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  1. Because Cosy said Santander are using current and xrapid.
  2. Hello there! I haven't come across anything concrete yet, however I'm preparing to give 20% CGT when I sell. Not sure how things will pan out. If XRP does do astronomical things, could a person just sell X amount each year (assuming xrp price is stable) and take a 'steady' income? or is it better just to take a one time hit of tax and be over and done with it? I guess my thoughts are less to do with tax and more do with sell point.
  3. RC, when you say things like this, i get too freaking excited man!! Love it dude!
  4. I think I just had a mental orgasm after reading the JC post. Mind-blowing. It also connects really well with what Chris Larsen spoke about in Lendit. Ripple and XRP and ILP....something is just hang on about them. Exciting times ahead.
  5. the comparison from then to now is quite astonishing. there are a vast number of accounts with small holdings now than before, and a few more on the top end with HUGE holdings. it's really good to see the growth like this. it's very easy to get bogged down when looking day to day, this puts me at ease. thanks @LongRun and @Bison
  6. I have so much profanity aimed at scheisse cryptocurrency ratings agency! I won't waste my energy on them anymore.
  7. Love the title and the OP! Thanks @Chewiecoin I'm an avid reader of your posts. At the end of the day, we are in it to win it. Ripple has a solid backbone and quite frankly, I too am very happy with my investment with them. Thanks, all the best.
  8. #When the moon hits your eye with a big Ripple Pie that's amore# - such a great song! Have an awesome day zerpers!
  9. I can't wait to see how this Rippling story unfolds!!!
  10. This is fantastic for us in the UK too. Thanks for post @Mars
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