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  1. I wouldn't worry about that. It may sting at first, but then you come to the realization that we are sitting at circa 1$ for each xrp at a time where there are very few smart investors involved. When real demand sets in, all those idiots looking to make a quick buck by pumping / dumping one of the most innovative technologies in human history will be left in the dust. If XRP is adopted as an international standard for cross-border settlement (alongside other potential use cases), we will be looking back at these idiotic market incidents with a grin on our faces.
  2. Just goes to show how immature this market is; 99% of investors really have no idea what they're buying into. Everyone wants a slice of the pie, and yet no one cares to invest even 15 minutes of research. The realm of cryptocurrencies is further proof that human stupidity has no bounds. I'm surprised humans have survived this long without destroying Earth... oh wait, we've already made plenty of progress in that area. *sigh*
  3. Not sure if this has been answered before, as I could not find anything meaningful on this subject by using the forum's search function. But when Ripple's partners declare that they are piloting XRP, what does that mean exactly? What is the scope of testing? What kind of testing is conducted? How long does it usually take for pilot results to materialize? I realize that practically no one can answer these questions accurately, given that there are many technical and non-technical factors involved for each company / bank looking to test XRP in a largely unregulated environment
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/federal-reserve-task-force-ripple-improves-speed-transparency-global-payments/ Let's not forget this.
  5. That is true, but governments and regulators can only resist technological progress for a while. Advanced tech that solves big problems commands attention and waits for no one. Regulation is slow to keep up with technological progress, that's for sure. But Ripple is already in talks with governments and banks worldwide; do you think they're not emphasizing how XRP can revolutionize cross-border settlement? They are planting the seed and making sure to develop their brand, such that when regulations do arrive, they will be first in line to take advantage as a first-mover.
  6. hahah no worries, if there's anyone who understands how irritating this market can be, it's me. Thanks for contributing
  7. I'm all for anyone calling me out on inaccuracies. It's constructive, and I will actually edit my post thanks to you. But you really need to take a break from this volatile market if it's making you a bit aggressive.
  8. Wow someone is grumpy today. Must have bought ICX at 12$. No worries, mate. It will go back up. Funny thing is I hold a sizable portion of ICX too and I follow up on the platform every day. I was just trying to make a point about Ripple's intentions regarding future regulations in comparison with most other coins on the market. It's not a competition, smokey. Have a beer or smoke a good one... whatever floats your boat.
  9. You are both right; that's why I said "in the short term". For those following this post, I did not mean to equate XRP to Bitcoin as far as the trading strategy you should adopt; I just meant that those actively trading XRP should also follow up thoroughly on Bitcoin news and get a feel of how it's moving the market (whether this involves manipulation or not - which I believe it does).
  10. Thank you. If only people would actually do their research and answer their own questions instead of perpetuating same old FUD-based arguments.
  11. Again, I agree with you that newcomers can and actually should ask as many questions as they would like to advance the discussion on Ripple and XRP. But they should not be encouraged to throw ignorant statements around like "XRP will never be used" without backing it up; this is counterproductive and will induce negative sentiment in other newcomers. Everyone (I hope) has a brain and can GOOGLE anything that theyd like before commenting on posts. Or - if they are a bit lazy - they can simply ask politely and keep asking (if necessary) until they have the info that they need.
  12. You think if there were regulatory certainty that the price of XRP would be what it is today? Nobody is denying that we are still in a speculative stage, so your argument could be made about all other coins. Except XRP (Ripple) is actually one of the few coins (Company) that are thinking actively about how to work WITH regulators, WITH governments, WITH the big bad boogeyman banks that Bitcoin anarchists keep ******** on. That tells you something about their intentions and about their vision. They are pragmatic, and that is the only way that innovative technology can progress.
  13. I can handle people asking about anything related to Ripple and XRP, and - having done my research - I will gladly answer their questions. To ASK is one thing, but to confidently make a negative statement is different. Before I wrote a single comment or post, I did 50+ hrs of research OUTSIDE xrpchat and reddit (these are not the only two resources available to learn about XRP). It is not difficult. We want to make this forum useful for everyone, not a place to spread ignorance and uncertainty. So please stop defending these kinds of posts; by doing so, you're not being nice; rather, you
  14. Every time a new Ripple partnership emerges where xCurrent is said to be the solution adopted, many people repeat the same mantra: "Oh it's just xCurrent. This is bad news for XRP". NO IT IS NOT BAD NEWS. Could financial institutions and other organizations simply use xCurrent forever without xRapid? Yes, of course they could. Will they want to avoid xRapid and XRP? Why the hell would they? If you do not know the difference between xCurrent and xRapid and how the latter could very likely complement the former, then why are you invested in XRP? Are you simply gambling? If so,
  15. Trading almost any coin feels EXACTLY like trading Bitcoin. I find myself having to do tons of research on Bitcoin just so I can increase my odds of trading XRP more cautiously. To trade, you really have to forget XRP's fundamentals altogether in the short term, and just focus on the factors that have an impact on Bitcoin, such that you increase your chances of selling high and buying low. Mark my words, at some point when analysts look back at what's happening now, they will label this as the biggest market manipulation in human history. But it would probably be too late to
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