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  1. The orange value is the MA of the volume (the orange line going through the volume bars at the bottom.
  2. thanks As you can see I am still a long way off being successful. What I did wrong was forgetting that the correction wave still needed a C wave up.. At least I know now. I entered a short position at .70. This time I will not let emotions get the best of me.. I always FOMO out of a trade too soon..
  3. more and more things are looking to support the theory of another wave down.. BTC looks like it is about to start another dive soon.
  4. There certainly has been a shift in the way Ripple portrays XRP. Feels like they are now comfortable enough to start punching back.
  5. Watching this guy's videos has taught me a great deal about elliot waves and fib levels. This is my personal view of what might happen in the near future based on elliot waves. After that I hope we get a new impulse wave up and I will be adding more XRP to my holdings. It just crossed my mind, elliot wave theory states that wave 3 is often the longest but never the shortest of the 3 impulse waves. Since wave 1 is longer than 3, wave 5 MUST be shorter.. that would fit this picture perfectly and the lowest point this wave can go without breaking this rule perfectly aligns with $ 0.56
  6. Yes I fully agree, it can be confusing.. But my point was not really about price rises or drops.. more about the trend that follows a support line that goes back to the beginning of 2017 which is only visible in log scale. It follows it so nicely that I cannot believe that it is coincidence and that there are a lot of bots that also consider this
  7. yes you are correct... I really would like to believe the breakout is upwards, but the things you mentioned make me worried it will be the opposite, regardless of this "strong" support
  8. Not sure if it has been posted already, but looking at this chart in log scale, things line up really nicely since the beginning of 2017 and we reach a critical point very very soon..
  9. I'm sorry if it has already been posted.. I tried to search the forum with keywords but nothing came up..
  10. https://www.businessinsider.nl/goldman-sachs-outlook-for-bitcoin-and-ethereum-2018-2/?international=true&r=US I cant help but to read XRP all over this...
  11. the latest update also allows to just enter a random number of XRP instead of a wallet address.. makes it easier to fool around
  12. Same for TRX which they announced to include as well..
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