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  1. Yes, been involved. They have not been named among Bitso, Bitmex and Bittrex. Same but different. IOU´s issued on trustlines is not xRapid or xCurrent. Trustlines are nothing to do with XRP but everything to do with XRPL. RIPPLE NETWORK AND BITSTAMP IOU SERVICE The Ripple network works on the basis of IOUs. When you transfer Bitcoins or USD between Ripple and Bitstamp, what you are actually doing is asking Bitstamp/Ripple to issue you an IOU in exchange for the real BTC/USD. You can then trade these IOUs on Bitstamp. At some future point, you or someone you have traded with who is in possession of the IOUs, can send them back to Bitstamp (if they have a Bitstamp account), where they will be exchanged for real BTC. WHAT IS A RIPPLE GATEWAY? Ripple Gateways are businesses that provide an entry point into the Ripple Network. They enable customers to transfer funds – both traditional and cryptocurrency – using the Ripple Network. This means that customers can use the Gateway to: Deposit funds in exchange for Ripple IOUs issued by the gateway. Transfer their IOUs to another Ripple (IOU) address. Withdraw funds by redeeming Ripple IOUs issued by the gateway. Bitstamp was one of the first Ripple Gateways.
  2. I meant xCurrent - xRapid partners, not trustlines. Have I missed Bitstamp´s involvement?
  3. Moneygram and WU were named, true that @Nohut I meant nothing was confirmed about them using, only testing. Everyone waited for confirmation of them being first adopters of xRapid that could open many corridors at once, but that did not happen and then these talks just ended. If looking at later events it seems neither one could act as liquidity provider all the way to truly fund that adoption because as it now seems, for that you need to be able to control the exchange. Money transferring companies are not banks but clients to banks, and not exchanges either. In my opinion xRapid adoption now goes through xCurrent in larger currency area and using liquidity providers there too, allowing banks not to tie any own their capital but paying a small fee to exchanges for doing so; prefunding accounts in all joining banks for settlement. This currency area ”central hub” exchange can then at later phase turn all banks to xRapid by opening connection to another currency’s ”central hub” exchange, that has many xCurrent using banks as it’s customers. Let’s see how this plays out, but currently I see Bitso, Bitmex and Bittrex very much key players. The larger and more widespread xCurrent adoption is at that point, the larger xRapid volume will be instantly when those exchanges open their connections to each other.
  4. These talks in January were around Western Union, Moneygram and Transferwise. 3 out of 5, but none of them has been confirmed by either them or Ripple.
  5. Usage of XRP in between makes xCurrent xRapid, no other difference.
  6. It won’t be xRqpid anywhere before corridors are set in both ends; sending and receiving. Exchanges that are used need to have prefunded their accounts in all banks that are related to allow the settlement flow seamlessly before liquidity can be directed through them.
  7. @coinologist First thing to do would be to be precise about the terms used; node or validator. I believe you mean validator here. https://xrpcommunity.blog/rippled/ One thing to keep in mind, validator nodes´ operations are based on trust between validators. If other validators do not trust your validator, it is not part of the validication process. It does not matter if you have 100 validators running, when people realise there is one entity "trying to capture the process", they just choose not to trust those validators. All 100 are out. Currently there are 155 validators of which 26 are listed as UNL (recommended by Ripple and 26.92% of them are run by Ripple). On top of that there are 991 nodes. https://xrpledger.info/
  8. Good video @AlexCobb. I would say that I personally like Monero, everything in it except lack of speed, but we were forced to remove it from our list of coins because of regulatory reasons. It did not fulfill requirements for KYC/AML and I have a strong feeling the same will apply to all privacy coins in all centralised exchanges as laws are passed everywhere
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    World Bank outcome?

    Exactly so, and Ripple being the only one offering liquidity solution to reolace foreign currency reserves
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    World Bank outcome?

    I see TIPS using xCurrent and liquidity providers are used to settle payments using prefunded accounts, since European Central Bank said transactions are settled in 10 secs at best. What other way to do that, when changing country and bank although in same currency. Liquidity providers do the settlement instantly. When UK, US and others do this same in their currency area using liquidity providers, then it is just a flick of a switch to turn liquidity to XRP on currency changing transactions using those same liquidity providers as were used in TIPSlike system inside country/currency. This is how I see xRapid adoption spreading. xCurrent transactions using liquidity providers in same currency, xRapid in cross-border. All systems TAS Group supports will then be able to add xRapid by joining existing software/messaging system to it. @Dutch_ins I have never claimed that TIPS uses crypto to settle payments, since it does not. TIPS needs to jump to xRapid for using crypto, and they will be able to do that based on arguments I just wrote. Ripple is and will be Inter-Ledger, TIPS being one of those ”ledgers”. SWIFTGPI, Corda, R3, Hyperfabric etc being also those ”ledgers” that will join xRapid for instant liquidity on intercurrency, interbank transactions on layer-1 transactions.
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    World Bank outcome?

    How does it work @Dutch_ins?
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    World Bank outcome?

    both videos and look at numbers.
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    World Bank outcome?

    What I understand, TAS Group pretty much covers all options for banks. Ripple is mentioned several times. If European Central Bank chooses Ripple, IMO World Bank says it is ok for all others too. Can not believe they come to any other conclusion if IMF's Christine Lagarde has pointed to XRP several times already, just like here in this last link. https://ambcrypto.com/ripples-xcurrent-xvia-and-xrp-powered-xrapid-come-into-focus-as-tas-group-and-ecb-gear-up-for-tips-launch/ https://www.tasgroup.eu/solutions/payment-networks/interbank-payment-networks/network-gateway-en https://cryptodailygazette.com/2018/07/20/the-international-monetary-fund-is-bullish-on-xrp-xrp-ripples-crypto-token/
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    Stay strong guys.

    Day of nothingness.... No buys, no sells, no opened orders, no cancelled orders, really a Day of Nothingness