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  1. it’s a figure of speech. Money was tied long time and huge amounts, now it gets freed to more profitable use 😊 Cool down, this is not that serious. But that is what happens. Money is freed to more profitable use
  2. @Wandering_Dog liabilities turn into assets with xRapid, which I know you will understand 😊
  3. @JA8 @lucky Please let’s not take this any further. Thank you.
  4. @Wandering_Dog if you do not believe me, that is just fine. But counterparty is the corporate that arranges all that. That is the exchange. It is their responsibility to pay out your funds.
  5. 1. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Simple as that. 2. XRP in exchange’s orderbooks is off-ledger. 3. Please, what is the value of XRP in XRPL? You wrote it is definitely not zero, so how much it is?
  6. 1. Random customers in receiving end’s exchange. Could be tens of thousands accounts depending on the size of the ”buy fiat with XRP” 2 xRapid is cross-border payment and settlement without counterparty risk. XRPL is the counterparty that removed risk in xRapid. When xRapid executes, it will settle funds to receiving bank’s account. This removes counterparty risk.
  7. Yes, that is price of XRP in US dollars. But what is the value of XRP in XRP Ledger?
  8. @LordVetinari could you route the payment end-to-end 100% KYC/Origin of Funds?
  9. Can you check my link, I explained it there from US to EU. 100€ paid out
  10. @Wandering_Dog it happens, that more advanced importfocused countries with large balance sheets do not have to tie their national currency reserves to finance undeveloped, manufacture oriented countries as much as they have done when need for nostro/vostro accounts is reduced and more developed countries can find more profitable use for their money than financing undeveloped countries. That is how I see it currently. Will reserve rights to change my opinion at any given moment 😂
  11. Very good point. It should read ”when payment enters ledger” ”or when xRapid executes payment”. think of it like a balloon that you blow up and once it is full, you send the air to other country, where person gets to breath it, except take the balloon out and move only that air that was inside. That air is the value, and what held it was just to keep it together until it leaves when ledger closes. The thing that keeps it together is XRP. How to explain it better? Did that make sense?
  12. My text got updates today. Press refresh, and hopefully it is more self-explanatory now. https://p3t3ris.com/ I again notice some words and meanings I’m going to change, but I try to take a bit more distance to it and wait a day or two before doing it, unless someone pays attention to them.
  13. XRP, The Standard of the Internet of Value Global liquidity to any market, any country, any place, anywhere. Fully exchangeable to any currency, asset or commodity. Transactions are settled in 4 seconds... from you... to any place on earth!
  14. @Wandering_Dog That banks liability to you was issuing Central Banks asset on that bank, and when that liability disappeared, that asset returned to Central Bank to be used elsewhere. Value that moved in XRP jumped to other country´s Central Bank´s liabilities
  15. I have to sit down and think how to make it more simple. To see how value moves fully and there is no need to do anything afterwards. I think about it in the morning 👍🏼
  16. Now that would be an IOU, not real time payment and settlement. That is why XRP is used, so I get money for my account in another country, while your money pays for it.
  17. It leaves your bank account, but basically it’s your bank making xRapid requests. Balance goes down 110USD only of you agree to sell. You sell it for XRP, because there is no other way to get it to me in 4 seconds. I get 100€ if you agree to pay, but not in any other case. At the same time your balance goes down, mine goes up. Your fiat is sold to some random exchange customers for XRP which comes to my exchange and buys EUR that is settled to me. Both disappear, your asset and bank’s liability, because the whole value moved out.
  18. You sell it for 350 XRP, but that won’t come to you at all. That comes to me, and is automatically used to buy 100€ that I get
  19. @Wandering_Dog If you can forget your wallet, it is much easier like that. It was difficult for me too to get out of thinking this something else than trade. But how can it be a trade, when you get nothing in return. You pay money out of your bank account and at the same time my bank account goes up, but in different currency. You never knew what happened in between, but you sold your money for XRP, which was transferred to my country and XRP that was received here bought the money that I got. And if one happens, all happens. So if you agree to sell your money, I or you ca
  20. No, that XRP never come to you. If you accept to pay 110 usd, that 350 XRP is transferred to my exchange and paid out as 100€ to me. you never get that XRP, you moved it’s value to me
  21. You pay 100€ to me with 350XRP. You have to sell 110USD to get that. If you agree, at the same time when your balance goes down 110USD, mine goes up 100€. Balances change at the same time. Your money stays US, you just sent it’s value to me, which converts to EUR automatically, without me or you being able to do anything about it. It must come to my account. So only value moving is 100€, nothing more. XRP itself has no value then, because once that 100€ is paid, nothing is left for you or me to use. and you are very welcome to come visit us in Tallinn.
  22. @Wandering_Dog about value of XRP on-ledger payment and settlement during xRapid. That value of XRP is 0, because the value it transports is receiver’s currency. It has no choice, it can not be stopped and the value that is paid out is predetermined. So XRP itself has no value. All value is in receiver’s currency. Do you now understand where I’m trying to get?
  23. Let me try to write that right.... I know... There are so many points I try to write that would simplify everything, but then it gets difficult
  24. Those issues were for me to get understanding how xRapid sources liquidity before I understood what are the entry- and exitpoints. I had no other way to talk about that, since I do not know what other terms I could have used.
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