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  1. Are you registered with the SEC? I see you use their logo on the site, but there's no record or "Vokez" registered with the SEC.
  2. Strange choice of words https://www.national-lottery.co.uk/results
  3. Please feel to get in touch if you're having problems @poppy More than happy to try and help. There are certain platforms I can't integrate with though, so it might have been that but as far as I know this is running without issues
  4. So can you list some transaction ids? Are you paying ridiculous fees?
  5. No, I don't believe it will. I'm currently working on payment directly from the browser using the PaymentRequestAPI, so I should be able to support Shopify soon!
  6. This is a video of us accepting XRP for the purchase of our Splash package on Zapster This is realtime with a currency conversion in place from USD => XRP
  7. You'll have to pardon my ignorance here - which is better, 17.10 or LTS, and why? This can easily be made a parameter You can easily change the machine siz to match your budget It's vanilla I would happyily take PRs / suggestions to improve this, especially around archiving validator keys PS, Not a Linux guy so any steer / help is much appreciated
  8. If you want to spin up a validator in Azure you can with this ARM template - 4 minutes, 3 clicks and you can have a vanilla validator up and running on Ubuntu -
  9. Wow - and they say crime doesn't pay... Well I hope they get caught when they attempt to cash out and receive their comeuppance
  10. "One of the largest global money centre banks on the planet" You can turn on captions
  11. I traded all my XRP for DOGE given it's potential and recent ratings by WEISS. I'm not stoopid!
  12. Hi, Rather annoyingly, Shopify no longer allow custom payment gateway integrations https://help.shopify.com/api/sdks/hosted-payment-sdk This is something out of our control Matt
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