypto space. I am going to remain patient and watch the crypto space develop. I just hope XLM doesn't pass XRP....
  2. I agree @Jumanji. This real usage will definitely drive the price, but just need that to happen. A lot of piloting at the moment which is great, but it doesn't completely deteriorate this large amount of FUD. We just have to get this real use case started with FIs.
  3. I haven't been on in a while, but I will say that due to the continuing decrease in value of cryptocurrencies, you don't hear as many people being frantic trying to get in. When XRP first hit mainstream media sources and started gaining ground above 1$ and kept skyrocketing, everyone and their mother wanted to buy in. This FOMO kept moving the price up until we were at 3$ +. The FUD has been overbearing since January. Especially with the R3 lawsuit also coming into play. Now, that being said Ripple has an incredible team and can overcome all the FUD. But in order for XRP to increase value above 3$ again, we need everyone and their mother wanting to buy in. That spark needs to be there again, and there needs to be more positive than negative media influence on the products that Ripple has to offer. I believe it can happen, we're just realistically a car that has run out of gas at the moment and need someone to come and refuel the tank.
  4. Can't wait for these pilots to be done. I want to see real adoption of XRP to shut up all the FUD! Especially by the Nathaniel Popper NYT Fudster!!!
  5. Yeah I have been thinking about that. The Patton part is what is getting me though.
  6. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolas-palacios-6242549/ This is the CFO. I think the Twitter guy may be fake...
  7. Think of these times like a kidney stone... It is painful, but it one day shall pass!
  8. If it were just XRP getting hit... I'd be scratching my head a bit.. the whole market is in the same boat going down some white water rapids at the moment. Just HODL and check back in a few weeks
  9. Sometimes I like to mess with the HTML on Bitstamp and add a few zeros... Just so I can prepare myself mentally for the future.
  10. Well if XRP goes to 10 cents, I shall get 50k zerps in my personal war chest ?
  11. What I think we are seeing is a lot of people who bought late saying screw this and getting out. A lot of people panic, especially those individuals that are new to this market. It takes some thick skin to stay in a market where you've literally lost 50% of your investment in a day. Crazy part is...when you see that happen 3 or 4 times you become numb to it ?
  12. Not worried. Took 2 weeks to go .24 to $3.3. Thats no time at all. If it can be done once, it can be done again. Plus XRP being more expensive is great for not only us, but especially Ripple. Best believe they are trying to solve some of these issues.
  13. I like to remain reasonable when predicting the price. When I purchased I had told myself if it hits $.5 by 2018 I will be pretty happy. XRP surprised me. I will do the same thing and say if XRP hits $4 by the end of this year, I will be pretty ecstatic.
  14. Was talking to a buddy about XRP in the quite zone of the college library. All of a sudden I hear a guy yell across the library "I hope it dips more! I'm waiting for my money to get in"
  15. I just want a Tesla and my student loans paid. Life will be merry after that.
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